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Dickinson State Course Reviews

Dickinson State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDUC 531Educational Research00000
ENTR 506Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship00000
BOTE 210Business Communication00000
ECON 105Elements Of Economics00000
CJ 297Criminal Justice Internship00000
BIOL 250Wildlife Management00000
ENGL 213Literary Publications00000
ART 250Ceramics I00000
CHEM 335Analytical Instrumentation00000
ART 351Ceramics II00000
CSCI 303Scripting Programming00000
COMM 210Advanced Public Speaking00000
BADM 506Human Capital Management00000
EDUC 390EHealth Education Methods00000
ANSC 420Animal Genetics and Applied Animal Breeding00000
ELED 390HTeaching Physical Education in the Elementary School00000
BIOL 415Ecology00000
ENGL 350Studies in American Literature00000
AGRI 296Study Tours00000
GDES 497Graphic Design Internship, Externship, Cooperative Education00000
ART 312Contemporary Art History00000
CHEM 462LPhysical Chemistry Lab II00000
AGRI 497Agricultural Management Internship; Externship; Cooperative...00000
CJ 361Victims and Victimology00000
ART 492Experimental Course00000
CSCI 200Database Software Applications00000
COMM 310Advanced Public Speaking00000
BADM 336Management and Leadership00000
CSCI 485Data Mining00000
ANSC 265Equine Marketing00000
EDUC 298Pre-Professional Field Experience00000
BIOL 150LGeneral Biology I Lab00000
EDUC 492Experimental Course00000
AGEC 387Commodity Futures and Options00000
ELED 282Reading Across Curriculum and Content Reading00000
BIOL 357Pathophysiology00000
ELED 498ATeaching in the Elementary School00000
ART 130Drawing I00000
ENGL 280Sophomore Project00000
BIOL 491Biology Seminar00000
ENGL 488Collaborative Writing and Special Projects00000
ACCT 407Auditing I00000
GDES 241Graphic Design I00000
CHEM 115Introductory Chemistry00000
GEOG 330Physical Geography of North Dakota00000
AGRI 391Junior Seminar00000
CHEM 342LOrganic Chemistry Lab II00000
ART 326Water Media II00000
CHEM 480Lab Practicum00000
ACCT 409CPA Review Financial Accounting and Reporting00000
CJ 325Research Methods00000
ART 411Senior Exhibition00000
CJ 497Criminal Justice Internship, Externship, Cooperative Educati...00000
ANSC 160Equine Nutrition00000
COMM 280Understanding Film and Television00000
ART 499Special Topics, Readings00000
CSCI 161Computer Science II00000
COMM 320Contemporary Communication00000
ASC 93Algebra Prep III00000
CSCI 221Computer Networks00000
ANSC 261Basic Equitation and Horsemanship00000
CSCI 370Computer Organization00000
BADM 369Business Ethics and Critical Thinking00000
EC 310Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
AGEC 246Introduction to Agricultural Finance00000
EDUC 210Instructional Design and Technology00000
BIOL 111Concepts of Biology00000
EDUC 310Methods of Teaching in Middle School00000
ANSC 272Equine Training Techniques I00000
EDUC 399Special Topics, Readings00000
BIOL 170General Zoology00000
EDUC 513Literacy in the Content Areas00000
ACCT 332Intermediate Accounting II00000
EDUC 592Experimental Course00000
BIOL 302LMicrobiology Lab00000
ELED 300Elementary Curriculum and Language Arts00000
ANSC 470Applied Ruminant Nutrition00000
ELED 390XTeaching Mathematics in Elementary and Middle School00000
BIOL 405Biometry00000
ENGL 120College Composition II00000
AGRI 199Special Topics, Reading00000
ENGL 236Women And Literature00000
BIOL 454Plant Physiology00000
ENGL 310Advanced Creative Writing00000
ART 225Water Media I00000
ENGL 382Adolescent Literature00000
BIOL 497Biology Internship, Externship, Cooperative Education00000
ENTR 501Creativity and Innovation00000
ACCT 301Computerized Accounting00000
FIN 328Investments00000
BOTE 292Experimental Course00000
GDES 343Graphic Design III00000
ART 296Study Tours00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry II00000
ACCT 102Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ACCT 315Business Law I00000
ACCT 497Accounting Internship, Externship, Cooperative Education00000
ANSC 163Equine Health and Disease00000
ASC 87College Writing Preparation00000
CSCI 101Introduction To Computers00000