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Davidson Course Reviews

Davidson College

CHE 110Fundamentals of Chemistry00000
CIS 108Adv Explorations Comp Sci00000
ART 201Advanced Drawing00000
BIO 311Comparative Anatomy00000
ART 348Buying and Collecting Art00000
ARB 327Media & Society Arab World00000
CHE 496Senior Research I00000
ANT 280Crime and Criminalization00000
ART 224Modern & Contemp Chinese Art00000
ANT 351The Senses & Sensualities00000
BIO 237Biodiversity & Conservation00000
BIO 107Experimental Embryology00000
ARB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
BIO 373Research in Biology III00000
ANT 251Mesoamerican Civilizations00000
CHE 341Topic:Batteries From Chem Pers00000
ART 103Basic Painting00000
CHI 395Independent Study00000
AFR 340African-Am Intellect History00000
CIS 496Thesis II00000
ANT 321Borderlands, Identity & Rights00000
ART 320Photographies in Asia00000
AFR 400Research Methods Afr Studies00000
ART 401Senior Exhibition/Examination00000
ANT 373Decolonizing Anthro Theory00000
BIO 222Vertebrate Zoology00000
BIO 114Integr Concepts in Biology II00000
ANT 490Sr Colloquium in Anthropology00000
BIO 263Evolutionary Ecology00000
ANT 220Religion, Society & Culture00000
BIO 364Immune System Dysfunction00000
ARB 240Accelerated Persian00000
BIO 395Reg for Che 430 Crn 2009500000
AFR 321Black Lives, Black Protest00000
CHE 250Intro to Organic Chemistry00000
ARB 334Contemp Arab Cinema(in transl)00000
CHE 374Medicinal Chemistry00000
ANT 271Human Ecology00000
CHI 122Chi Visual Culture (in transl)00000
ART 124Survey of American Art00000
CHI 450Advanced Chinese Topics00000
AFR 298Race and American Journalism00000
CIS 331Sem: Applied Values Theory00000
ART 211Advanced Digital Art00000
CLA 111The Ancient World00000
AFR 374Reg For Soc 374 Crn 6050600000
ART 270Art for Games00000
ANT 335Debunking Race00000
ART 328Eugene Delacroix00000
AFR 301Crit ThinkrsZora Neale Hurston00000
ART 392Ind Study: Adv Directing00000
ANT 370Theory in Anthropology00000
BIO 103Microbes & Disease00000
AFR 499Honors Thesis00000
BIO 112Organisms,Evolution,Ecosystems00000
ANT 376Comparative Skeletal Anatomy00000
BIO 209Bioinformatics Programming00000
BIO 170Intro Directed Reading in Biol00000
ANT 387Seminar in Anthro: The State00000
BIO 230The Host-Pathogen Interaction00000
ANT 211Jews, Race, and Religion00000
BIO 251Light Microscopy00000
ANT 495Independent Study00000
BIO 265Knowing Nature00000
AFR 305Major Thinkers:Robinson&Wynter00000
BIO 356Diversity &Extinction Analysis00000
ARB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIO 370Directed Reading in Biology00000
ANT 234Urban Africa/Popular Culture00000
BIO 375Research in Biology V00000
ARB 295Independent Study00000
CHE 106Global Energy Challenge00000
AFR 286Register for CRN 20316 ENG 28600000
CHE 220Intro to Analytical Chemistry00000
ARB 330The Arab Spring (in transl)00000
CHE 320Experimental Analytical Chem00000
ANT 257African Roots, American Soils00000
CHE 360Quantum Chem and Spectroscopy00000
ART 100Survey of Western Art00000
CHE 420Wicked Problems in Enviro Chem00000
AFR 329Women&Slavery in Blk Atlantic00000
CHI 102Elementary Chinese II00000
ART 109Basic Sculpture00000
CHI 351Adv Comp and Conversation00000
ANT 272Forensic Anthropology00000
CHI 402Ind Study: Advanced Chinese II00000
ART 130Earth Art Lascaux to Lutyens00000
CHI 495Indepdendent Study00000
AFR 224Slavery,Univ.&Complex Legacies00000
CIS 230Sem:Applied Resrch Design/Data00000
ART 206From Catacombs to Cathedrals00000
CIS 396Independent Study00000
ANT 310Politics, Society and Culture00000
ART 218Modern Art from Rodin-Warhol00000
AFR 101Intro to Africana Studies00000
AFR 250Black Women in Contemp Perform00000
AFR 303W.E.B. Du Bois at Large00000
ANT 108Introduction to Archaeology00000
ANT 381Traditional Asian Medical Sys00000
BIO 202Microbiology00000