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DSC Course Reviews

Daytona State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
OTH 2520CDevelopmental Issues and Lab00000
PHY 1053CGeneral Physics I and Lab00000
COS 0081LCosmetology II Lab00000
ECO 2013Principles of Macroeconomics00000
CTS 2353Networking with Windows Server00000
CNT 2402Certified Ethical Hacker00000
PGY 2750Introduction to Video Production00000
CJK 0013Law Enforcement Interactions in a Diverse Community00000
COS 0905Directed Study in Cosmetology00000
CJK 0072Crimes Against Persons00000
DIG 2100Web Design I00000
DEA 0020CChairside Assisting I and Lab00000
CJK 0330Supervising Special Populations00000
OST 2828Business Presentation Software00000
CHM 2210COrganic Chemistry and Lab00000
PGY 1100Photography I00000
COP 2800Computer Programming Java00000
PHT 2140LRehabilitation Skills Lab00000
CET 2850Wireless and Mobile Security00000
PLA 2114Legal Writing and Research II00000
CJK 0040CMS Criminal Justice Firearms00000
CTS 2214Project Management w/Microsoft Project00000
CET 4884Security Methods and Practice00000
DAA 1200Classical Ballet I00000
CJK 0079Crime Scene Follow-up Investigations00000
DES 1100CElements of Dental Materials and Lab00000
DEH 2300Pharmacology00000
CJK 0305CJSTC Communications00000
EAP 1520High-Intermediate Academic Reading00000
CHD 2440Child Development Practicum00000
NUR 4837Health Care Policy and Economics00000
CJK 0402Traffic Crash Investigations00000
OTH 1800Occupational Therapy Practicum I00000
CEN 4010Software Engineering00000
PCB 2033CIntroduction to Ecology and Lab00000
COP 1000Principles of Computer Programming00000
PGY 2107Commercial/Illustration Photography00000
CIS 4360Applied Cybersecurity00000
PHT 1128Kinesiology of PTA00000
COP 4709Applied Database II00000
PHT 2235LTherapeutic Exercise III Lab00000
CELEO 0326Financial Investigation of Criminal Organizations00000
PHY 3513Thermal Physics (Thermodynamics and Elementary Statistical M...00000
COS 0512LBarbering II Lab00000
PLA 2460Bankruptcy Law00000
CET 3198Digital Systems00000
CPO 2001Comparative Government00000
CJK 0064Law Enforcement Fundamentals of Patrol00000
CTS 2320Implementing, Managing and Maintaining a Windows Network Inf...00000
CELEO 0851Breath Test Operator00000
CTS 2375Essentials of Cloud Computing00000
CJK 0077Criminal Investigations00000
DAA 2501Intermediate Jazz I00000
CGS 2840Cryptology00000
DEH 1002CPreclinical Dental Hygiene and Lab00000
CJK 0087Law Enforcement Traffic Stops00000
DES 0501Practice Management00000
DEH 2804LDental Hygiene Clinic III00000
CJK 0096Law Enforcement Officer Physical Fitness Training00000
DES 2600Medical and Dental Emergencies00000
CHD 2334Language Arts for the Young Child00000
DIG 2940Internship in Digital Media00000
CJK 0315Facility and Equipment00000
EAP 1640Academic Writing00000
CELLL 0003Topics in Science and Technology00000
EET 3086Principles of Electrical Circuits00000
CJK 0400Traffic Incidents00000
OST 2401Basic Office Procedures00000
CHM 1025CIntroduction to Chemistry and Lab00000
OTH 1006Documentation Through the Occupational Therapy Process00000
CJK 0422Dart Stun Gun Firing00000
OTH 2264COccupational Therapy Skills and Techniques III and Lab00000
CELEO 0299Leadership Innovation & Supervision Track #400000
OTH 2704CAdvanced Practice and Professionalism for OTA00000
CNT 4007Data and Computer Communications00000
PCB 3203Cell Physiology00000
CIS 2350Principles of Information Assurance00000
PGY 1800Photography and Image Making00000
COP 2654IPhone/I Pad Programming00000
PGY 2273Professional Photographic Business Practices00000
CET 2154A+ Computer Repair00000
PHI 2010Introduction of Philosophy00000
COP 4610Operating Systems00000
PHT 1300Pathology for PTA00000
CJJ 2002Juvenile Delinquency00000
PHT 2220Therapeutic Exercise I00000
COS 0012LBarbering Lab - Level I00000
PHT 2820PTA Clinical Practicum III00000
CELEO 0271IPTM Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes00000
PHY 2049CPhysics with Calculus II and Lab00000
COS 0084LCosmetology V Lab00000
PLA 1103Legal Writing and Research I00000
CJK 0020CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations00000
COS 0562LBarbering Lab Bridge: Shaves/Beards/Mustaches00000
CELEO 0168Line of Duty Heart Bill Awareness00000
CELEO 0292Leadership Innovation and Supervision Track 200000
CELEO 1114CMS First Aid Instructor00000
CHD 1820Introduction to Early Childhood Education II00000
CJK 0092Law Enforcement Critical Incidents00000
DEP 2004Developmental Psychology00000