EFSC Melbourne Course Reviews

Eastern Florida State College, Melbourne

ISS 2200Introduction to International Studies00000
MATV 0057Modularized Developmental Mathematics00000
ENYC 2041Practical Beekeeping00000
HUM 2390Themes in the Humanities00000
GEB 2002Career Exploration in Business00000
EDF 1005Introduction to the Teaching Profession00000
MAN 2021Business Management Principles00000
CJE 1671Latent Fingerprint Development00000
EVR 1001Introduction to Environmental Science00000
CLP 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
HSC 1531Medical Terminology00000
GRAC 11602D Animation00000
CTSC 2652Cisco Advanced Router Technology00000
HUS 2415Case Management in Human Services00000
CHML 1046HHonors General Chemistry 2 Laboratory00000
MAC 1147Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry00000
EEX 2010Introduction to Exceptional Education00000
MAN 4583Project Management00000
CCJ 1010Criminology00000
NURC 1021Fundamentals of Nursing Concepts00000
CJL 1400Criminal Procedures00000
FIN 3402Financial Management00000
CCJ 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
GER 1121German 200000
COP 2800Introduction to Java Programming00000
HIS 2930Special Topics in History00000
GRAC 2150Raster Graphics00000
CTS 2371Virtual Computing- Deployment, Security, and Analysis (VMwar...00000
HUM 1020Introduction to the Humanities00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry 100000
HUS 1302Basic Counseling Skills00000
ECO 2013Principles of Economics 1 (Macroeconomics)00000
ISM 3011Introduction to Information Technology Management00000
BSC 2077Career Exploration in Biology00000
LIT 1000Introduction to Literature00000
EEC 1942Early Childhood Practicum00000
MAC 2311Calculus 1 with Analytic Geometry00000
CJE 1000Introduction to Law Enforcement00000
MAN 4320Human Resource Recruitment and Selection00000
ENC 1102Composition 200000
MAR 2011Marketing Principles00000
AMH 2010US History to 187700000
MGF 1107Explorations in Mathematics00000
ETDC 2340Advanced AutoCAD00000
ORHC 2260Greenhouse Operations and Management00000
CCJ 1452Criminal Justice Administration00000
FIN 1100Personal Finance00000
CLP 1001Psychology of Human Adjustment00000
FRE 1121French 200000
ARH 2000Art Appreciation00000
GEB 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
COP 2047Python Programming00000
GLY 1000Introduction to Physical Geology00000
CET 1176Computer Maintenance and Repair00000
GRAC 1710Videography00000
COP 2822Web Page Authoring00000
GRAC 2582eMedia00000
GRAC 2157Integrated Design00000
CTS 1329Microsoft Client O/S00000
HOSC 2010Horticulture 100000
CHM 1045General Chemistry 100000
HSC 4851Health Sciences Internship00000
CTSC 1134Network+00000
HUM 2230Humanities Survey: Byzantine through Enlightenment00000
AST 1002Introduction to Astronomy00000
HUN 1201Essentials of Nutrition00000
DEP 2948Service-Learning Field Studies 100000
HUS 1801Human Services Practicum 100000
CHML 1025College Chemistry Laboratory00000
IPMC 2323Soils and Application of Pesticides and Fertilizers00000
ECP 3530Economics of Health and Healthcare Policy00000
ISM 4220Network Management for Informational Professionals00000
ADV 2000Advertising00000
JPN 2220Japanese 300000
EDF 2720Children in Schools: Legal, Ethical, and Safety Concerns00000
MAC 1114College Trigonometry00000
CIS 3510Advanced I.T. Project Management00000
MAC 1311Calculus 1 with Analytic Geometry00000
EEC 2226Math and Science for Young Children00000
MAC 2312Calculus 2 with Analytic Geometry00000
BUL 2242Business Law 200000
MAN 3303Management and Leadership00000
EMS 2664Paramedic 1 Clinical00000
MAN 4401Employer and Labor Relations00000
CJE 1643Advanced Crime Scene Technology00000
MAN 4901Capstone Human Resource Management00000
ENCV 0025Developmental Writing 200000
MAT 1932Special Topics in Mathematics00000
ACG 2100Intermediate Accounting 100000
MCBC 3020Biology of Microorganisms00000
ETDC 1540Civil Drafting00000
MMC 1000Introduction to Mass Communications00000
CJE 1772Crime Scene Photography 200000
ETDC 2545Advanced Civil Drafting00000
ACG 2021Financial Accounting00000
ACG 3024Accounting for Managers00000
ASL 1140American Sign Language 100000
CHM 1025College Chemistry00000
CRW 2002Creative Writing 200000
GRAC 2180Portfolio Development00000