DTCC Georgetown Course Reviews

Delaware Technical Community College, Georgetown

CRJ 224Juvenile Justice00000
EDC 211Classroom Management00000
CEN 100Intro Elec & Computer Eng Tech00000
COM 140Digital Storytelling00000
CHM 100Basic Chemistry00000
BIO 115Nutrition00000
DSL 202Preventative Maintenance II00000
AGS 244Landscape Plans & Construction00000
CET 236Soils00000
AUT 104Automotive Steering/Suspension00000
CNE 191Router Configuration00000
CIS 107Intro to Computers/Application00000
AVI 110Airframe Maintenance General00000
COM 293Internship with Seminar00000
AGS 240Hydroponics Production00000
DMS 110Acoustical Physics00000
BIO 151Biology II00000
ECE 125Early Childhd Methods II & Lab00000
AGS 104Intro to Agribusiness Mgt (LC)00000
ELC 125Electrical Circuits I00000
AUT 101Intro to Automotive Technology00000
CET 247Route Surveying and Design00000
AGS 202Agronomic Crops00000
CHM 151Chemical Principles II00000
AUT 119Automotive Brake Systems00000
CMT 242Constr Project Management I00000
CIS 199Data Comms & Networking00000
AUT 205Manual Transmissions/Transaxle00000
CNE 280Advanced Networking Topics00000
AGS 231Turf Mgt Work Experience00000
COM 240Mass Media Law00000
AVI 230Powerplant Maint Section I00000
CRJ 117Ethics Prof & Comm in Pbl Sfty00000
AET 270Arch Drafting/Design IV00000
CTS 105Range Driving Practices00000
BIO 125Introductory Microbiology00000
DMS 235Pediatric Sonography00000
AGS 242Golf Course Operation & Maint00000
ECE 111Childhd Nutrition/Safety00000
BIT 270Cooperative Work Experience00000
ECO 122Microeconomics00000
ACR 120Employee Development Seminar00000
EDD 272Solid Modeling00000
CET 135Engineering Materials00000
ELC 225Electrical Circuits II00000
AGS 123Trfgrss Maintenance Practices00000
CET 245Advanced Surveying Principles00000
AUT 102Automotive Electrical Systems00000
CET 270Solid Mechanics with Calculus00000
ACR 202Commercial Refrigeration00000
CHM 111Intro to Organic & Biochemstry00000
AUT 116Automotive Electrical00000
CHM 250Analytical Chemistry I00000
AGS 209Farm Records & Accounts00000
CIS 141Operating Systems I00000
AUT 123Work Experience Co-op I00000
CMT 224OSHA Constr Industry Training00000
CIS 238Database Design & Programming00000
AUT 203Automotive Engine Repair00000
CMT 244Constr Project Management II00000
AGS 226Agribusiness Mgmt Work Exper00000
CNE 215Enterprise Server Admin00000
AUT 223Work Experience Co-op II00000
COM 110Intro to Video Production00000
AET 232Contracts/Specifications00000
COM 152Podcasting00000
AVI 210Airframe Maint AF Section II00000
COM 250Photography00000
AGS 232Turf and Horticulture Work Exp00000
CRJ 104Drugs, Society, & Human Behvr00000
BIO 100Medical Terminology00000
CRJ 220Criminal Judiciary00000
ACR 105Residential Heating I00000
CTS 102Vehicle Sys/Report Malfunction00000
BIO 123Clinical Functional Anatomy00000
CTS 108Professional Driver Developmnt00000
AGS 241Trfgrss Wds Insts/Disease Ctrl00000
DMS 214Essentials in Vascular U/S00000
BIO 140General Biology00000
DMS 243Clinical Internship IV00000
AGS 101Soil Science00000
DVR 001DVR Student Enrichment00000
BIO 262Genetics00000
ECE 121Infant & Toddler Methods & Lab00000
AGS 243Irrigation & Ath. Field Maint.00000
ECE 233Intro to Exceptional Learners00000
BUS 203Business Law00000
EDC 120Foundations of Literacy00000
ACC 231Intermediate Accounting I00000
EDC 260Educational Psychology00000
CEN 180C/C++ Language Intro00000
EDT 152Engineering Design II00000
AGS 250Greenhouse Crop Production00000
CET 220Civil CAD Basics00000
ACC 162Computerized Accounting00000
ACR 101HVAC Electricity00000
AET 125Arch Drafting/Design II00000
AGS 215Agriculture Leadership00000
AUT 201Automotive HVAC00000
CIS 282Mobile App Development00000