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Eastern Connecticut Course Reviews

Eastern Connecticut State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 110Intro to Computing/Prob Solv00000
ECE 501Families,Communities/Culture00000
BIS 378Business Database Applications00000
COM 310Advanced Photography00000
BUS 351Adv Bus Concepts/Enterprenshp00000
BIO 365Cannabis Cultivation Practicum00000
CSC 490Computer Internship00000
ART 318Intaglio Printmaking I00000
BUS 307Global Business00000
ART 352Intermediate Drawing00000
COM 201Nonverbal Communication00000
BUS 492Departmental Internship00000
BIO 280Sophomore Supervised Study00000
COM 435Documentary Production00000
ART 220Relief Printmaking II00000
CSC 315Genomic Data Analysis00000
BIO 458Regenerative Medicine00000
DNC 445Dance Composition00000
ANT 365Linguistic Anthropology00000
ECO 300Quantitative Methods Economics00000
ART 329Graphic Design II00000
BUS 331Organizational Behavior00000
ARA 110Introductory Arabic I00000
BUS 431Management Policy/Strategy00000
ART 408Advanced Painting00000
CHI 480Independent Study00000
CHE 213General Chemistry II Lab00000
BIO 120Organismal Biology with Lab00000
COM 252Social Media Strategies00000
ART 206Sculpture I00000
COM 358Scriptwriting & Presentation00000
BIO 334General Microbiology w/Lab00000
CRM 210Introduction to Criminology00000
ANT 300Women and Work00000
CSC 231Computer Sci And Program II00000
BIO 436Molecular Genetics With Lab00000
CSC 343Big Data Programming/Mgmt00000
ART 306Wood Sculpture00000
DNC 253Modern Dance I00000
BIS 340Bus Data Com and E-Network00000
ECE 401Field Exp Early Childood00000
ACC 530Topical/Current Issues Acctng00000
ECE 600Play-Math, Sc, Lit00000
BUS 201Principles of Management00000
ECO 322Environmental Economics00000
ANT 390Anthropological Res Methods00000
BUS 327Business-to-Business Marketing00000
ART 332Photo Imaging00000
BUS 347Financial Institutions&Mkts00000
ANT 101Intro to Anthropology00000
BUS 362Global Operations/Logistics00000
ART 360American Art00000
BUS 445Case Studies Financial Mgmt00000
ARA 492Directed Study: ARA 11000000
CAS 222Native Peoples Of Canada00000
ART 432Eastern Design Group00000
CHE 492Directed Research00000
CHE 318Biochemistry II00000
AST 226Intro To The Solar System00000
COM 101Interpersonal Communication00000
ART 201Relief Printmaking I00000
COM 230Public Speaking00000
BIO 202Human Biology Lecture00000
COM 291Radio Practicum00000
ANT 240Latinos in the United States00000
COM 330Organizational Communication00000
BIO 314Genetics And Society Lab00000
COM 400Communications Research00000
ART 212Art History II:1400 To Present00000
COM 480Independent Study00000
BIO 346Animal Behavior With Lab00000
CRM 410Criminological Theory00000
ACC 480Independent Study00000
CSC 212Comp. Game Design & Visualizat00000
BIO 424Biological Chemistry w/Lab00000
CSC 305Data Mining and Applications00000
ART 231Digital Art for Non-Art Majors00000
CSC 335Computer Algorithms00000
BIO 448Physiological Ecology With Lab00000
CSC 440Operating Systems00000
ANT 337Urban Anthropology00000
DLL 617Ling. & Acad. Assessment of L200000
BIO 490Teaching Assistantship I00000
DNC 346Improvisation00000
ART 311Relief Printmaking II00000
ECE 315Play and Social Development00000
BIS 367HCI & Design00000
ECE 445Student Teaching:grades 1-300000
ACC 310Cost Accounting Systems00000
ECE 510Math/Science in Erly Chldhd Ed00000
BIS 449Data Visualization00000
ECO 115Modern American Economy00000
ART 324Metal Construction00000
BUS 250Business Law I00000
ACC 202Principles Managerial Accountg00000
ACC 412Auditing00000
ANT 201Canadian Culture and Society00000
ART 112Color Theory00000
ART 486Senior Project In Art History00000
CHE 425Chemical Instrumentation W/Lab00000