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Delgado Course Reviews

Delgado Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMIN 232Discrete Structures00000
COSM 121Cosmetology Ana&Phys00000
CDYC 115Guidance & Classroom Mgmt00000
CIVT 240Construction Management00000
CHEM 143Chemistry I Lab (Science Majr)00000
CADD 201Introduction to CADD00000
CNET 119Network Multiunit Systems Lab00000
BUSG 210Business Ethics00000
CDYC 273Curriculum/Teaching Materials00000
BUSG 275Internship00000
CIVT 115Civil Drafting00000
CHEM 243Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
BUSL 250Legal Environment of Business00000
CMIN 207Logic and Design II00000
BUSG 125Personal Finance00000
CMIN 266Database Management Systems00000
CADD 242Piping Applications in CADD00000
CNET 277Network Design00000
BIOL 279Adv Independ Studies: Biology00000
COSM 260Cosmetology Theory Review00000
BUSG 240Business Communications00000
CHEM 101Chemistry I (non-science majr)00000
BTEC 274Intro: Nucleic Acids00000
CHEM 222Organic Chemistry II00000
BUSL 175Legal Writing00000
CHTC 273Applied Instrum. Analysis III00000
CHTC 132Chemistry Lab Techniques00000
BUSL 221Environmental Law & Policy00000
CIVT 201Structural Statics00000
BUSG 102Customer Service00000
CIVT 288Construction Contrac & Laws00000
CADD 125Introduction to Drafting00000
CMIN 216Web Foundations I00000
BIOL 251Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CMIN 248Comp Forensics/Cyber Crime00000
CADD 212Architectural Apps in CADD00000
CMST 130Fundamentals of Communication00000
BUSG 151Stock Markets & Investing00000
CNET 179Network Operations Lab00000
CDYC 106Child Devel Assoc (Cda) Prep I00000
CNET 297Certification Preparation00000
YPRO 00014Food Safety and Sanitation00000
COSM 125Chemical Services00000
CDYC 213Infant & Toddler Curriculum00000
CRJU 101Introduction to Policing00000
BTEC 130Intro: Biotechnology00000
CDYC 281Children's Literature00000
BUSG 252Entrepreneurial Finance00000
CHEM 107Chemistry I Lab (non sci mjr)00000
YPRO 00025Professional Tour Guiding 2: Diversifying Your Capabilities00000
CHEM 201Intro: Organic & Biochemistry00000
BUSL 165Legal Research00000
CHEM 224Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
BTEC 282Intro: Molecular/Genetic Biol.00000
CHTC 130Intro: Chemical Technology00000
BUSL 195Legal Ethics00000
CHTC 272Applied Instrum. Analysis II00000
CHTC 261Instrument Analysis00000
BUSL 210Cyberlaw00000
CIVT 105Advanced Surveying00000
BUSG 100Fundamentals: Bus/Pers Finance00000
CIVT 150Materials of Construc.00000
BUSL 235Employment Law00000
CIVT 222Micro Comp Apps in Estimatng00000
ACCT 205Intro: Financial Accounting00000
CIVT 256Design Applications00000
CADD 110Blueprint Reading00000
CMIN 203Logic and Design I00000
BUSG 115Starting a New Business00000
CMIN 212Event-Driven Programming II00000
CADD 200Intro: Parametric Modeling00000
CMIN 218Game Struc & Character Develop00000
YINF 50004AWS Cloud Foundations00000
CMIN 244Intro to Information Security00000
CADD 202Three-Dimensional Appl in CADD00000
CMIN 255Advanced Web Projects00000
BUSG 129Introduction to Business00000
CMIN 291Systems Analysis Methods00000
CADD 221Mechanical Applications: CADD00000
CMST 231Interpersonal Communication00000
BIOL 265Cell Biology00000
CNET 177Network Operations00000
CCSS 108Careeer Success Skills00000
CNET 197Linux Systems Fundamentals00000
BUSG 200International Business00000
CNET 287Practicum/Coop00000
CDYC 111Observation & Assessment00000
COSM 112Properties: Skin, Scalp, Hair00000
YFIR 01017Personal Safety/Social Respons00000
COSM 124Hairstyling00000
CDYC 141Art w/ Young Children00000
COSM 251Facial Svcs, Massage, Make-up00000
BUSG 224Business Computer Applications00000
CDYC 261Families in the Ed. Process00000
VISC 262Spcl Tpcs: Digital Photography00000
YINF 50002IT Networking00000
ACCT 201Principles of Accounting I00000
BTEC 285Bioinformatics and Bioethics00000
BUSL 202Intro to the Legal Profession00000
CHTC 271Applied Instrument. Analysis I00000