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DTCC Georgetown Course Reviews

Delaware Technical Community College, Georgetown

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HRI 215Lodging Operations Management00000
MLT 251Clinical Microbiology II00000
CRJ 104Drugs, Society, & Human Behvr00000
ESL 046Advanced ESL Grammar/Comm00000
DSL 203Diesel Engine Repair00000
CMT 111Construction Print Reading00000
ITN 263Mobile App Development00000
AUT 118Auto Steering & Suspension00000
CTS 107Advanced Driving Practices00000
AVI 220Airframe Maint AF-Section III00000
ENT 103Legal Issues for ENT00000
EDC 125Child Development00000
CHM 150Chemical Principles I00000
HIS 112U. S. History: Post-Civil War00000
AGS 241Trfgrss Wds Insts/Disease Ctrl00000
ISY 270Computer Forensics00000
COM 150Media & Society00000
MAT 099Fnd of Mathematical Reasoning00000
AGS 102Agricultural Science (LC)00000
NUR 310Global Health00000
AUT 205Manual Transmissions/Transaxle00000
DMS 215OB/GYN Sonography II00000
AGS 136Turf Equipment Operations00000
ECE 125Early Childhd Methods II & Lab00000
BIO 130Disease Proc/Pathophysiology00000
ENG 102Composition II00000
EDD 273Advanced Solid Modeling00000
CET 244Principles of Site Development00000
ESL 022Beginning ESL Reading/Vocab00000
AGS 230Production Ag Work Experience00000
FSY 290Food Science & Safety Intrnshp00000
CIS 141Operating Systems I00000
HMS 124Comm Living Skills/Supports00000
AET 270Arch Drafting/Design IV00000
IDT G25Systematic Design:E-Lrng Ob00000
CNE 192Network Administration00000
ITN 160Programming I00000
AUT 102Automotive Electrical Systems00000
LOM 210Accounting for LOM00000
COM 250Photography00000
MGT 231Human Resource Management00000
ACR 204Residential Heating II00000
NUR 134Essentials-Mental Hlth Nursing00000
CRJ 220Criminal Judiciary00000
NUR 420Nursing Policy00000
AGS 105Prin of Plant Growth00000
DMS 110Acoustical Physics00000
AVI 120Airframe Maint AF Section I00000
DMS 243Clinical Internship IV00000
AET 125Arch Drafting/Design II00000
EAP 094Accelerated Acad Reading (LC)00000
BIO 115Nutrition00000
ECE 244Fld Work Teaching Practicum00000
AGS 203Plant I.D. and Cultivation00000
EDC 250Internship & Seminar00000
BIO 263Molecular Biology00000
ENG 007Intro Reading & Writing (ACC)00000
ELC 125Electrical Circuits I00000
CET 144Surveying Principles00000
ENG 129Creative Writing00000
AGS 215Agriculture Leadership00000
ENV 190Intro to Envtl Science & Tech00000
CET 270Solid Mechanics with Calculus00000
ESL 034Intermediate ESL Writing00000
AET 236Building Service Systems00000
FSY 120Technology of Food Processing00000
CHM 251Analytical Chemistry II00000
GPS 002Athlete Study Hall00000
AGS 232Turf and Horticulture Work Exp00000
HLH 215Cardiovascular Monitoring00000
CIS 211Data Structures00000
HMS 244Directed Practice II00000
ACR 151Industry Competency Exam II00000
IDT G40Synchronous Distance Education00000
CMT 243Co-op Work Experience00000
ISY 150Introductory Scripting00000
AGS 243Irrigation & Ath. Field Maint.00000
ITN 101Intro to IT00000
CNE 284Cloud Computing00000
ITN 252IT Networking III00000
AET 290Co-op Work Experience00000
ITN 273Ethical Hacking00000
COM 242Digital Newsroom00000
MAT 010Pre-Algebra00000
AUT 101Intro to Automotive Technology00000
MAT 143College Geometry00000
COM 293Internship with Seminar00000
MLT 120Hematology I00000
ACR 101HVAC Electricity00000
NRG 108Safety Basics00000
CRJ 118Corrections in America00000
NUR 200Nursing Concepts III00000
AUT 126Work Experience Lab I00000
CTS 102Vehicle Sys/Report Malfunction00000
ACC 211Tax Accounting00000
ACR 115Air Distribution & Balancing00000
AET 164Architectural CAD Applications00000
AGS 209Farm Records & Accounts00000
CEN 100Intro Elec & Computer Eng Tech00000
ELC 227Microcontroller Fundamentals00000