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Davidson Course Reviews

Davidson College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CLA 238War & Gender in Ancient World00000
CSC 312Software Design00000
ARB 251Queering the Mid E (in transl)00000
CIS 108Adv Explorations Comp Sci00000
ART 128Modern and Contemp Asian Art00000
ANT 374Methods in Forensic Anthro00000
COM 275Mass Media and Society00000
ANT 205Racism00000
ARB 396IS: Advanced Farsi00000
ANT 234Urban Africa/Popular Culture00000
CHI 354Adv Comp & Converstation II00000
CHE 395Literature Investigation00000
ANT 323Human Rights in Latin America00000
CIS 495Thesis I/Capstone00000
AFR 395Independent Study00000
CLA 480Senior Research Seminar00000
ANT 495Independent Study00000
COM 495Comm Theory & Research00000
AFR 300Afrocubana Feminisms00000
CSC 364Reg For Mat 364 Crn 1030700000
ANT 219Reproduction & Childrearing00000
ART 105Introduction to Print Media00000
AFR 304James Baldwin00000
ART 205Advanced Printmaking00000
ANT 251Mesoamerican Civilizations00000
CHI 301Advanced Chinese I00000
CHI 101Elementary Chinese I00000
ANT 280Crime and Criminalization00000
CHI 406Sem Cla Chinese Lit-In Transl00000
AFR 332Black Leaders Africa&Caribbean00000
CIS 295IS: American Studies Methods00000
ANT 354Art & Writing of Ancient Maya00000
CLA 141Greek Art & Archaeology00000
AFR 297Caribbean Literature00000
CLA 280Troy and the Trojan War00000
ANT 384Politics from the Global South00000
COM 210Dialogues on Race and Racism00000
AFR 498Honors Thesis00000
COM 344Stereotypes & Humor00000
ARB 102Elementary Arabic II00000
CSC 200Reg for Phy 200 Crn 2035200000
AFR 282African-Am Lit: 18th-19th Cent00000
CSC 353Database Systems00000
ARB 330The Arab Spring (in transl)00000
CSC 371Machine Learning00000
AFR 302Black Aesthetics & Performance00000
ART 101Basic Drawing00000
ANT 227Environ Justice Latin America00000
ART 111Introduction to Digital Art00000
AFR 286Register for CRN 20316 ENG 28600000
ART 199Berlin:Architecture,Art & City00000
ANT 238Global Masculinities00000
ART 209Advanced Sculpture00000
AFR 320Growing Up Jim Crow00000
CHE 496Senior Research I00000
ANT 253Latin Amer Soc & Cult Today00000
CHI 228Mod Chi Lit in Translation00000
CHI 122Chi Visual Culture (in transl)00000
ANT 275Monkeys, Apes, Humans00000
CHI 350Advanced Reading & Writing00000
AFR 330Gender & Develop Sub-Sahara00000
CHI 401Advanced Chinese III00000
ANT 310Politics, Society and Culture00000
CHI 495Indepdendent Study00000
AFR 292"Fake News" Journalism &Ethics;00000
CIS 150Revolutionary Lit & Politics00000
ANT 340Medical Anthropology00000
CIS 395IS: Poetry & Sensory Art00000
AFR 374Reg For Soc 374 Crn 6050600000
CLA 111The Ancient World00000
ANT 371Ethnographic Writing00000
CLA 224Medical Etymology00000
AFR 250Black Women in Contemp Perform00000
CLA 252Classics in the Cinema00000
ANT 380Ethical Archaeological Res00000
CLA 456Coins and the Ancient Economy00000
AFR 495Africana Capstone00000
COM 201Intro to Communication Studies00000
ANT 396Independent Research in Anthro00000
COM 225Interpersonal Communication00000
AFR 298Race and American Journalism00000
COM 311Media, Empathy, & Justice00000
ANT 499Honors Thesis00000
COM 365Rhetorics of Justice & Equal00000
ANT 101Intro Cultural Anthropology00000
CSC 120Programming in the Humanities00000
ARB 202Intermediate Arabic II00000
CSC 220Reg for Mat 220-A Crn 2031000000
AFR 101Intro to Africana Studies00000
CSC 322Programming Languages00000
ARB 327Media & Society Arab World00000
CSC 359Networks & Distributed Systems00000
ANT 211Jews, Race, and Religion00000
ARB 334Contemp Arab Cinema(in transl)00000
AFR 221Intro to Caribbean Studies00000
AFR 225Race,Gender,Sexuality inHipHop00000
AFR 290Oral History00000
AFR 322Caribbean Phil Freedom00000
ANT 261Science, Policy, and Society00000
CHI 207Engendering Chi Cinema(transl)00000