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DESU Course Reviews

Delaware State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 690Thesis Research I00000
CSCI 111Computational Thinking II00000
AVIA 401LCfi-Airplane Lab00000
BIOL 521Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 210Genetics00000
AVIA 102Private Pilot Certification00000
CHEM 503Physical Methods In Biochemistry00000
AGRI 560Research Problems00000
BIOL 103Human Biology00000
ART 201Art Education: Theory and Practice00000
BIOL 488Mcat Preparation00000
BIOL 318Medical Microbiology00000
ART 445BIndependent Study Painting00000
BIOL 608Pathophysiology00000
AGRI 408Plant Cell and Tissue Culture00000
CHEM 305Analytical Chemistry00000
AVIA 301Multiengine Rating00000
CHEM 557Seminar in Chemistry II00000
AGRI 206Introduction To Animal Science00000
CSCI 260Introduction to Data Science00000
ART 101Introduction to Art00000
BIOL 194Introduction To Biology Professions00000
AGRI 248Tropical Agriculture, Ecosystems And Conservation00000
BIOL 301Problems In Biology Independent Study00000
ART 302Ceramics I00000
BIOL 421Microbial Physiology And Ecology00000
BIOL 327Forensic Death Investigation00000
ART 350Website Design00000
BIOL 505Experimental Design And Bio-Statistics00000
AGRI 330Equine Management00000
BIOL 590Professional Development Workshop I00000
ART 445IIndependent Study Printmaking00000
BIOL 642Cell Communication/Signaling00000
AFST 201Introduction to Africana Studies00000
BIOL 700Current Topics I00000
AVIA 201Basic Aircraft Systems00000
CHEM 406Selected Topics in Chemistry00000
AGRI 502Advanced Molecular Breeding00000
CHEM 519Applications Of Spectroscopy00000
AVIA 313Flight Team V00000
CHEM 591Research and Thesis00000
ACCT 460Selected Topics00000
CSCI 210Data Structures & Algorithms I00000
AVIA 489Aviation Legislation00000
CSCI 330Computer Networking00000
AGRI 210Landscaping00000
BIOL 191University Seminar I Biology00000
ART 108Survey of Macintosh Studio00000
BIOL 205Ecology00000
ACE 119Dcas Preparation Proposal00000
BIOL 225Survey Of Forensics Science00000
ART 207Computer Graphics00000
BIOL 311Neuroscience00000
AGRI 306Advanced Poultry Science00000
BIOL 322Microbiology00000
ART 308Life Drawing00000
BIOL 411Pharmacology00000
BIOL 355Forensic Dna Investigations00000
ART 329University Gallery Internship00000
BIOL 451Senior Research Project I. Capstone00000
AGRI 319Horticultural Plant Materials00000
BIOL 499Senior Seminar: Biological Presentation00000
ART 408Advanced Painting (Painting III)00000
BIOL 515Molecular Foundations of Behavior00000
ACE 808Try Di!: Planning & Preparing A Differentiated Instruction P...00000
BIOL 535Current Techniques In Biology00000
ART 445Independent Study00000
BIOL 599Special Projects00000
AGRI 375Molecular Genetics and Genomics00000
BIOL 612Neurochemistry00000
ART 462Selected Topics In Studio Arts00000
BIOL 653Diseases Of The Nervous System00000
ACCT 423Auditing I00000
BIOL 692Thesis Research III00000
AVIA 113Flight Team I00000
BIOL 702Dissertation Research00000
AGRI 450Integrated Pest Management00000
CHEM 402Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
AVIA 211Meteorology00000
CHEM 469Polymer Chemistry00000
AGRI 191University Seminar I Agriculture And Natural Resources00000
CHEM 508Theory And Applications Of Chromatography00000
AVIA 310Flight Safety00000
CHEM 521Advanced Biochemistry00000
AGRI 516Plant Genetics And Breeding00000
CHEM 570Polymer Processing & Characterization00000
AVIA 344Independent Study00000
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese Language And Culture I00000
ACCT 302Business Law I00000
CSCI 191University Seminar I Computer Science00000
AVIA 414Flight Team Viii00000
CSCI 225Structured Programming For Scientists And Engineers00000
AGRI 609Advanced Weed Science00000
BANL 380Database For Analytics00000
ACCT 192University Seminar II Accounting and Finance00000
ACCT 306Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACE 709Understanding Aggression00000
AGRI 315Livestock Selection And Breeding00000
ART 317Art History I00000
BIOL 399Professional Scientific Writing00000