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DCB Course Reviews

Dakota College at Bottineau

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENVT 140Introduction to Petroleum Land Mgmt00000
FWLD 297Cooperative Education-Wildlife00000
CIS 269Enterprise Systems00000
EMS 222Medical Emergencies00000
DMS 232LOB/GYN Ultrasound II Lab00000
CIS 165Networking Fundamentals II00000
FORS 265Arboricultural Practices00000
BIOL 151General Biololgy II00000
CSCI 289Sociological Implications of Computer Technology00000
BIOL 221LECAnatomy and Physiology II Lecture00000
EMS 212Pre-hospital Pharmacology III00000
EC 209Learning Env for Children00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry II00000
ENGL 242World Literature II00000
BADM 240Sales00000
ENVT 270Water Resource Management00000
CIS 217MS Exchange Server00000
FREN 1011st Year French I00000
ANSC 220Livestock Production00000
GEOL 108Earth and Planetary Science00000
BIOL 202LABMicrobiology Lab00000
DMS 224LAbdominal Ultrasound IV Lab00000
ART 210Art History I00000
DMS 251Patient Care00000
BOT 212Botany II00000
EDUC 250Introduction to Education00000
EC 222Admin & Leadership in ECE00000
CARS 102Career Exploration00000
EMS 216Trauma Management00000
BADM 120Introduction to Business00000
EMS 250Hospital Clinical II00000
CIS 104Microcomputer Database00000
ENGL 262HAmerican LIterature II00000
AH 231Healthcare Law And Ethics00000
ENVT 240Property & Mineral Ownership00000
CIS 211Website Plan And Design00000
FORS 255Urban Trees and Shrubs00000
BADM 297Cooperative Education-Advertising Marketing00000
FORS 275Advanced Arboriculture00000
CIS 233Vector Graphics & Web Animation00000
FWLD 260Fish and Wildlife Law00000
AGEC 250Agribusiness Sales00000
GEOL 105Physical Geology00000
COMM 110Fund of Public Speaking00000
GERO 130Introduction to Human Services00000
ART 122Two Dimensional Design00000
DMS 221LAbdominal Ultrasound 1 Lab00000
BIOL 220Anatomy and Physiology I00000
DMS 231OB/GYN Ultrasound 100000
AGRI 242Advanced Farm Mgmt Education00000
DMS 242Vascular II00000
BIOL 294Independent Study in Biology00000
DMS 283Clinical Practicum III00000
ART 294Independent Study00000
EC 211Observation, Assessment, and Interpretation Techniques00000
BOTE 147Word Processing00000
EDUC 102Crisis Prevention Training I00000
EC 238Home, School & Comm Relations00000
BOTE 247Spreadsheet Applications00000
EDUC 298Introduction to Education Practicum00000
ASC 92Algebra Prep II00000
EMS 214Pre-hospital Patient Assessment00000
CHEM 116Intro To Organic & Biochem00000
EMS 220Cardiac Emergencies I00000
AH 142Intermediate Coding I00000
EMS 230Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)00000
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I00000
ENGL 236Women and Literature00000
BADM 210Advertising I00000
ENGL 251British Literature I00000
CIS 128Microcomputer Hardware I00000
ENVT 105Surveying00000
AGEC 242Introduction to Agricultural Management00000
ENVT 144Basic Contracts & Agreements00000
CIS 188Application Design00000
ENVT 250Petroleum Land Mgmt Practices00000
BADM 294Independent Study00000
ENVT 297Cooperative Education00000
CIS 215Implementing MS Server Environ00000
FORS 263Urban Forest Management00000
AH 297Cooperative Education00000
FORS 273Arboriculture00000
CIS 229Information Systems Management00000
FORS 297Cooperative Education00000
BIOL 115Concepts of Anatomy & Physiology00000
FWLD 122Wildlife & Fisheries Techniques00000
CIS 248Digital Media I00000
FWLD 296Field Studies-Wildlife00000
ACCT 260Accounting Information Systems00000
GEOG 161World Regional Geography00000
CIS 297Cooperative Education00000
GEOL 105LPhysical Geology - Lecture only00000
BIOL 200Biotech and Laboratory Techniques00000
CSCI 124Beginning C++/Visual C++00000
ACCT 200Elements of Accounting I00000
ACCT 297Cooperative Education-Accounting00000
AH 136Clinical Procedures00000
ASC 88Composition Lab00000
BOTE 210Business Communications00000
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics00000