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DTCC Wilmington Course Reviews

Delaware Technical Community College, Wilmington

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAT 143College Geometry00000
OTA 225Clinical Fieldwork Level I-A00000
ENG 124Oral Communications00000
ITN 180Database Technology I00000
EXS 200Nutrition for Sport & Exercise00000
EAP 093Academic Reading00000
MEA 151Medical Lab Procedures II00000
CSC 164Computer Science II00000
ESL 026Beginning ESL Grammar/Comm00000
CYK 602Dental Assistant Training00000
ISY 243Information & Network Security00000
HIM 222Healthcare Reimbursement00000
DHY 213Adv Clinical Techniques00000
LOM 242Supply Chain Logistics II00000
CNE 180Computer Assmbly & Maintenance00000
MAT 212Math for Teachers II00000
EDC 108Applied Concepts in Educ Tech00000
NMT 115Intro to NMT with Clinical Lab00000
BUS 101Introduction to Business00000
PSY 224Human Sexuality00000
CVS 109Intro to Clin Internship II00000
ESL 044Advanced ESL Writing00000
CHM 101Introduction to Chemistry00000
GPS 003F-1 Intl Student Orientation00000
DAC 240Families & Addiction00000
HTT 220Histochemistry I00000
HIS 132Art History II00000
DHY 141Oral Radiography00000
ITN 103Project Dynamics00000
CIS 238Database Design & Programming00000
ITN 271Advanced Security Operations00000
DMS 113Gynecological Sonography00000
MAT 062Statistical Reasoning Support00000
BIO 123Clinical Functional Anatomy00000
MAT 173Math for Tchrs II00000
ECE 127Childhood Classroom Mgt00000
MAT 261Business Calculus I00000
CNE 280Advanced Networking Topics00000
MIS 220Management Information Systems00000
ENG 007Intro Reading & Writing (ACC)00000
NMT 297Clinical Internship III w/CT00000
BIO 100Medical Terminology00000
PHY 112Physics for Allied Health00000
ENT 106Business Procedures00000
PTA 115Kinesiology00000
BUS 275Portfolio and Professionalism00000
ESL 036Intermediate ESL Grammar/Comm00000
CVS 203Clinical Internship III00000
EXS 101Functional Kinesiology00000
BIO 110Essentls-Anatomy & Physiology00000
EXS 235Exercise Clinical II00000
DAC 225Drug & Alcohol Counseling II00000
HIM 122Coding III00000
CIS 108Applied Concepts in Educ Tech00000
HIM 250Professional Practicum00000
DAT 101Intro to Data Analytics/Visual00000
HRM 224Training and Development00000
HLH 101Intro To Patient Care00000
DHY 132Dental Anatomy00000
IDT G25Systematic Design:E-Lrng Ob00000
CIS 209Visual Programming00000
ISY 270Computer Forensics00000
DHY 204Clinical Dental Hygiene IV00000
ITN 160Programming I00000
BIO 120Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ITN 261Programming II00000
DHY 291Communty Dental Health Fldwrk00000
LOM 100LOM Management00000
CIS 282Mobile App Development00000
MAT 010Pre-Algebra00000
DMS 202Clinical Internship II00000
MAT 100Quantitative Reasoning00000
ACC 231Intermediate Accounting I00000
MAT 153College Math and Statistics00000
ECE 120Contemp Issues in Erly Childhd00000
MAT 190Precalculus00000
CNE 192Network Administration00000
MAT 251Finite Math00000
ECH 111Echocardiography Techniques I00000
MEA 100Intro to Medical Assisting00000
BIO 130Disease Proc/Pathophysiology00000
MGT 212Principles of Management00000
EDC 211Classroom Management00000
MKT 217Digital Marketing Fundamentals00000
COM 222Intercultural Communication00000
NMT 212Scan Reading II with PET/CT00000
ENG 101Composition I00000
OTA 220Pediatric Health Conditions00000
ACC 112Accounting II00000
OTA 232Clinical Fieldwork Level II-B00000
ENG 129Creative Writing00000
PSY 121General Psychology00000
CSC 214Computer Science III00000
ENT 240Funding & Finance for ENT00000
ACC 100Introduction to Accounting00000
ACC 211Tax Accounting00000
BIO 115Nutrition00000
CIS 141Operating Systems I00000
DHY 111Dental Hygiene Fundamtls I00000
HRI 215Lodging Operations Management00000