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Dartmouth Course Reviews

Dartmouth College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 016Ecology00000
BIOL 272Advanced Readings in Evolution00000
ARTH 001Bodies and Buildings00000
ASCL 090Honors Thesis I00000
ARTH 41.04European Art: 1850-190000000
ANTH 058Sustainable Cities00000
BIOL 070Biologic Lessons of the Eye (On Campus)00000
AMES 027Gender & Modern Media-India00000
ARTH 26.02Foreign Study II00000
ANTH 011Ancient Native Americans00000
ASCL 67.01Politics of Japan00000
ASCL 10.03Intro Japanese Culture (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
ANTH 50.09Language and Power00000
BIOC 259Cytoskeleton, Mito & Cell Bio00000
AAAS 88.16Sovereignty, Race, Rights00000
BIOL 045Molecular Biology00000
ARAB 002First Yr Courses in Arabic00000
BIOL 133Foundations in Ecology00000
AAAS 39.03Adv Studies in Jazz History (Remote, with synchronous compon...00000
CHEM 07.01Y00000
ANTH 001Intro to Anthropology00000
ARTH 28.01The Global Renaissance00000
AAAS 053Islam in Africa00000
ARTH 47.02Modern Architecture (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
ANTH 014Death and Dying00000
ASCL 62.01Chinese Calligraphy00000
ASCL 54.10Global South Asia (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
ANTH 50.27Killing Time00000
ASCL 70.10Music from the Silk Road (Remote, with synchronous component...00000
AAAS 81.06African-American Music00000
ASTR 116Galactic Systems (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
ANTH 50.31Humanistic Medicine00000
BIOL 07.11Pricing Nature's Services00000
AAAS 32.50Black LGBTQ History00000
BIOL 029Biostatistics00000
ANTH 075Ecology, Culture & Envrnmnt00000
BIOL 055Ecological Resrch Tropics I00000
AAAS 90.02Prophetism in Black World (Remote, with synchronous componen...00000
BIOL 097Honors Research Biology I00000
ARAB 042Advanced Arabic00000
BIOL 176Advanced Genetics00000
099 01N/A00000
CANB 199Grad Research I: Level C00000
ARTH 12.02Roman Architecture (Remote, entirely asynchronous)00000
CHEM 052Organic Chemistry00000
AAAS 040Gender Idnts&Politcs-Africa00000
ARTH 27.02Sculpture Early Mod Italy00000
ANTH 07.05Animals and Humans00000
ARTH 38.03East Meets West00000
AAAS 20.50Memory & Slavery:Dartmouth00000
ARTH 41.03European Art 1750-185000000
ANTH 12.12Language,Landscape,Identity00000
ASCL 01.01Urban Asia00000
AAAS 061Caribbean Hist 1898-Present (Remote, with synchronous compon...00000
ASCL 51.04Tibetan Buddhism00000
ANTH 021The Aztecs00000
ASCL 62.08Mod-Contemporary Korean Art00000
ASCL 60.05Love&Desire-Mod Chinese Lit00000
ANTH 039ArchaeologyOfTheMiddleEast (Remote, with synchronous compone...00000
ASCL 64.12Postwar Japan00000
AAAS 80.06Civil Rights US in 20thC00000
ASCL 70.07Asian Performance (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
ANTH 50.44Darwin & Human Evolution00000
ASCL 80.07Hist of Development in Asia00000
AAAS 025Cnstructing Black Womanhood00000
ASTR 019Habitable Planets00000
ANTH 50.03Digital Archaeology (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
BIOC 106Questn at Frontier of Cell Dyn (Remote, with synchronous com...00000
AAAS 87.08Slavery in Ghana & Africa00000
BIOC 297Grad Res in BIOC Post-Qual I00000
ANTH 052Intro to Maori Society00000
BIOL 012Cell Structure and Function00000
066 01N/A00000
BIOL 024Vertebrate Zoology00000
ANTH 066Human Biological Variation00000
BIOL 035Cellular&Molecular Neurosci00000
AAAS 089Readngs in Af/Af-Am Studies00000
BIOL 049Cellular&Molecular Neurosci00000
ANTH 087Research Course00000
BIOL 60.01Evolutionary Ecology00000
AAAS 33.10Rituals of Breath (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
BIOL 74.01Dev, Plas, Dysfunc of Synap00000
ARAB 031Advanced Arabic00000
BIOL 120Adv Population Ecology00000
AMEL 087Honors Thesis00000
BIOL 166Molecular Basis of Cancer (Remote, with synchronous componen...00000
ARAB 81.03Images West in Arabic Novel00000
BIOL 200Foundn Papers in Ecol Res Coll (Remote, with synchronous com...00000
020 01N/A00000
BIOL 300Communicating Science00000
ARTH 07.10Egyptomania (Remote, with synchronous components)00000
CHEM 005General Chemistry00000
AMES 41.06Reporting the Arab Spring00000
ARTH 17.08Ancient Art and Myth00000
005 12N/A00000
058 01N/A00000
AAAS 22.10Af-Am Religion & Culture00000
AAAS 67.06AfricanDiasporaWomenWriters (Remote, with synchronous compon...00000
ANTH 031Gendr Cross Cltrl Perspctve00000
ASCL 61.07Shinto: Festivals & Foxes (Remote, with synchronous componen...00000