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EastSU Course Reviews

East Stroudsburg University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 574Introduction to Oceanography00000
CPSC 470Computer Security II: Operating System and Network Security00000
BIOL 330Microbiology00000
BIOL 524Mechanisms of Disease I00000
BIOL 443Stream Ecology00000
ATEP 596Athletic Training Clinical Laboratory III00000
CPSC 337II:Internet and Web Programmi00000
ATEP 240Acute Care Athletic Injuries00000
BIOL 419Virology00000
ATEP 432Therapeutic Modalities in Sports Medicine00000
BIOL 502Ii: Man & His Environment00000
BIOL 465Immunology Laboratory00000
ATEP 545Rehabilitation for Special Populations00000
BIOL 554Medical Entomology00000
ASL 303Leadership Laboratory Level 3 Course 100000
CPSC 230Programming Principles and Practice00000
BIOL 220Field Botany00000
CPSC 432Natural Language Processing00000
ART 351Advanced 3D Design00000
CPSC 529Machine Learning00000
ATEP 340Illness Prevention and Health Promotion Workshop00000
BIOL 430Applied Microbiology00000
ART 401Composition & Painting00000
BIOL 457Behavioral Ecology00000
ATEP 440Functional Rehabilitation and Sport Specific Conditioning00000
BIOL 496Seminar II00000
BIOL 480II: Research Biotechnology00000
ATEP 532Therapeutic Modalities in Sports Medicine00000
BIOL 516Introduction To Molecular Biotechnology00000
ASL 201Team & Leadership Fundamentals Course 100000
BIOL 537Immunology00000
ATEP 572Thesis Seminar00000
BIOL 565Immunology Laboratory00000
ART 307GE: Modern Art00000
BIOL 586II: Field Exper & Intern00000
BIOL 105GN: General Biology (BBI)00000
CPSC 320TopicsCompSci:Info Retrieval00000
ATEP 100Introduction to Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Science...00000
CPSC 421Computer Graphics00000
BIOL 311Embryology00000
CPSC 445Networking and Data Communications00000
ART 211GN: Infographics & Data Visualization00000
CPSC 487Security Engineering Internship00000
BIOL 390Human Gross Anatomy00000
CPSC 532Natural Language Processing00000
ART 354Ceramics II00000
BIOL 424Mechanisms Of Disease I00000
ATEP 429Measurement and Evaluation of Lower Extremity Injuries00000
BIOL 437Immunology00000
ART 252GN: Product Design I (AFA)(A)00000
BIOL 451General Entomology00000
ATEP 437Advanced Emergency Care for Athletic Trainers00000
BIOL 462Mammalogy00000
ART 420Graphic Design 3:Design Agency00000
BIOL 477Molecular Biology Lab00000
ATEP 485IS:Psychosocial Strategies00000
BIOL 494II: Research In Biology00000
BIOL 484Environmental Studies Field Experience and Internship00000
ATEP 513Applied Statistics and Analysis in Athletic Training00000
BIOL 498II: Research Marine Scienc00000
ASL 102Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force Course 200000
BIOL 511Histology00000
ATEP 536Primary Care for the Athletic Trainer00000
BIOL 522Plant Physiology00000
ART 290ST:Art&Design Entrepreneurship00000
BIOL 528Biogeography00000
ATEP 552Orthopedic Specialist Workshop00000
BIOL 549Cell Biology00000
ASL 204Leadership Laboratory Level 2 Course 200000
BIOL 561Mechanisms of Disease Laboratory00000
ATEP 594Athletic Training Clinical Laboratory I00000
BIOL 572Thesis I00000
ART 201GN: History of Art I (AFA)(A)00000
BIOL 581Insect Systematics00000
BIOL 103GN: Forensic Biology (BBI)00000
CPSC 120GN: Introduction to Computer Programming for Science and Eng...00000
ASL 402National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty-Course...00000
CPSC 250Data Structures and Algorithms00000
BIOL 111GE: Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CPSC 327Introduction to Computer Forensics00000
ART 321Advanced Drawing00000
CPSC 370Introduction to Computer Cryptology00000
BIOL 281Introduction to Biotechnology00000
CPSC 429Machine Learning00000
ATEP 202Kinesiology-Applied Anatomy00000
CPSC 442Introduction to Computer Game Development00000
BIOL 320Plant Morphology00000
CPSC 450Algorithmic Graph Theory00000
ACC 532International Financial Reporting00000
CPSC 485IS: Honors Thesis00000
BIOL 340Animal Physiology00000
CPSC 525II: Expert Systems00000
ATEP 285Athletic Training Pre Clinical Laboratory00000
BIOL 411Introduction To Molecular Biotechnology00000
ACC 518Advanced Auditing00000
ART 130GN: Introduction to 3D Printing (AFA)(A)00000
ART 255Materials and Processes00000
ART 486Field Experience & Internship00000
ATEP 488Athletic Training Clinical Laboratory II00000
BIOL 492Mechanisms of Disease II00000