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ECSU Course Reviews

Elizabeth City State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 310Harlem Renaissance00000
ENGT 465LMicroproc. & Microcntrl. Lab00000
DGM 226Advanced Studio Recording Arts00000
ELPS 698Internship in Sch Admin II00000
EDUC 225Explorations in Mathematics00000
COM 201Intercultural Communication00000
ENGL 479Spec Stud/Res in Lang Lit00000
BUAD 426Supply Chain Management00000
ECON 435Economic Development00000
CHEM 202LQuantitive Analysis Lab00000
ELEM 430Mathematics Methods in the Elementary Classroom00000
EDUC 437Obs Sup Tch in Middle Sch 6-900000
CJ 312Criminal Evidence00000
EM 497Seminar in Emergency Mngt00000
BMIS 386Business Systs Anal and Design00000
ENGL 404Film and Literature00000
CSC 318Algorithms00000
ENGT 345LRouting and Swit. Prtcl. Lab00000
BIOL 506Environmental Microbiology00000
FLT 326LInstrument Flight Lab00000
CHEM 101General Chemistry I00000
EDUC 203Intro to Computer Instruc Tech00000
BIOL 650Adv Thry and Prac in Tch. Sci00000
EDUC 360Teaching and Assessment00000
CHEM 350Chemistry Seminar00000
EDUC 640CCollaborative Action Research00000
EDUC 476Obs Sup Teaching in Biology00000
CJ 206Police in American Society00000
ELPS 595Internship Lab IV00000
BKED 460Issues and Trends in ECE00000
EM 315Weapons of Mass Destruction00000
CJ 400Juvenile Delinquency00000
ENGL 202World Literature II00000
BIOL 493Fld Experience in Biol Science00000
ENGL 322Advanced English Grammar00000
CSC 215Programming II00000
ENGL 430British Novel00000
BUAD 240Ethics00000
ENGT 205Circuits Analysis with Lab00000
CSC 421Topics in Computer Science00000
ENGT 420Thermal Systems00000
BIOL 303Parasitology00000
ENSC 101LGen Environmental Science Lab00000
DGM 480Adv Studies in Digital Media00000
FLT 345LMulti-Engine Flight Lab00000
BIOL 521Issues and Trends in Sci Educ00000
ECON 480Macroeconomics Analysis00000
CHEM 102LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
EDUC 210Prof Studies I: Intro to Educ00000
BIOL 341Microbiology00000
EDUC 350Intermed and Content Reading00000
CHEM 301LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
EDUC 428Music Methods in the Elem Sch00000
BKED 203Child Growth and Dev II00000
EDUC 466Obs Sup Tch in Soc Sciences00000
CHEM 403LPhysical Chemistry I Lab00000
EDUC 638Prescriptive Literacy Instruct00000
EDUC 600Educational Research Methods00000
CJ 201Intro to Criminal Justice00000
EDUC 658NBC: Becoming Reflective Pract00000
BKED 420Preschool Curriculum00000
ELEM 631Tching Elem Sch Math (K-6)00000
CJ 212Women and the Crim Just System00000
ELPS 605Curr Instruc Leadership00000
BIOL 487Stat App in the Sciences00000
EM 230Hazard Mitigation Preparedness00000
CJ 316Research Methods & Lab00000
EM 410Response and Recovery00000
BKED 490Student Teaching in B-K00000
ENGL 103Composition II00000
CJ 492Public Policy in Criminal Just00000
ENGL 307Southern Literature00000
BIOL 215Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ENGL 317Advanced Composition00000
CSC 111Introduction to Computing00000
ENGL 327Hist of the English Language00000
BMIS 489Project Management00000
ENGL 408Gender and Literature00000
CSC 305Introduction to Bioinformatics00000
ENGL 446The American Novel00000
BIOL 503Exper Methods in Genetics00000
ENGT 101Intro to Engineering Tech00000
CSC 412Software Methodology and Eng00000
ENGT 210Materials and Processes00000
BUAD 360Quant Methods for Bus Econ00000
ENGT 385Strength of Materials00000
DGM 100Introduction to Digital Media00000
ENGT 445Network Comm III w/Lab00000
BFIN 415Fin. Mngt. Policy and Strategy00000
ENGT 471Enterprise Ntwk Sec & Admin00000
DGM 350New Media & Culture00000
FLT 117LPriv Pilot Flight Lab Part 100000
BUAD 489Project Management00000
ECON 202Principles of Economics II00000
AVI 420Crew Resource Management00000
BIOL 100LPrin. of Biological Sci. Lab00000
BIOL 443Principles of Immunology00000
BKED 325Infant and Toddler Curr Dev00000
CHEM 430Intro to Medicinal Chemistry00000
EDUC 621Sem in Leadership Development00000