Eastern Connecticut Course Reviews

Eastern Connecticut State University

BUS 332Management Of Organizations00000
CHE 490Internship: Teaching Chemistry00000
BIO 203Human Biology Laboratory00000
BIS 447Bus Intelligence&Data Solution00000
BIO 365Cannabis Cultivation Practicum00000
ART 355Women And The Visual Arts00000
BUS 490Internship In Business Admin00000
ART 211Art History: Prehistory-140000000
BIO 330Cell Biology With Laboratory00000
ART 233Graphic Design History00000
BIS 364Intro To Social Informatics00000
BIO 438Plant Physiology With Lab00000
ART 331Picture Book Illustration00000
BUS 300Business Law II00000
ART 112Color Theory00000
BUS 365Bus Rpt Wrtg w/Micro Applictn00000
AST 225Stars And Galaxies00000
CHE 216Organic Chemistry I With Lab00000
ANT 250Economies and Cultures00000
COM 201Nonverbal Communication00000
ART 220Relief Printmaking II00000
BIO 344General Mycology00000
ANT 358Anthropology of Violence00000
BIO 424Biological Chemistry w/Lab00000
ART 308Painting II00000
BIS 205Information Management00000
BIO 452Conservation Biology W/Lab00000
ART 324Metal Construction00000
BIS 378Business Database Applications00000
ARA 111Introductory Arabic II00000
BUS 225Principles Of Marketing00000
ART 345Museums and Exhibitions00000
BUS 325Consumer Behavior00000
ANT 210World Archaeology00000
BUS 350Healthcare Management00000
ART 485Senior Seminar in Studio Art00000
BUS 437International Financial Mgmt00000
ART 201Relief Printmaking I00000
CAS 222Native Peoples Of Canada00000
BIO 120Organismal Biology with Lab00000
CHE 323Physical Biochemistry00000
ACC 490Internship In Accounting00000
CHI 492Directed Study00000
BIO 302Microbes & Your Health Lab00000
COM 215Media Aesthetics00000
ANT 302Research Methods In Health Sci00000
BIO 336Invertebrate Biology With Lab00000
ART 229Medieval Art & Architecture00000
BIO 350Human Physiology With Lab00000
ACC 530Topical/Current Issues Acctng00000
BIO 380Independent Study I00000
ART 306Wood Sculpture00000
BIO 432Histology With Laboratory00000
ANT 370Sex/Gender in Ancient World00000
BIO 444Populatn/Comunity Ecology wLab00000
ART 311Relief Printmaking II00000
BIO 491Teaching Assistantship II00000
BIO 458Regenerative Medicine00000
ART 320Water Based Screen Printing I00000
BIS 340Bus Data Com and E-Network00000
ANT 490Internship00000
BIS 370Systems Analysis and Design00000
ART 327Magazine Design00000
BIS 437Rapid IT Development Mgmt00000
ANT 107Biological Anthropology00000
BIS 490Internship in BIS00000
ART 340Art History Topics00000
BUS 245Business Finance00000
ART 100Studio Art Introduction00000
BUS 307Global Business00000
ART 352Intermediate Drawing00000
BUS 329International Marketing00000
ACC 416Federal Individual Taxation00000
BUS 347Financial Institutions&Mkts00000
ART 371Islamic Art00000
BUS 361Business Information Systems00000
ART 124Digital Imaging & Online Media00000
BUS 428Marketing Research00000
ART 487Senior Project NMS00000
BUS 445Case Studies Financial Mgmt00000
ANT 225Contemp Puerto Rican Cultr/Soc00000
BUS 532Management Of Organizations00000
AST 480Independent Study00000
CHE 211General Chemistry II00000
ART 205Water Media00000
CHE 317Biochemistry I Laboratory00000
BIO 200Ecology and the Environment00000
CHE 425Chemical Instrumentation W/Lab00000
ACC 303Intermediate Accounting III00000
CHI 111Introductory Chinese II00000
BIO 230Genetics with Laboratory00000
COM 120Television Production I00000
ART 215Painting I00000
BIO 314Genetics And Society Lab00000
ACC 202Principles Managerial Accountg00000
ACC 410Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AMS 251Introduction American Society00000
ANT 390Anthropological Res Methods00000
ART 315Figure Modeling00000
BIO 480Independent Study II00000