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EFSC Titusville Course Reviews

Eastern Florida State College, Titusville

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENT 2000Introduction to Entrepreneurship00000
PSY 2012General Psychology 100000
EVR 1001Introduction to Environmental Science00000
BSCC 2094Human Anatomy and Physiology 200000
MATV 0018Developmental Mathematics 100000
BUL 2241Business Law 100000
MAC 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
MCB 4203Bacterial and Viral Pathogenesis00000
HUM 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
PCB 3063Genetics00000
ZOOC 4232Comparative Parasitology00000
OST 2431Legal Office Procedures00000
ZOO 4911Individual Mentored Research in Zoology00000
CJE 1640Introduction to Forensic Science00000
LIT 1000Introduction to Literature00000
HSCC 1000Introduction to Healthcare00000
CJE 2330Ethics in Criminal Justice00000
OST 1324Business Math and Office Accounting00000
DEP 2004HHonors Developmental Psychology00000
SPN 1121Spanish 200000
OST 1141Personal Keyboarding00000
MAC 2311Calculus 1 with Analytic Geometry00000
EUH 1000Western Civilization to 164800000
OST 1055Career Planning00000
POS 2112State and Local Government00000
SPC 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
PHYL 2048General Physics 1 Laboratory00000
SYG 2010Social Problems00000
ARTC 1201Two-Dimensional Design00000
HSCC 4544Quantitative Biomedical Laboratory Instrumentation00000
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry 200000
ASL 1140American Sign Language 100000
COP 2831Web Programming00000
CLP 1001Psychology of Human Adjustment00000
GER 1120German 100000
CHMC 2910Chemical Research00000
ISS 2200Introduction to International Studies00000
MAC 2313Calculus 3 with Analytic Geometry00000
MATV 0057Modularized Developmental Mathematics00000
ECO 2013Principles of Economics 1 (Macroeconomics)00000
PCB 4234Biology of Cancer00000
CCJ 1020American Criminal Justice00000
SLS 2401Discover Your Major and Career00000
HSA 4714Capstone: Case Studies in Biomedical Science00000
THE 2100History of the Theatre00000
ENC 1102HHonors Composition 200000
LIT 2300Special Themes in Literature00000
OST 1949Office Administration Co-op00000
MAN 3240Organizational Behavior00000
CHM 1045General Chemistry 100000
MGF 1107Explorations in Mathematics00000
PHI 2010HHonors Introduction to Philosophy00000
OST 1581Professional Development in the Work Environment00000
EVR 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
PHC 4031Emerging and Infectious Diseases00000
REL 2300World Religions00000
SOW 1053Human Service Experience 300000
PSY 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
SPC 2608Fundamentals of Speech Communication00000
SYG 2340Sociology of Sexuality00000
HSC 2400First Aid & Safety for the Citizen Responder00000
AMH 2010HHonors US History to 187700000
TRA 2098Warehouse Management00000
BCH 4024Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology00000
CISC 3392Windows Forensics00000
CET 2894Capstone in Cybersecurity00000
AMH 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
CHML 1046General Chemistry 2 Laboratory00000
IDH 2003HHonors Seminar 300000
CLP 2140Abnormal Psychology00000
BSC 4911Individual Mentored Research in Biology/Biotechnology00000
ECO 2023Principles of Economics 2 (Microeconomics)00000
BSCC 1011General Biology 200000
EVR 2430Urban Ecology of Japan00000
CGS 2100Microcomputer Applications00000
HSC 1531Medical Terminology00000
MAC 1114College Trigonometry00000
HUM 2249Humanities Survey: Enlightenment through 21st Century00000
CIS 2381Foundations of Digital Forensics00000
MAC 1140Precalculus Algebra00000
COP 1657Introduction to Mobile Applications Programming00000
MAN 4301Human Resource Management00000
COP 2334Introduction to C++ Programming00000
OCE 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
MAN 4720Strategic Management and Decision Making00000
OST 2402Administrative Office Procedures00000
ENC 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
PHY 2048General Physics 100000
ARH 2000Art Appreciation00000
REAV 0007Development Reading 100000
GEB 1011Introduction to Business00000
SOW 2054HHonors Community Involvement00000
MNA 2216Inventory Management00000
HSC 4500Epidemiology00000
ACG 3024Accounting for Managers00000
AST 1002Introduction to Astronomy00000
CHML 1025College Chemistry Laboratory00000
GEB 3213Foundations of Managerial Communications00000
SLS 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
SLS 2261HHonors Leadership00000