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DTCC Dover Course Reviews

Delaware Technical Community College, Dover

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ESL 038Intermediate ESL Listen/Speak00000
HRI 211Food Principles/Menu Planning00000
DAC 225Drug & Alcohol Counseling II00000
EMT 215Trauma Emergencies00000
ECE 123Early Childhd Methods I & Lab00000
CRJ 152Collct/Analysis Crme Scne Evid00000
HIS 132Art History II00000
AFS 250Field Training Preparation I00000
DHY 141Oral Radiography00000
BUS 203Business Law00000
ELM 243Indust Program Logic Control00000
EDC 125Child Development00000
CNE 216Open Source Server Admin00000
ENG 250Research and Technical Writing00000
AET 135Construction Materials/Methods00000
HDM 202First Responders00000
CUL 156Practicum00000
HMS 124Comm Living Skills/Supports00000
VSC 161Vector Graphics00000
HRI 216Property Management00000
BIO 121Anatomy and Physiology II00000
DHY 291Communty Dental Health Fldwrk00000
VSC 270Project Management00000
ECE 244Fld Work Teaching Practicum00000
CEN 290Internship00000
ELM 130Industrial Electricity00000
ELC 225Electrical Circuits II00000
CMT 235Adv Cost Estimating/Planning00000
EMT 203ALS Skills Lab I00000
ACC 221Cost Accounting00000
ENG 011Composition Fundamentals00000
CRJ 102Criminal Law00000
ENT 285Business Plan Development00000
SSC 106Introduction to Leadership00000
GPS 003F-1 Intl Student Orientation00000
CRJ 237Law Enforcement Practicum00000
HIS 111U. S. History: Pre-Civil War00000
AET 275Arch Dsgn:Foundation Studies I00000
HMS 120Direct Support/Cmnty Services00000
CUL 262Pastry00000
HMS 243Directed Practice I00000
PSY 223Abnormal Psychology00000
HRI 214Principles of Hospitality Mgmt00000
DHY 102Clinical Dental Hygiene II00000
HRI 217Intro to Event Planning&Manage00000
VSC 210Layout Graphics00000
DHY 205Clinical Dental Hygiene V00000
BIO 140General Biology00000
ECE 111Childhd Nutrition/Safety00000
SGT 200Surgical Technology I00000
ECE 222Program Planning/Evaluation00000
CEN 150Computer Assembly/Maint00000
EDC 108Applied Concepts in Educ Tech00000
VSC 275Self Promotion00000
EDC 220Parent/Family/School Interact00000
CET 144Surveying Principles00000
ELC 282Signals and Systems00000
ELC 243Programmable Logic Controllers00000
CHM 150Chemical Principles I00000
ELM 189Approved Technical Elective00000
ACC 112Accounting II00000
ELM 253Advd Programble Logic Control00000
CNE 180Computer Assmbly & Maintenance00000
EMT 212Medical Emergencies II00000
SOC 215Business Ethics00000
EMT 290Paramedic Field Clinical00000
COM 111Human Communications00000
ENG 102Composition II00000
ACC 232Intermediate Accounting II00000
ENT 220Leadership00000
CRJ 115Essntls of Intrvwng/Counslng00000
ESL 028Begin ESL Listening/Speaking00000
POL 111Political Science00000
ESL 048Advanced ESL Listen/Speaking00000
CRJ 224Juvenile Justice00000
HDM 105Environmental Hazards00000
AET 250Arch Drafting/Design III00000
HDM 225Supervision Leadership in E M00000
CUL 112Cake Decorating00000
HIS 113History of Architecture I00000
SSC 132Planning for the Beach00000
HLH 123Concepts of Patient Care00000
CUL 171Garde Manger00000
HMS 122Theories of Counseling00000
AFS 150Initial Military Training I00000
HMS 223Social Policy/Program Planning00000
CUL 291Food Prep II00000
HRI 101Introduction to Hospitality00000
PLG 160Family Law00000
HRI 212Food/Beverage Cost Control00000
DAC 244Dir Practice II-Drug/Alcohol00000
HRI 215Lodging Operations Management00000
BIO 110Essentls-Anatomy & Physiology00000
DHY 121Oral Histology/Embryology00000
HDM 101Intro Hmlnd Sec/Emrgncy Mngt00000
PLG 274Torts00000
SGT 221Surgical Technology Internship00000
VSC 278Adv. Layout and Illustration00000
CHM 100Basic Chemistry00000
ELC 265Intro to Digital Systems00000