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Duquesne Course Reviews

Duquesne University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 680Graduate Research in Biology00000
BMED 545Biomed PIC Microcontroller Prj00000
BIOL 207Anatomy & Physiology I00000
BIOL 522Animal Behavior00000
BIOL 340WEvolution00000
ATHT 421Applied Therapeutic Exercise00000
BMED 440WBiomed Engineering Cpstn I00000
ARHY 111Art Hist:Ancient-Medieval Wrld00000
BIOL 313Developmental Biology00000
ARHY 217Religion,Reason & Vis Culture00000
BIOL 490Seminar00000
BIOL 395Sptp:00000
ATHT 406WPsychosocial Iss in Healthcare00000
BIOL 535Vertebrate Anat,Dev & Evol00000
AFST 431African Studies Internship00000
BMED 110Intro to Programming for Engin00000
BIOL 112LBiology II Lab00000
BMED 455Biomech & Bhvr of Lvng Tissues00000
ADPR 528Advrtsng Strtgs & Case Studies00000
BRDG 100Research & Information Skills00000
ARHY 175Introduction to Asian Art00000
BIOL 322Animal Behavior00000
AFST 202Women and Christianity00000
BIOL 372WLab III:Cell & Systems Physiol00000
ARHY 304Modern Art in Rome00000
BIOL 460Endocrinology00000
BIOL 415HHonors Thesis00000
ATHT 400LEmergency Med Tech Lab00000
BIOL 515Human Physiology00000
AFST 322WGlobal Literature Survey00000
BIOL 527Microbial Ecology00000
ATHT 412Organization & Admin in AT00000
BIOL 540Evolution00000
ADPR 467Media Research Methods00000
BLAW 353WContracts00000
BIOL 101Intro to Life Processes00000
BMED 320Biofluid Mechanics00000
AHPB 109Pep Band00000
BMED 446Biomed Med Device Dsng Cnsdrtn00000
BIOL 203Introductory Microbiology00000
BMED 501BME Graduate Seminar I00000
ACCT 806Info Tech Govrnc, Rsk & Cmplnc00000
BMED 553Mthmtcl Mdlg in Cell & Tss Eng00000
BIOL 212Cell and Molecular Biology00000
BRDG 101EWriting and Analysis00000
AFST 102Swahili II00000
BIOL 316Comparative&Environ Physiology00000
ARHY 205Comm in the Art of Chrstn Rome00000
BIOL 332Virology00000
ACCT 817Cont Tpcs in Financial Report00000
BIOL 370WLab I: Exp Micrbio & Mlclr Bio00000
ARHY 230History of Westrn Architecture00000
BIOL 374WLab V:Phys & Mol Tech Phy Ther00000
AFST 222Intro to Peace and Justice00000
BIOL 399Undergraduate Research-Bio00000
ATHT 303LArt & Science of AT II Lab00000
BIOL 432WApplied & Environ Microbiology00000
BIOL 419Bioinformtcs: Anlys Mlcr & Gen00000
ATHT 316LAT Practicum II Lab00000
BIOL 475Neurobiology00000
AFST 281CAfrican Religions00000
BIOL 501Ornithology00000
ATHT 402LNutrition & Weight Mgmt Lab00000
BIOL 517Invertebrate Biology00000
ADPR 411Interactive Media Mrktg00000
BIOL 526Pathogenic Microbiology00000
ATHT 410AT Practicum III00000
BIOL 531Virology00000
AFST 335Psyc, Ident & Flm: Prsp Afr Cn00000
BIOL 560Endocrinology00000
ATHT 416LApplied Sci Phys Perform Lab00000
BIOL 645Adv Cell & Molecular Biol I00000
ACCT 804SEC Reporting00000
BIOL 690Seminar00000
ATHT 555Irlnd & Athl Hlthcr: Sp Br Exp00000
BLAW 529Business Legal Environment00000
AFST 495Directed Readings00000
BMED 210Thermodynamics00000
BIOL 111Bio I: Cells,Genetics,Developm00000
BMED 430Engineering Computation00000
ADPR 515Publ Rel Strat & Case Studies00000
BMED 443WBiomaterials & Chrctrztn Mthds00000
BIOL 117LAdv General Biology Lab II00000
BMED 451Biomed Microdevices I00000
ARHY 100Understanding Art00000
BMED 490Research in Biomedical Engr00000
BIOL 205Clinical Microbiology00000
BMED 530Engineering Computation00000
ACCT 411WAuditing00000
BMED 550Envir Adaptations & Rehab Tech00000
BIOL 209Anatomy & Physiology II00000
BMED 590Rsrch in Biomed Engineering00000
ARHY 112CArt Hist: Renssnce to Mod Wrld00000
BIOL 250Genetics00000
ACCT 314Advanced Accounting00000
ACCT 501Accounting Fundamentals00000
ADPR 243Public Rel in Strategic Media00000
AFST 245Diss Acrs Wrld: Srch for Dgnty00000
ATHT 306LTherap Exer Reconditioning Lab00000
BIOL 426Pathogenic Microbiology00000