DSC Course Reviews

Daytona State College

CDA 4101Computer Organization and Design00000
CECJO 0032Special Tactical Problems00000
BCA 0330Electrical Academy Union Apprentice I00000
BOT 3151Flora of Central Florida00000
BCA 0351LElectrical Apprentice 2 Lab-OJT (Non-Union)00000
ARR 0242CCollision Repair and Lab00000
CECBI 0026Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing00000
AEAHS 2000330BBiology II-B00000
BCA 0337LElectrical Academy Union Apprentice 8 Lab-OJT00000
AEAHS 2103300AWorld Cultural Geography - A00000
BCN 1251CArchitectural Drawing I and Lab00000
BCA 0391LElectrical Academy Union Apprentice 12 Lab-OJT00000
AELEP 0018ESOL Advanced 221-23500000
BUL 3130Legal, Ethical, and Social Aspects of Business00000
AEAHS 1206310AGeometry-A00000
CECBI 0010Microsoft PowerPoint Basic00000
ART 1754CPottery Handbuilding I and Lab00000
CECBI 0052Applied Mathematics00000
AEAHS 1001310AEnglish I-A00000
CECJO 0809Field Training Officer Course for Law Enforcement Officers00000
AEAHS 2002400AIntegrated Science 1-A00000
BCA 0341LElectrical Apprentice 10 Lab-OJT (Non-Union)00000
AEAHS 1001400BEnglish IV-B00000
BCA 0356LElectrical Apprentice 7 Lab-OJT (Non-Union)00000
AEAHS 2109350Contemporary History00000
BCA 0457Plumbing Apprentice 800000
BCA 0434Plumbing Apprentice 1400000
AELAB 0100AE Pathways to Success00000
BCV 0080LBuilding Construction Assistant I Lab00000
AEAHS 1201310AAnalysis of Functions-A00000
BSC 1011CGeneral Biology II (For Science Majors) and Lab00000
ARH 2051Survey of Art History II00000
CCJ 1010Introduction to Criminology00000
ACR 0815CAdvanced Service Practice and Lab00000
CECBI 0003Microsoft Excel Advanced00000
ART 1201CDesign I and Lab00000
CECBI 0017Customer Service00000
AEAHS 1700300Research I00000
CECBI 0042Principles of Pumping00000
ASL 2140American Sign Language I00000
CECCT 0695Health, Safety and Nutrition00000
ACR 0002CPhysical Principles II and Lab00000
CECJO 0053Crisis Intervention00000
BCA 0333LElectrical Academy Union Apprentice 4 Lab-OJT00000
CECJO 1165Spanish for Criminal Justice Professionals00000
AEAHS 1001370AEnglish III-A00000
BCA 0339Electrical Academy Union Apprentice 1000000
AEAHS 2100310AUnited States History -A00000
BCA 0350Electrical Apprentice I (Non-Union)00000
ACR 0100CBasic Electricity I and Lab00000
BCA 0354Electrical Apprentice 5 (Non-Union)00000
AEAHS 2106350Law Studies00000
BCA 0390Electrical Academy Union Apprentice 1100000
AEAHS 1005340BClassical Literature B00000
BCA 0432Plumbing Apprentice 1200000
AEAHS 8207110BWeb Designib00000
BCA 0454LPlumbing Apprentice 5 Lab00000
BCA 0435Plumbing Apprentice 1500000
AEAWD 0300ABE Special Disabled00000
BCA 0458LPlumbing Apprentice 9 Lab00000
AEAHS 1200330BAlgebra II-B00000
BCN 2049Sustainable Design & Construction00000
AELEP 0015ESOL High Begin 191 - 20000000
BCV 0942CBuilding Construction Capstone00000
ACR 0601CHeat Pumps and Lab00000
BSC 1005Survey of Biological Sciences (For Non-Science Majors)00000
AELLL 0003Topics In Science And Technology00000
BSC 2905Directed Study in Biological Sciences00000
AEAHS 1206300AInformal Geometry-A00000
CAP 2741Data Visualization00000
ARR 0122CRefinishing and Lab00000
CCJ 2647Organized Crime00000
ACG 4501Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
CECBI 0001Microsoft Excel Basic00000
ARR 0381CIntroduction to Unibody and Frame and Lab00000
CECBI 0005Microsoft Word Intermediate00000
AEAHS 1208300ALiberal Arts Math-A00000
CECBI 0014Leadership00000
ART 1301CDrawing II and Lab00000
CECBI 0023Certified Production Technician Training Program00000
AEAEV 0100Applied Academics for Adult Education00000
CECBI 0033Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive Workplace00000
ART 2753CWheel Throwing II and Lab00000
CECBI 0048Teacher Certification Examination Review00000
AEAHS 2000310ABiology I-A00000
CECBI 0054HVACR Topics00000
ASL 2200American Sign Language IV00000
CECCT 0701Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practices00000
ACG 3024Accounting for Non-Financial Majors00000
CECJO 0036Injury and Death Investigations00000
BCA 0331LElectrical Academy Union Apprentice 2 Lab-OJT00000
CECJO 0093Hostage Negotiation00000
AEAHS 2001310BEarth/Space Science-B00000
BCA 0336Electrical Academy Union Apprentice 700000
ABX 0200ABE Reading00000
ACG 3123Intermediate Accounting III00000
ACR 0205CRefrigerants I and Lab00000
AEAHS 1200310BAlgebra I-B00000
AEAHS 8215120BBusiness & Entrepreneurial Principles - B00000
BCA 0452Plumbing Apprentice 300000