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Earlham Course Reviews

Earlham College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AWPE 240Challenge Ed & Teambuilding00000
BIOL 340Restoration Ecology00000
ART 300Ceramics II00000
AWPE 150Beginning Basketball00000
ART 425Painting III00000
ART 200Ceramics 100000
AWPE 426Yoga Flow00000
ACEN 100First Year Writing Tutorial00000
ART 345Weaving II00000
ACEN 303Library & Archives Fellow Prog00000
AWPE 128Group Fitness00000
ART 488Senior Capstone00000
ARBC 101Basic Arabic I00000
AWPE 199Fundamentals of Exercise Science00000
AAAS 369African American History since Emancipation00000
AWPE 315Square Dance Intermediate00000
ART 225Painting 100000
B 218Luke:AfricanAm Interpretation00000
AAAS 115Introduction to Anthropology: Culture and Diversity00000
BIOL 357Animal Behavior00000
ACEN 146LIFT: College & Career Connect00000
ART 403Fiber Arts III00000
AAAS 204African American Literature00000
ART 475Independent Studio Study00000
ANCS 130Damn the Gods00000
AWPE 120Racquetball Beginning00000
AWPE 107Badminton00000
ANCS 358Greek and Roman Drama00000
AWPE 139Intro Field Hockey00000
AAAS 343Race and the City00000
AWPE 174Riding Lessons IV: Beginning Jumping00000
ART 105Drawing 100000
AWPE 210Trail Building/ Invasive Species Control00000
0FFC 399Lift: May Term Germany00000
AWPE 304Outdoor Rock Climbing Seminar00000
ART 210History of Craft00000
AWPE 408Stables Barn Staff00000
AAAS 482Seminar: Arendt, Baldwin &Ellison00000
AWPE 620Varsity Tennis00000
ART 246Weaving I Workshop00000
BIOL 226Biological Diversity00000
0FFC 336The Washington Center00000
BIOL 347Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ART 333History of Photography00000
BIOL 360Conservation Biology00000
AAAS 140Urban Sociology00000
ART 400Ceramics III00000
ACEN 200ESL Writing Tutorial00000
ART 406Drawing IV00000
0FFC 0340Buddhist Philosophy & Practice00000
ART 445Weaving III00000
ACEN 483Teaching Assistant00000
ART 485Independent Study00000
AAAS 230History of African American Religious Experiences00000
AWPE 104Introduction to Golf00000
ANCS 222Greece and Rome in Film00000
AWPE 117Weight Training Beginning00000
AWPE 111Walking for Fitness00000
ANCS 341Reading Greek00000
AWPE 125Biking00000
AAAS 309Prophetic Black Women00000
AWPE 133Speed and Power Training00000
ANCS 485Independent Study00000
AWPE 143Strength Training Fundamentals00000
0FFC 355Program in New Zealand00000
AWPE 171Riding Lessons: Beginner00000
ARBC 202Intermediate Arabic II00000
AWPE 181Self Defense for Women00000
AAAS 359Democracy and Dictatorship in Africa00000
AWPE 202Intermediate Gym Climbing00000
ART 115Art: Context & Meaning00000
AWPE 223Lap Swimming Beginning00000
0FFC 331New York Arts Program00000
AWPE 262Intro to Mindfulness00000
ART 203Fiber Art Workshop00000
AWPE 310Winter Dogsledding00000
AAAS 463Topics in African American Literature00000
AWPE 341Exercise Physiology00000
ART 220Intro Metals & 3D Fabrication00000
AWPE 417Weight Training Advanced00000
0FFC 442Programa de Estudios Fronterizos Español00000
AWPE 483Teaching Assistant00000
ART 236Digital Photography I00000
B 102Reading the NT Contextually00000
AAAS 484Race & Identity in New Orleans00000
BIOL 111Ecological Biology00000
ART 280Gallery Practicum00000
BIOL 251Intro to Nutrition Science00000
0FFC 311Program in Germany/Austria00000
BIOL 343Immunology00000
ART 305Drawing II00000
BIOL 351Human Genetics and Genomics00000
ACEN 130Peer Writing Tutor Training00000
ART 342Politics and Activism in Global Contemporary Art00000
0FFC 301Border Studies Program00000
0FFC 317Japan Study00000
0FFC 346Program in Tibetan Studies00000
AAAS 232African History since 188000000
ANCS 270That Belongs in a Museum!00000
AWPE 114Conditioning Beginning00000