ECSU Course Reviews

Elizabeth City State University

BKED 460Issues and Trends in ECE00000
BUAD 489Project Management00000
BIOL 100Prin. of Biological Science00000
BKED 201Introduction to B-K Education00000
BIOL 341Microbiology00000
AVI 415Aviation Project Management00000
BMIS 475Database Design and Mngt00000
ARTH 210Survey of Art History II00000
BIOL 216Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ATC 250Terminal Radar Operations I00000
BIOL 521Issues and Trends in Sci Educ00000
BIOL 487Stat App in the Sciences00000
AVI 315Avi Legislation and Ethics00000
BKED 335Comm and Collabor in Schs/Com00000
ART 401Advanced Studio II00000
BKED 490Student Teaching in B-K00000
AVNC 240Flight Communication Sys00000
BUAD 322Entrepreneurship00000
ART 202Branding & Packaging Design00000
CHEM 202Quantitative Analysis00000
ARTH 416Theory of Contemp Art and Des00000
BIOL 303Parasitology00000
ART 301Interactive Design00000
BIOL 443Principles of Immunology00000
ATC 375LATC Terminal Operations Lab00000
BIOL 506Environmental Microbiology00000
BIOL 493Fld Experience in Biol Science00000
AVI 270ATC and the NAS00000
BIOL 610Graduate Seminar00000
ART 350Ceramics I00000
BKED 302Child Growth and Dev II: PK00000
AVI 370Aviation Res Methds & Stats00000
BKED 454Inclusive Preschool Env00000
ART 111Three Dimensional Design00000
BKED 470Kindergarten Curr and Stds00000
AVI 465Aviation Capstone (Senior Project)00000
BKED 492Internship inCommunity Agency00000
ART 445Filmmaking00000
BUAD 190Management Information Sys I00000
BFIN 350Investments00000
BUAD 426Supply Chain Management00000
ACCT 435Entities Taxation00000
CHEM 101LGeneral Chemistry I Lab00000
BIOL 102General Biology for Majors II00000
CHEM 205Inorganic Chemistry/Lab00000
ART 220Painting I00000
BIOL 221General Botany00000
ATC 200Control Tower Operations I00000
BIOL 306Human Anatomy00000
ACCT 451Gov Not-for-Profit Accting00000
BIOL 355Career Entry Seminar00000
ATC 300Adv Control Terminal Oper Lab00000
BIOL 485Medical Terminology00000
ART 303UiUX Interfaces00000
BIOL 490Ethics in Biotechnology00000
AVI 122Aviation Orientation00000
BIOL 504Cellular Physiology00000
BIOL 496Science and Human Values00000
AVI 250Basic Aerodynamics00000
BIOL 513Applied Microbiology00000
ART 341Photography II00000
BIOL 605Advanced Cellular Biology00000
AVI 275Aircraft Systems I00000
BIOL 650Adv Thry and Prac in Tch. Sci00000
ART 102Drawing I00000
BKED 203Child Growth and Dev II00000
AVI 345Airline Operations & Mngt.00000
BKED 325Infant and Toddler Curr Dev00000
ART 3803D Animation00000
BKED 345Exploration of Early Chhd Sets00000
AVI 410Transition to the Avi Industry00000
BKED 455Admin of Early Childhood00000
ACCT 425Financial Auditing00000
BKED 465Community Agencies and Res00000
AVI 430Airport Planning and Managemen00000
BKED 475Autism Spctrm and Rel Beh Dis00000
ART 406Internship in Art00000
BKED 491Internship in Early Chldhd00000
AVI 475Topics in Aviation00000
BMIS 386Business Systs Anal and Design00000
ART 131Art Fundamentals00000
BUAD 115Introduction to Business00000
BFIN 311Principles of Finance00000
BUAD 240Ethics00000
ART 499Graphic Design Seminar00000
BUAD 365Bus Research and Rpt Writing00000
BFIN 420Portfolio Const. and Mngt.00000
BUAD 455Strategic Management00000
ACCT 322Intermediate Accounting II00000
BUAD 491Internship II00000
BIOL 101General Biology for Majors I00000
CHEM 102LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
ARTH 315African American Art00000
BIOL 210Genetics00000
ACCT 220Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 335Federal Income Taxation00000
ART 100Art Foundations00000
ART 333Imaging I00000
AVI 230Aviation Management00000
BIOL 500Scientific Research and Comm00000