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Cypress Course Reviews

Cypress College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CIS 226CJava Programming54451
ART 244CIllustration00000
BUS 262FPrinciples of Management00000
CIS 164CIT Support Services00000
BIOL 107CNutrition & World Food Issues00000
ART 162CInter Gallery Stds: Exhibit00000
CHEM 201FBiochem for Allied Hlth Scienc00000
ANTH 212CApplied and Practicing Anthrop00000
ARCH 934FArchitectural CAD III00000
ASTR 116CIntroduction to Astronomy00000
AT 209CToyota Portfolio TPORT00000
AUTO 060FAutomotive Powertrains00000
ART 146CBeginning Sculpture00000
BIOL 276FGenetics & Evolutionary Bio00000
ANTH 101FPhysical Anthropology00000
CDES 209FRole of Para-Professional00000
ART 190FApplied Painting: Landscape00000
CIS 109FPersonal Computer Security00000
ACR 137CBlueprints & Dimen. Analysis00000
CIS 211CIntroduction to Programming00000
ARCH 113FArchitectural Drawing I00000
AT 111CAutomotive Quick Service00000
ACR 260CCrew Leadership Fld. Spvsr.00000
ART 114FArt Hist Impressnsm to Present00000
AT 296CT-TEN Automotive Internship I00000
ATC 140CMeteorology00000
ATC 261CUAS Drone Advanced Simulator00000
ART 130FIntermediate Portrait Drawing00000
AUTO 091FCylinder Head Repair00000
AJ 230FCrime Scene Techniques00000
BIOL 192FBiotech B:Protein Biochemistry00000
ART 153FCeramics: Beg Handbldg00000
BUS 151FBusiness Mathematics00000
ACR 108CRefinishing Techician II00000
CDES 121FIntro Erly Child Ed: Asst Tchr00000
ART 183CIntermediate Drawing00000
CHEM 101FChemistry for Allied Hlth Sci00000
ANTH 105CIntro Linguistic Anthropology00000
CHIN 204CInter Chinese-Mandarin IV00000
ART 203FAdvanced Painting II00000
CIS 150CMicrosoft Office Applications00000
ACR 012CCollision Damage Appraisal00000
CIS 190CIT and Cybersecurity Funds00000
ART 285FIntermediate Life Sculpture00000
CIS 222FComputer Scripting00000
ACR 210CCommercial Refrigeration00000
AT 105CAutomotive Electrical I00000
ARCH 215FDesign Studio II00000
AT 121CAuto Engine Mechanical Concept00000
ACR 035CBuilding Commissioning00000
AT 254CT-TEN Brakes Strg Susp00000
ART 111CSurvey of Art History I00000
ATC 118CDisaster Preparedness Response00000
AJ 100FIntro to Law Enforcement00000
ART 116FArt History Mexico00000
ATC 161CUAS Drone Basic Simulator00000
ATC 182CCultural Tourism00000
ATC 240CCommercial Pilot00000
ART 123CColor Theory00000
ATC 295CAviation Travel Internship00000
AJ 222FRules of Evidence00000
AUTO 082FEngine Performance/Drivability00000
ART 139FFashion Sketching00000
BIOL 102CHuman Biology00000
ACR 103CAuto Collision Repair Tech III00000
BIOL 174CBiology of Cells and Tissues00000
ART 150CCeramics Handbuilding00000
BIOL 231CGeneral Human Anatomy00000
ANAT 240FHuman Physiology00000
BUS 110FBusiness English00000
ART 156FAnimal Drawing00000
BUS 225FInternational Management00000
ACR 003CAuto Collision Repair Tech III00000
CDES 115FIntro to Early Childhood Ed Cu00000
ART 175FInter Jewelry Fabrication00000
CDES 199FChild Development Indep Study00000
ANTH 103FIntroduction to Archaeology00000
CHEM 100FChemistry for Daily Life00000
ART 186FBeg Life Drawing00000
CHEM 111BCGeneral Chemistry II00000
ACR 113CComp Auto Damage Appraisal00000
CHIN 101FElem Chinese Mandarin I00000
ART 195CIntermediate Painting00000
CIS 102CMS Word Business Apps00000
ANTH 199FAnthropology Indep Study00000
CIS 123FBeg Word Processing (MS Word)00000
ART 216FAdv Storybrdg-Pre-Visual Prep00000
CIS 160FIntroduction to Cyber Security00000
ACCT 201AFIntermediate Accounting00000
CIS 181FComputer Certification Prep00000
ART 263FCast Metal: Advanced00000
CIS 201CMS Virtualization/Cloud Deploy00000
ANTH 232CField Course in Archaeology II00000
ATC 192CAirline Reservations SABRE00000
ART 295FIndependent Study: Painting00000
ACCT 102CManagerial Accounting00000
ACCT 205CEthics in Accounting00000
ACR 060CCollision Repair Management00000
AJ 135FWeaponless Defense00000
ART 121CThree-Dimensional Design00000