Duke Course Reviews

Duke University

AAAS 610SAfrica, Cuba, Brazil: Great Powers of the Black Atlantic00000
ACCOUNTG 512FFundamentals of Financial Analysis00000
AAAS 337Hollywood and Africa: Case Studies in Filmic Representation00000
AAAS 499SSenior Seminar00000
AAAS 385SRace, Gender and Culture of the African Diaspora00000
AAAS 312War and Public Health in Africa00000
AAAS 735The History of Hip-Hop00000
AAAS 239Racial Attitudes, Racial Prejudice, and Racial Politics00000
AAAS 347SWhite People: In Anthropological Perspective00000
AAAS 251The Anthropology of Race00000
AAAS 450SThe Global Caribbean00000
AAAS 391Independent Study00000
AAAS 290Special Topics00000
AAAS 539Black Camera: Still and Moving Images00000
AAAS 228SFictions That Mark the Moment00000
AAAS 650SBlack-Queer00000
AAAS 323SThe Black Parades: African Diaspora Parade Culture and Radic...00000
AAAS 891Special Readings00000
AAAS 190SSpecial Topics00000
ACCOUNTG 591GManagerial Accounting00000
AAAS 246Sociology of Racism in America00000
AAAS 352Pigging Out: The Cultural Politics of Food00000
AAAS 210Modern Africa00000
AAAS 390Special Topics00000
AAAS 261DRace, Genomics, and Society00000
AAAS 422SMusic and The Black Radical Imagination00000
AAAS 397SAfrican Cities, Development, and Climate Change00000
AAAS 283SDeath, Burial, and Justice in the Americas00000
AAAS 491Independent Study00000
AAAS 224African Diaspora Literature: Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Cen...00000
AAAS 511SDystopia, Speculation, and the Transhuman: Octavia Butler00000
AAAS 307Development and Africa00000
AAAS 580SRace Theory: Biological Classification and Moral Implication...00000
AAAS 182SGateway Seminar: American Slavery and Freedom: The Rise and...00000
AAAS 642Global Inequality Research00000
AAAS 318SANew York Scenes00000
AAAS 690Special Topics00000
AAAS 232Race, Power, and Identity: From Ali to Kaepernick00000
AAAS 780STeaching Race, Teaching Gender00000
AAAS 332Black Theater Workshop00000
ACCOUNTG 510FIntroduction to Financial Accounting00000
AAAS 140Introduction to Jazz00000
ACCOUNTG 515QManaging Operational and Informational Risks00000
AAAS 343Displacements: Migration and Human Trafficking00000
ACCOUNTG 591Managerial Accounting00000
AAAS 201Race, Film, and Religion00000
AAAS 349SContemporary South Africa00000
AAAS 249Martin Luther King and the Prophetic Tradition00000
AAAS 380France and Africa: The Politics and Culture of (Post-)Coloni...00000
AAAS 146Motown and American Soul Music00000
AAAS 386SWomen and Visual Media Studies00000
AAAS 253SIndependent African American Cinema00000
AAAS 390SSpecial Topics00000
AAAS 213Global Brazil00000
AAAS 393Research Independent Study00000
AAAS 263SBlack Europe: Race, Ethnicity and Diaspora in Contemporary E...00000
AAAS 419SMeaning, Mattering, and Black Being-in-the-World: Towards a...00000
AAAS 406SSouth African Life Histories00000
AAAS 274SIslam in the Americas00000
AAAS 425SGlobal Inequality Research Seminar00000
AAAS 219War, Slavery, and Revolution in the Caribbean, 1700-180000000
AAAS 451SCapstone Seminar: African Americans and the World00000
AAAS 286SCritical Pedagogy of Hip Hop00000
AAAS 495Distinction Program Sequence00000
AAAS 173SThe Ways and Wisdom of First-Gen College Students00000
AAAS 503SThe Black Radical Tradition: COVID-19, #JusticeForGeorgeFloy...00000
AAAS 304SBlack Politics00000
AAAS 515SRace, Class, and Gender: A Social History of Modern (1750-pr...00000
AAAS 226Crime and the City from Dickens to The Wire00000
AAAS 545SRace, Racism, and Democracy00000
AAAS 310African American Women and History00000
AAAS 589SBlack Visual Theory00000
AAAS 134Old Worlds/New Histories, 500-1500 CE00000
AAAS 621SBlack Performance Theory00000
AAAS 316SApartheid South Africa and Struggles for Democracy00000
AAAS 643SBlack Women, Black Freedom00000
AAAS 230The South in Black and White00000
AAAS 660Health in the African Diaspora00000
AAAS 320Black Dance00000
AAAS 720SOutsiders and Insiders00000
AAAS 185SAfrican Hashtag Activism00000
AAAS 767How Blackness Thinks00000
AAAS 329The Black Atlantic00000
AAAS 890SSpecial Topics00000
AAAS 234SComparative Urban Politics and Policymaking00000
AAAS 900African American Religion Through the Literary Imagination00000
AAAS 335The History of Hip-Hop00000
ACCOUNTG 511FPrinciples of Cost and Managerial Accounting00000
AAAS 104SIntroduction to Latino/a Studies in the Global South00000
ACCOUNTG 513QFinancial Reporting Foundations00000
AAAS 341SRace in Durham00000
ACCOUNTG 590GFinancial Accounting00000
AAAS 242SRace, Gender, and Sexuality00000
AAAS 346SRacial Justice in the 20th Century US and South Africa00000
AAAS 102Introduction to African American Studies00000
AAAS 133SGateway Seminar: Civil Rights and Asian Americans00000
AAAS 163SGateway Seminar: Gandhi, King, Mandela00000
AAAS 217SThe Atlantic Slave Trade00000
AAAS 269Black Gods and Kings: Priests and Practices of the Afro-Atla...00000
AAAS 407SCapstone Seminar - Globalization: Asia and Asian America00000