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DU Course Reviews

University of Denver

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASIA 3991Independent Study00000
BIOL 4150Topics: Advanced Research Methods00000
ANTH 4745Museum Practicum00000
ASEM 2646Dance in India00000
ASEM 2410Science & Religion In Dialogue00000
ANTH 2600Museums and Public Culture00000
BIOL 3145Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer00000
ACTG 4660Strategic Cost Management00000
ARTS 3348Senior Practicum in the Visual Arts00000
ADMN 4812Perspectives in District Leadership00000
ASEM 2542Knowledge and Ignorance in Contemporary Scientific Practice00000
ASEM 2443Honors: Shakespeare Then & Now00000
AHUM 1716Exploring Religions00000
ASEM 2724Jammin: Technoculture and Improvisation00000
ACTG 4290Advanced Accounting Theory00000
BIOL 2010General Ecology00000
ANTH 3350Latin American Archaeology00000
BIOL 3648Molecular Mechanisms of Neurological Disease00000
ACTG 3360Profit, Planning & Control00000
BIOP 4993Lab Rotation00000
ACTG 4750Valuing a Business00000
ARTS 3992Directed Study00000
ACTG 3701Topics: RPA and the Business Environment00000
ASEM 2423The American Road Trip00000
ADMN 4835Leading Teaching and Learning00000
ASEM 2518Exploring Italy00000
ASEM 2465Environmental Controversies00000
ADMN 5991PhD Independent Study00000
ASEM 2602The Black Spiritual00000
ACTG 4222Understanding Financial Statements00000
ASEM 2692Philosophy of Migration and Global Citizenship00000
ANTH 2070American Jewish Experience00000
ASEM 2743Bad Words: The Ideologies of Profanity00000
ACTG 3130RPA in the Business and Accounting Environment00000
BIOL 1220Molecules to Humankind I00000
ANTH 3290Art and Anthropology00000
BIOL 3025Science and the Law00000
ACTG 4530Business Advisory and Internal Audit00000
BIOL 3610Developmental Biology00000
ANTH 3981Museum Internship00000
BIOL 3870Medical Ethics00000
ACTG 2205Introduction To Financial Reporting00000
BIOL 4880Capstone In Biomedical Sciences00000
ARTS 2992Directed Study00000
BIOP 6995Independent Research00000
ACTG 3462Corporate & Partnership Tax00000
ARTS 3865Senior Project: Conservation00000
ACTG 4991Independent Study00000
ASEM 2402Culture and Identity in American Political Development00000
ACTG 3014Accounting Core I Accounting Fundamentals00000
ASEM 2418Innnovation Nation00000
ADMN 4820Educational Program Evaluation00000
ASEM 2430Romanticism in Germany00000
ACTG 3885Undergraduate Field Experience00000
ASEM 2455Music, Virtuosity, and Value00000
ADMN 4841Instructional Leadership for Equitable Schools00000
ASEM 2502Fictitious Ecologies: Envisioning Provisioning Through Scien...00000
ASEM 2475U.S. Immigrant Narratives00000
ADMN 4991MA Independent Study00000
ASEM 2527Life's Aim00000
ACTG 4176Accounting Data Analytics00000
ASEM 2565The Power Of Place-Making00000
AH 2580Spectator to Citizen: Community Organizing00000
ASEM 2615Disease in World History00000
ACTG 3049Accounting Information Systems00000
ASEM 2670Development in Latin America00000
ANTH 2004Anthropology of Jews & Judaism00000
ASEM 2715Belonging in America00000
ACTG 4282Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ASEM 2736Honors: Spirituals and the Blues00000
ANTH 2323Global Health00000
ASEM 2789Deviant Bodies00000
ABRD 9739Study Abroad JKIS Vienna00000
BIOL 0940Perspectives-Veterinary Med00000
ANTH 3070Folklore And Cultural Heritage00000
BIOL 1262Sustaining Life III00000
ACTG 4410Federal Income Taxation00000
BIOL 2120Cell Structure and Function00000
ANTH 3310Indigenous Environment00000
BIOL 3055Ecology of the Rockies00000
ACTG 3284Consolidated Financial Statement00000
BIOL 3250Human Physiology00000
ANTH 3470Applied Anthropology00000
BIOL 3642Neuropharmacology00000
ACTG 4607Not-for-Profit & Governmental Accounting00000
BIOL 3701Topics: Molecular Mechanisms of Neurological Disease00000
ANTH 4200Native North America00000
BIOL 3991Independent Study00000
ABRD 9336U KwaZulu-Natal, Howard Campus00000
BIOL 4220Grad Sem: Ecology & Evolution00000
ARTS 2445Digital Photography and Experimentation00000
BIOL 5995Independent Research00000
ACTG 4701Tpcs: RPA in Bus. Environment00000
ARTS 3245Printmaking Workshop00000
ABRD 9116Univ of W. Australia-Exchange00000
ABRD 9685American University in Cairo00000
ACTG 3019Cost Management00000
ACTG 3995Independent Research00000
ADMN 4848Business Design and Innovation for School Leaders00000
ASEM 2485Sustainable Living00000