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Drew Course Reviews

Drew University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BST 310Management00000
CHEM 350LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
BBCL 676The Gospel of John00000
BIOL 365Advanced GIS00000
BBST 610African American Visionaries and the Bible00000
BBCL 545Beginning Greek00000
CHAP 600Health and Hospital Chaplaincy00000
ART 392Senior Studio II00000
BBST 516Exegetical Skills 200000
ARTH 260History of Architecture from A to Z: Alberti to Zaha Hadid00000
BIOL 270HHonors Seminar: Topics in Biology: Genetics and Modern Medic...00000
BBST 742Texts and Topics in Biblical Studies: Jews, Christians, Empi...00000
ARWR 912Imagining History00000
BST 150Business of Sports00000
ART 305Sculpture III00000
CE 101Civic Engagement Workshop00000
BBCL 635Religion and Health in the Hebrew Bible00000
CHEM 320LFundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
ARLT 999D. Litt. Dissertation00000
CHIN 105Introduction to Chinese Character Writing I00000
ARTH 219Honors Seminar: Regarding the Pain of Others: Trauma, Suffer...00000
BBST 545Beginning Greek00000
ART 120Digital Imaging00000
BBST 679Topics in New Testament Studies: Jerusalem: Then and Now00000
ARTH 306Early 20th-Century Art00000
BIOL 252Microbiology00000
BCHM 411Specialized Honors II: Investigating Mechanisms of cAMP Hydr...00000
ARTS 583Intermediate Movement Studies00000
BIOL 314Animal Behavior00000
ART 250Digital Video00000
BIOL 404BiologyCapstone: Lab and Field Research00000
BBCL 510Scripture and Social Transformation00000
BST 250Digital Marketing00000
ARLT 975Master Project/Thesis00000
BST 333Aviation Psychology and Mgmt00000
BBCL 606New Testament: Letters00000
CE 275HTopics in Civic Engagement: The Work of Innovation: Creating...00000
ART 350Digital Studio00000
CHEM 160LPrinciples of Chemistry II Lab00000
BBCL 655Unveiling Revelation00000
CHEM 330LPhysical Chemistry I Lab00000
ARHI 858Women in the Holocaust: Experience, Expression and Represent...00000
CHEM 362Chemical Biology00000
BBCL 712Economy and the Bible: Subsistence, Slavery, and Salvation00000
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese II00000
ART 105Sculpture I00000
BBST 542Hebrew Exegesis00000
ARTH 242Aesthetics00000
BBST 548Greek Reading00000
ARHI 895History through Literature00000
BBST 664Bible and Film00000
ARTH 303Italian Renaissance Art00000
BBST 704Work of Biblical Narrative00000
ART 150Digital Imaging00000
BCHM 395Research in Biochemistry00000
ARTH 375Museum Studies and Cultural Management Practicum00000
BIOL 215Environmental Science00000
BIOL 120Human Health and Disease00000
ARTS 530Sacred Dance and the Liturgical Arts00000
BIOL 256LLab for Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ART 220Digital Video00000
BIOL 308Conservation Biology00000
ARWR 905Joy of Scholarly Writing00000
BIOL 318LLab for Freshwater Ecology00000
ARLT 901Tutorial00000
BIOL 396Advanced Research in Biology: Laboratory and Field00000
ARWR 921Advanced Playwriting00000
BST 105Accounting & Accountability00000
ART 270Honors Seminar: Color: History, Culture, Science, and Creati...00000
BST 215Fundamentals of Financial Accounting00000
BBCL 522The Social Teachings of the Gospel of Luke00000
BST 299ShortTrec: Banking and Marketing in Switzerland00000
ARHI 835The History of the Book00000
BST 316Intermediate Accounting II00000
BBCL 600Hebrew Bible: Torah and Former Prophets00000
BST 357Consumer Behavior00000
ART 330Photography III00000
CE 250Leadership in Practice00000
BBCL 625PTheodicy in the Hebrew Bible Precept00000
CE 350Leadership in Action I00000
ARLT 995Prospectus00000
CHEM 150LPrinciples of Chemistry I Lab00000
BBCL 650The Gospel of Mark00000
CHEM 250LOrganic Chemistry Lab00000
ART 385Semester on Contemporary Art00000
CHEM 325LEnvironmental Chemistry Lab00000
BBCL 670Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Literature00000
CHEM 341Advanced Topics in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry00000
ARHI 807George Washington the "Indispensable Man"00000
CHEM 360LBiochemistry I Lab00000
BBCL 700Bible and Theory00000
CHEM 400Senior Seminar00000
ARTH 102Survey of Western Art: Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporar...00000
BBST 501Biblical Literature 1: Torah, Prophets, Writing00000
ARGS 833History of India: Medieval to Modern00000
ARHI 831The Great War In Mod Memory00000
ARIS 811A Disunited Kingdom: Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England00000
ART 205Sculpture II00000
ARTH 385New York Semester on Contemporary Art00000
BIOL 150LLab for Ecology and Evolution00000