ECU Course Reviews

East Carolina University

ANTH 3020Primate Behavior and Social Organization00000
ANTH 5125Historical Archaeology00000
ADRE 8360Advanced Practicum00000
ANTH 2005Environmental Anthropology (Semester at Coast)00000
AERO 1102Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force II00000
ADRE 6400Introduction to Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment00000
ANTH 4000Cultures of the Middle East00000
ADED 6989Internship in Adult Education00000
ADRE 8810Doctoral Seminar in Rehabilitation Counseling00000
ADRE 4100Occupational Analysis and Job Placement00000
ANAT 8100Gross Anatomy and Embryology00000
AERO 3303Leadership Lab00000
ADRE 6330Clinical and Addictions Counseling00000
ANTH 3003Cultures of Africa00000
ADED 6481Development of Adult Education Programs00000
ANTH 3113Archaeology of the Old Testament World00000
ADRE 6991Internship in Clinical, Addictions, and Rehabilitation Couns...00000
ANTH 4502Independent Study00000
ACCT 6901Advanced Federal Taxation00000
ANTH 6005Communication Across Cultures00000
ADRE 2003Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Health and Social Problem00000
ADRE 8994Advanced Internship00000
ACCT 6981The Professional Accounting Environment00000
AERO 2203Leadership Lab00000
ADRE 4993Rehabilitation Services Internship00000
ANAT 7240Research Problems in Cell Biology00000
AERO 4403Leadership Lab00000
ADRE 6250Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental and Emotional Disorders00000
ANTH 1001Aliens, Atlantis and Archaeology: Pseudoscience and Interpre...00000
ADED 6445Introduction to Adult and Community Education00000
ANTH 2025Sexual Behavior from an Anthropological Perspective00000
ADRE 6360Practicum in Clinical, Addictions, and Rehabilitation Counse...00000
ANTH 3011Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways00000
ACCT 6221Principles of Accounting and Finance00000
ANTH 3030Death And Disease In The Classical World00000
ADRE 6793Treatment in Addictions and Clinical Counseling00000
ANTH 3118Pyramids, Pharaohs, and Mummies: The Archaeology of Ancient...00000
ADED 6495Educational Program Evaluation00000
ANTH 4225Human Evolution00000
ADRE 7340Advanced Clinical Counseling Theories and Techniques00000
ANTH 4990Internship in Applied Anthropology00000
ACCT 3621Cost Accounting00000
ANTH 5202Adv Language and Culture00000
ADRE 8532Independent Study00000
ANTH 6020Advanced Physical Anthropology Methods and Theory00000
ACCT 6951Auditing Seminar00000
ADRE 8992Advanced Internship00000
ADRE 3010Case Management in Rehabilitation00000
AERO 1100Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force I00000
ACCT 3851Accounting Information Systems00000
AERO 2201Leadership Lab00000
ADRE 4793Treatment of Substance Abuse00000
AERO 3301Leadership Lab00000
ADED 3500Introduction to Peer Tutoring00000
AERO 4401Leadership Lab00000
ADRE 4995Rehabilitation Services Internship00000
ANAT 7210Histology and Cell Biology00000
ANAT 6291Current Topics in Anatomy and Cell Biology00000
ADRE 6050Ethical and Legal Aspects in Clinical, Addictions, and Rehab...00000
ANAT 7345Cell Motility00000
ADED 6240Effective College Teaching00000
ANAT 9000Dissertation/Data Collect00000
ADRE 6310Prepracticum in Clinical, Addictions, and Rehabilitation Cou...00000
ANTH 1200Anthropology of Monsters, Zombies, and Vampires00000
ACCT 4641Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ANTH 2015Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ADRE 6350Clinical, Addictions, And Rehabilitation Group Counseling00000
ANTH 2250Race and Ethnic Relations: Discovering New Solutions00000
ADED 6450Community, Junior, and Technical College00000
ANTH 3005North American Indians00000
ADRE 6370Multicultural Issues in Clinical, Addictions, and Rehabilita...00000
ANTH 3017Cultures of Mexico and Guatemala00000
ACCT 3551Intermediate Accounting I00000
ANTH 3027Human Health and Disease Ecology00000
ADRE 6550Research in Clinical, Addictions, and Rehabilitation Counsel...00000
ANTH 3077Archaeological Methods00000
ADED 6487Instructional Strategies in Adult Education00000
ANTH 3115Caribbean Archaeology00000
ADRE 6799Independent Study in Alcohol/Drug Abuse Addiction00000
ANTH 3252Medical Anthropology00000
ACCT 6241Financial and Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 4050Psychological Anthropology00000
ADRE 6993Internship in Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Counseling00000
ANTH 4401Human Skeletal Analysis00000
ADED 6590Multicultural Issues in Education00000
ANTH 4550Anthropology Honors00000
ADRE 8210Advanced Pedagogy in Rehabilitation Counseling00000
ANTH 5010Advanced Archaeological Methods and Theory00000
ACCT 2101Survey of Financial and Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 5201Special Topics in Arch: Caribb00000
ADRE 8420Advanced Assessment and Evaluation00000
ANTH 5203SpeTopBioAnth Forensic Anth00000
ADED 7000Thesis00000
ADRE 8550Advanced Research in Rehabilitation00000
AAAS 2500Theory and Methods in African and African American Studies00000
ACCT 2521Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 4611Taxation for Decision Making00000
ADED 6003Special Topics: Adult Educational and Gaming00000
ADRE 6000Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability00000
ANAT 7200Gross Anatomy and Embryology00000