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Edinboro Course Reviews

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 440Adv Painting00000
ART 752Sculpture 200000
ART 216Ceramics 100000
ART 406Adv Model & Texture00000
ART 316Typography II00000
ARED 775Cum Exp In Art Educ00000
ART 566Gallery Managemnt00000
ANTH 378Native Amer Before Columbus00000
ART 258Graphic Design Software00000
ANTH 510Adv Meth In Forensic Anth00000
ART 393Illustration II00000
ART 333Socially Engaged Art00000
ARED 425Arts Inclusion00000
ART 417Adv Illustration II00000
ANTH 305Anthro Food/Eating00000
ART 477Adv Sculpture00000
ARHI 552Art Of Pharaohs00000
ART 742Painting 200000
PSYC 114Med Cannabis00000
ART 780Studio Problems In Crafts00000
ANTH 390Human Evolution00000
ART 305Typography I00000
ACCT 330Fed Income Tax00000
ART 325Inter Printmaking00000
APSY 722Assessment In Sch Psych I00000
ART 367Film & Video II00000
ART 345Color For Painters00000
ARED 305Field Experience I00000
ART 402Stybrd And Char Design00000
AERO 360Commercial Pilot Flight00000
ART 411Experimental Film00000
ARED 704Art Educ Graduate Field II00000
ART 432Publication Design00000
MUSC 23125Applied Musc/Scottish Drum00000
ART 462Computer Animation IV00000
ARHI 341Classical Art00000
ART 499Sen Proj Graph Des00000
ANTH 372Cultures/World00000
ART 740Studio Problems In Painting00000
ART 103Four Dimensional Design00000
ART 750Studio Problems/Sculpture00000
MGMT 370Intro Mgt Sys00000
ART 761Ceramics 100000
ART 232Painting 200000
ART 792Jewelry/Metal 200000
ACCT 221Acc Info Sys00000
ART 301Principles Of Graphic Design00000
ANTH 410Anth Theory & Method00000
ART 313Sculpture Topic Metal Cast00000
MUSC 06900Pep Band00000
ART 321Screen Printing I00000
APSY 615Prof Dev School Psy00000
ART 328Interpreting The Figure00000
ACCT 400Auditing I00000
ART 338Inter Wood/Furnit00000
APSY 724Assessment Of Behavior00000
ART 353Animation II00000
ART 348Computer Anim II00000
APSY 788Research I00000
ART 372Scientific Illustration00000
AERO 260Commercial Pilot Ground00000
ART 400Adv Comp And Fxs00000
ARED 316Arts Prof. Standards00000
ART 404Adv 3D Software00000
MUSC 13625Applied Musc/Scottish Drum00000
ART 409Human Anatomy Drawing00000
ARED 650Strategy/Art Tch00000
ART 414Light And Sound Design00000
ANTH 180Intro To Anthro00000
ART 430Motion Design00000
ARED 720Therapeutic Art Education00000
ART 434Packaging Design00000
ECED 725Content Elem Teach00000
ART 451Advanced Photography I00000
ARHI 207Non-Western Art History00000
ART 467Film & Video IV00000
ANTH 365Living With The Dead00000
ART 489Design Practicum00000
ARHI 440Art History Seminar00000
ART 509Human Anatomy II00000
NURS 245Basic Nursing Care00000
ART 701Seminar In Fine Arts00000
ARHI 560History Of Photo00000
ART 741Painting 100000
ANTH 374Indians Of North America00000
ART 743Drawing00000
ART 107Drawing 200000
ART 751Sculpture 100000
ARTT 420At Media & Mat00000
ART 760Studio Problems/Ceramics00000
ART 226Sculpture 100000
ART 770Studio Problems In Printmaking00000
ANTH 381Anthro Theory00000
ART 249Computer Animation I00000
ARHI 220Intro/Film/Video00000
COMM 798Practicum In Communications00000
MUSC 13125Applied Musc/Scottish Drum00000
APSY 735Adv Clinical Prac School Psyc00000
ART 351Intermediate Photography I00000