Delgado Course Reviews

Delgado Community College

BUSL 221Environmental Law & Policy00000
CDYC 281Children's Literature00000
BIOL 095The Human Body00000
BUSG 129Introduction to Business00000
BIOL 210Gen Microbiology (Sci Majors)00000
BARB 110Sanitation/Safety for Barbers00000
CCSS 108Careeer Success Skills00000
ANTH 181World Regional Geography00000
BIOL 143General Biology I Lab (Sci Maj00000
ARCH 230Environmental Technology00000
BTEC 286Cell Culture Techniques Lab00000
BIOL 251Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ASLS 265Spec Topics in Interpreting00000
BUSG 252Entrepreneurial Finance00000
AERO 104Found. US Air Force II Lab00000
CADD 221Mechanical Applications: CADD00000
BARB 214Chemical Services for Barbers00000
CDYC 141Art w/ Young Children00000
ADOT 172Spelling & Word Concepts00000
CHEM 144Chemistry II Lab (Science Maj)00000
ARCH 160Construction Practices & Codes00000
BIOL 179Independent Studies: Biology00000
ADOT 209User Experience & Prototyping00000
BIOL 231Intro: Biological Evolution00000
ASLS 110Fingerspelling and Numbers00000
BTEC 275Intro: Protein Express/Analys00000
BIOL 265Cell Biology00000
ASLS 261English to ASL Interpreting00000
BUSG 115Starting a New Business00000
ADOT 265Spreadsheet Applications00000
BUSG 200International Business00000
ASLS 298Interpreting Practicum00000
BUSL 195Legal Ethics00000
ADOT 135Digital Illustration Software00000
CADD 200Intro: Parametric Modeling00000
BARB 120Shaving,Mustaches,Beards00000
CADD 261CADD Capstone00000
AERO 204USAF and Space Power II Lab00000
CDYC 111Observation & Assessment00000
BARB 230Barber Shop Management00000
CDYC 261Families in the Ed. Process00000
ACCT 230Governmental Accounting00000
CHEM 107Chemistry I Lab (non sci mjr)00000
BIOL 108Gen Biol II Lab (Non-Sci Major00000
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry I00000
ADOT 201Machine Transcription00000
BIOL 161Intro Anatomy & Physiology00000
ARCH 180History & Theory of Arch00000
BIOL 207Comparative Anatomy00000
ACCT 275Advanced Accounting Projects00000
BIOL 212Gen Microbiology Lab (Sci Maj)00000
ASLS 101American Sign Language I00000
BIOL 236Forensic Biology Lab00000
ADOT 225Multimedia Animation Techn.00000
BIOL 253Human A & P I Laboratory00000
ASLS 201American Sign Language III00000
BTEC 132Biotechnology Lab Techniques00000
BIOL 271Pathophysiology00000
ASLS 235ASL/English Translations00000
BTEC 284Biomolecules00000
ADOT 262Legal Terminology & Transcrip.00000
BUSG 101Orientation: General Business00000
ASLS 262ASL to English Interpreting00000
BUSG 125Personal Finance00000
ADOT 106Word Processing00000
BUSG 151Stock Markets & Investing00000
ASLS 270Advanced Interpreting00000
BUSG 224Business Computer Applications00000
AERO 102Found. of the US Air Force II00000
BUSL 165Legal Research00000
BARB 101Intro to Barbering00000
BUSL 210Cyberlaw00000
ACCT 218Payroll00000
CADD 110Blueprint Reading00000
BARB 114Barbering Anatomy/Physiology00000
CADD 202Three-Dimensional Appl in CADD00000
AERO 202Evol. of USAF Air & Space II00000
CADD 242Piping Applications in CADD00000
BARB 142Facial Massage & Treatments00000
CCSS 100Success in College00000
ADOT 161Mod/Text for 3D Anim/Games00000
CDYC 106Child Devel Assoc (Cda) Prep I00000
BARB 225Haircutting/Styling II00000
CDYC 115Guidance & Classroom Mgmt00000
ANTH 160Cultural Anthropology00000
CDYC 213Infant & Toddler Curriculum00000
BARB 251LA Barber Board Review Lab00000
CDYC 273Curriculum/Teaching Materials00000
ACCT 205Intro: Financial Accounting00000
CHEM 101Chemistry I (non-science majr)00000
BIOL 102Gen Biol II (Non-Sci Majors)00000
CHEM 142Chemistry II (Science Majors)00000
ARCH 120Architectural Design II00000
BIOL 141General Biology I (Sci Majors)00000
ACCT 201Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 214Tax Accounting: Individuals00000
ADOT 102Keyboarding II00000
ADOT 232Application Software Support00000
ASLS 205Advanced ASL00000
BIOL 296Biological Internship00000