Daley Course Reviews

Richard J. Daley College

ESL 300Esl Intermediate Level00000
FRENCH 102Second Course French00000
CHLDPERD 2245Saturday Academy (grades PK-K)00000
ESL 110ESL Beginning Level I00000
CIS 114Mobile Application Development00000
CHLDLANG 1907Fun With Phonics Grades 1-200000
ESL 411ESL Intermediate Level00000
BUSINES 182Managerial Accounting00000
CHLDREAD 2303Improve Your Reading Grades 1-200000
BUSINES 269Principles Of Management00000
ENGLISH 101Composition00000
COMPSFI 202Cybercrime and Incident Response00000
CHLDFIT 1800Soccer First00000
ESL 205ESL Beginning Literacy 7CH00000
BR175 125Transition Mathematics for Manufacturing00000
ESL 350ESL Intermediate Level 300000
CHLDMATH 2007Pre-Algebra Grades 7-1000000
ESL 510ESL Advanced Level V00000
ART 115-2Photography00000
HISTORY 142Hist World Civiliz Frm 150000000
BUSINES 216Entrepreneurship00000
CHLDTEST 2403Standardized Test Prep Grades 7-800000
ART 200-FArt Projects: General Drawing00000
CIS 281Web Development III/Server Side Programming00000
CHLDART 1700The Art of Creation (Ages 4-7)00000
EDUC 221Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL in PK-1200000
CRMJUS 173Issues & Problems of Private Policing00000
CHLDDV 205Development of Exceptional Child00000
ENGR 215Electrical Circuit Analysis00000
BIOLOGY 205Pathophysiology00000
ESL 160ESL Basic Skl Gen Bas Lvl00000
CHLDFIT 1813Fit Kids (Ages 4-6)00000
ESL 250ESL Beginning Level 200000
ADLTLANG 1425Sign Language - Part II00000
ESL 311ESL Intermediate Level00000
CHLDLANG 1919Writing Middle Schoolers (grades 5-8)00000
ESL 370Esl Basic Skl Gen Int Lvl00000
BR175 253Early Childhood Education Intermediate ABE Math00000
ESL 450ESL Intermediate Level 400000
CHLDPERD 2217Computer Projects 5Th – 6Th Grades00000
ESL 630ESL Supplemental Gen Levl 600000
ABEGED 1830Low Adv GED-Gen Studies (SP)00000
GEOG 101World Geography00000
CHLDPERD 2254SAT Prep Course (11th grade)00000
HUM 202General Course II Humanities00000
ART 130African-American Art00000
CHLDREAD 2307Reading Readiness Ages 4-500000
BUSINES 236Advertising00000
CIS 103Fundamentals of Programming00000
ADLTDAN 1105Latin Dance00000
CIS 255Operating Systems II00000
CHEM 201General Chemistry I00000
COMPSFI 102-1Information Security Essentials00000
ATHLETIC 1300Open Gym00000
CRMJUS 155Introduction To Corrections00000
CHLDDV 101-1Human Growth & Development I00000
CRMJUS 256Constitutional Law00000
CRMJUS 202Issues In Criminal Justice00000
CHLDDV 143Science & Math for Young Children00000
ENGLISH 97Written Communication Skills00000
BIOLOGY 120Terminology For Medical Careers00000
ENGR 111Engineering Success Seminar00000
CHLDDV 258Principles & Practices of Pre-School Education00000
ESL 50ESL Literacy Level00000
ADLTLANG 1400Introduction To Sign Language00000
ESL 132Beg ESL Supplmntl Gen 1 Lev00000
CHLDFIT 1808Tae Kwon Do Ages 6 +00000
ESL 200ESL Beginning Level II00000
BR175 117Hi Intermediate Language Arts for Manufacturing00000
ESL 220Citizenship Education00000
CHLDFIT 1827Fit Kids (Ages 7-10)00000
ESL 260ESL Basic Skl Gen Bas Lvl00000
ABEGED 1600ABE Basic Skl Gen Int Level00000
ESL 303ESL Low Intermediate 9CH00000
CHLDLANG 1913Elements of Writing Grades 7-900000
ESL 326ESL Citizenship Education00000
BR175 211Early Childhood Ed ASE Mathematics00000
ESL 360ESL Basic Skl Gen Int Lvl00000
CHLDMATH 2004Improving Your Math Grades 3-400000
ESL 401ESL Intermediate Level00000
AFROAM 101Introduction to African-American Studies00000
ESL 426ESL Citizenship Edu Int Lvl00000
CHLDMUS 2103Piano II Ages 6-1500000
ESL 461ESL Basic Skl Gen Int Lvl00000
BUSINES 111Introduction To Business00000
ESL 550ESL Intermediate Level 500000
CHLDPERD 2222Gamer's Coding Grades 3rd - 5th00000
FINART 107History of Architecture, Painting & Sculpture I00000
ABEGED 931GED Math Adv Level Sp.00000
FSREAD 1002Reading II00000
CHLDPERD 2248Saturday Academy (grades 5-6)00000
HISTORY 112History of American People From 186500000
BUSINES 208Federal Income Tax00000
CHLDPERD 2269Engineering for Kids (Grades 3-6)00000
ABEGED 901GED Reading Advance Level00000
ABEGED 996Basic Skills Gen Adv Lvl Sp00000
ADLTFIT 1309Beginning Yoga00000
BIOLOGY 107Nutrition-Consumer Education00000
CHLDDV 109Language & Literacy Development in Early Childhood00000
CRMJUS 222Professional Responsibility00000