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Duke Course Reviews

Duke University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AMES 290SSpecial Topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies00000
AMES 437SCapstone Seminar - Globalization: Asia and Asian America00000
ACCOUNTG 511FPrinciples of Cost and Managerial Accounting00000
AMES 240SGames and Culture: Politics, Pleasure and Pedagogy00000
AMES 142History of Chinese Medicine00000
AAAS 610SAfrica, Cuba, Brazil: Great Powers of the Black Atlantic00000
AMES 337SChinese Sociolinguistics00000
AAAS 320Black Dance00000
ACCOUNTG 594GFinancial Reporting in a Global Environment00000
AAAS 342The Civil War and Reconstruction: The United States, 1850-18...00000
AMES 222SSyrian and Iraqi Cultures and Revolutions00000
AMES 176SReligion and Culture in Korea00000
AAAS 496Distinction Program Sequence00000
AMES 270T1Voices in Global Health: Arabic Tutorial00000
AAAS 290SSpecial Topics00000
AMES 318SSocial Movements and Social Media00000
AAAS 740SRacial and Ethnic Minorities in American Politics00000
AMES 390SKSpecial Topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies00000
AAAS 226Crime and the City from Dickens to The Wire00000
AMES 493Research Independent Study00000
AAAS 333SThe Wire00000
AEROSCI 99LLeadership Laboratory00000
AAAS 233SWriting American Politics00000
AMES 161Japanese Cinema00000
AAAS 352Pigging Out: The Cultural Politics of Food00000
AMES 210Arab Cultures: Literature, Politics, History00000
AMES 188FSGames and Culture: Gateway to the Study of Games00000
AAAS 425SGlobal Inequality Research Seminar00000
AMES 232SJerusalem00000
AAAS 263SBlack Europe: Race, Ethnicity and Diaspora in Contemporary E...00000
AMES 255Religion and the Novel in Modern India00000
AAAS 539Black Camera: Still and Moving Images00000
AMES 279FSTurkey: Muslim and Modern00000
AAAS 218The Caribbean, 1492-170000000
AMES 309Chinese Im/migration: Chinese Migrant Labor and Immigration...00000
AAAS 690SSpecial Topics00000
AMES 329SIslamic Media00000
AAAS 310African American Women and History00000
AMES 372Two Koreas: History, Society and Culture00000
AAAS 892Independent Study00000
AMES 425SCultures of New Media00000
AAAS 173SThe Ways and Wisdom of First-Gen College Students00000
AMES 473Two Koreas: History, Society and Culture00000
ACCOUNTG 515QManaging Operational and Informational Risks00000
AMES 503SAsian & Middle Eastern Studies00000
AAAS 230The South in Black and White00000
ACCOUNTG 598Valuation and Fundamental Analysis00000
AAAS 336The Black Performance Tradition: Michael Jackson and Prince00000
AEROSCI 202Team and Leadership Fundamentals00000
AAAS 182SGateway Seminar: American Slavery and Freedom: The Rise and...00000
AMES 150Chinese Art 1900 to Present00000
AAAS 347SWhite People: In Anthropological Perspective00000
AMES 169The Emergence of Modern Japan00000
AAAS 240The Modern Caribbean after Emancipation00000
AMES 182Asian American Theatre00000
AAAS 385SRace, Gender and Culture of the African Diaspora00000
AMES 206SMuslim Ethics and Islamic Law: Issues and Debates00000
AMES 191Indian Literature of Marginalized Society00000
AAAS 419SMeaning, Mattering, and Black Being-in-the-World: Towards a...00000
AMES 219Elements of Linguistic Structure00000
AAAS 252SGiants of Jazz: A Journey into the Lives and Music of the Ma...00000
AMES 225Islam in the Age of Trump: Race, Immigration, and Empire00000
AAAS 490SSpecial Topics00000
AMES 235SCross-Cultural Encounters00000
AAAS 211Anthropology of Money00000
AMES 251Indian Cinema00000
AAAS 511SDystopia, Speculation, and the Transhuman: Octavia Butler00000
AMES 262Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture00000
AAAS 276Religion and Race00000
AMES 272TVoices in the Environment: Mandarin00000
AAAS 569Understanding Sickle Cell Disease: A Biopsychosocial Approac...00000
AMES 283SIstanbul: Religion, Politics and Cosmopolitanism00000
AAAS 146Motown and American Soul Music00000
AMES 301STheory Today: Introduction to the Study of Literature00000
AAAS 643SBlack Women, Black Freedom00000
AMES 315SBuddhist Meditation: Cultivation Practices and Psychology00000
AAAS 304SBlack Politics00000
AMES 322Mystical Literature00000
AAAS 699SGateway/Proseminar00000
AMES 335Chinatowns: A Cultural History00000
AAAS 225SDocumenting Black Experiences00000
AMES 351SAtheism and Buddhism00000
AAAS 890Special Topics00000
AMES 388SGlobal South Asia: History and Culture of Diaspora00000
AAAS 317SAfrica before Colonialism00000
AMES 408SGeopolitics and Culture: Islamic States from the Ottomans to...00000
ACCOUNTG 510FIntroduction to Financial Accounting00000
AMES 431Modern Chinese Cinema00000
AAAS 104SIntroduction to Latino/a Studies in the Global South00000
AMES 452SFrom the Art of the Pleasure Quarters to Tokyo Pop00000
ACCOUNTG 512KFundamentals of Financial Analysis00000
AMES 488SIslam and State: The Politics of Pamuk and the Global Novel00000
AAAS 325SIntroduction to Hip-Hop Production00000
ACCOUNTG 591GManagerial Accounting00000
AAAS 89SFirst-Year Seminar00000
AAAS 134Old Worlds/New Histories, 500-1500 CE00000
AAAS 196FSPatient and Research Participant Activism and Advocacy00000
AAAS 247SSocial Movements and Social Media00000
AAAS 391Independent Study00000
AMES 204FSDocumenting the Middle East: Community and Oral History00000