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DSU Course Reviews

Dixie State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DHYG 2045Tooth Morphology Lab00000
ECE 2280Microelectronics00000
CJ 4790Capstone Research in Criminal Justice00000
DES 2300Design II00000
CS 3440Software Practices00000
CJ 1010Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
DHYG 3515Dental Hygiene Clinic V (ALCS)00000
BIOL 4385Ornithology Lab00000
COMP 1600Database Applications: Microsoft Access00000
BUS 2000Introduction to Career Strategies00000
DANC 3710Dance in a Cultural Perspective00000
CS 4990Seminar in Computer Science: Tangible Interaction00000
CHEM 4510Chemistry of Materials00000
DES 4200Tangible Interaction00000
BIOL 3800Biology of Sex00000
DHYG 3010Dental Hygiene Theory I00000
CJ 3600The Criminal-Life Course00000
DHYG 4030Leadership & Group Dynamics00000
BIOL 1610SPrinciples of Biology I (LS)00000
EDUC 1010Foundations/Intro to Education00000
BIOL 4910Senior Seminar00000
CS 3000Internet Publishing & Design00000
BIOL 2405Plant Kingdom Lab (LAB, ALPP)00000
CS 4200Web Application Development II00000
CHEM 1120Elem Organic / Bio Chemistry00000
DANC 2510RBallroom Dance II International Standard00000
DANC 1170Social Dance00000
CHEM 3075Physical Chemistry Lab00000
DANC 4890RIndependent Study00000
BIOL 3250Cancer Biology00000
DES 3500Interface Design00000
CIS 1150RKeyboard Skill Building00000
DES 4990Special Topics in Design: Photography for Designers00000
AUTO 2330Auto A/C and Heating00000
DHYG 2530Pharmacology00000
CJ 3100Profiling Deviant Behavior00000
DHYG 3050Legal & Ethical Issues00000
BIOL 4270Ichthyology00000
DHYG 3560Public Health Administration00000
CJ 4150Criminal Justice Reform00000
DHYG 4530Psychology & Philosophical Foundations00000
ASL 4500Advanced Deaf Culture00000
ECE 3735Embedded Systems I Lab00000
COMM 4450Communication Research00000
EDUC 5010Data Analysis and Problem Solving in STEM00000
BIOL 2060Principles of Microbiology00000
CS 1400Fundamentals of Programming00000
BIOL 4990Seminar In Biology00000
CS 3150Computer Networks00000
AUTO 1125Suspension & Steering Lab00000
CS 3600Graphics Programming00000
CHEM 1015Introduction to Chemistry Lab (LAB)00000
CS 4320Machine Learning00000
BIOL 3010Evolution00000
DANC 1100RBallet Technique I00000
CHEM 1155Integrated Chemistry for Health Sciences Laboratory (LAB)00000
DANC 2200RModern Dance II00000
DANC 1450RAerial Dance Technique I00000
CHEM 2990Chemistry Seminar and Professional Development00000
DANC 3201RModern Dance III00000
BIOL 3150Biostatistics and the Scientific Method00000
DANC 4510Kinesiology for Dancers00000
CHEM 3520Biochemistry II00000
DES 1300Design I00000
AUTO 2100Automotive Electrical Systems00000
DES 2800Digital Publishing00000
CHIN 1020Beginning Mandarin Chinese II (FL)00000
DES 3780Production Design00000
BIOL 3460Biology of Infectious Disease00000
DES 4750Package Design00000
CIS 2400Word Processing Applications00000
DHYG 2020Radiology00000
ASL 3400American Sign Language Linguistics00000
DHYG 2510Dental Hygiene Theory II00000
CJ 1340Criminal Investigation00000
DHYG 2580Dental Materials00000
BIOL 4205Plant Taxonomy Lab (ALPP)00000
DHYG 3020Special Care Populations and Cultural Diversity00000
CJ 3320Criminal Procedure00000
DHYG 3062Care of Medically Complex Patients00000
BIOL 1010General Biology (LS)00000
DHYG 3540Periodontology00000
CJ 3850Immigration and Crime00000
DHYG 3590Oral Microbiology00000
BIOL 4310Advanced Bioinformatics00000
DHYG 4230Community Oral Health Lab II (ALCS)00000
CJ 4500Special Topics: Immigration and Crime00000
DHYG 4580RAdvanced Clinical Studies00000
ASL 1500Introduction to Deaf Culture00000
ECE 3300Electromagnetics00000
COMM 3990RSpecial Topics in Communication: Communicating in Close Rela...00000
ECON 3010Managerial Economics00000
BIOL 4500Comparative Vertebrate Physiology00000
COMM 4980Senior Seminar00000
ART 4190RAdvanced Sculpture00000
ASL 3010Advanced American Sign Language I00000
AUTO 1435Manual Drive Trains Lab00000
BIOL 3100Bioethics00000
CHEM 1225Principles of Chemistry II Lab00000
DANC 1580RTap Dance I00000