Cypress Course Reviews

Cypress College

ART 295FIndependent Study: Painting00000
ATC 195CFlight Trng Commercial Pilot00000
ART 121CThree-Dimensional Design00000
ART 203FAdvanced Painting II00000
ART 150CCeramics Handbuilding00000
ARCH 124FArchitectural CAD I00000
AT 213CToyota Portfolio II TPORT II00000
AJ 110BFAdv Criminal Law00000
ART 131CIntermediate Printmaking00000
AJ 252FPolice Patrol00000
ART 189FBeginning Painting00000
ART 160FFundamentals of Sculpture00000
ANTH 199FAnthropology Indep Study00000
ART 247FSketching for Animators-Illus00000
ACR 210CCommercial Refrigeration00000
AT 110CIntro to Automotive Technology00000
ART 112HCHonors Survey Art History II00000
ATC 101CIntroduction to Travel Careers00000
ACR 060CCollision Repair Management00000
ATC 261CUAS Drone Advanced Simulator00000
AJ 151FPolice Report Writing00000
ART 146FAdvertising Design00000
ACR 104CAuto Collision Repair Tech IV00000
ART 154CCeramic Aesthetics & Finishes00000
ANTH 101LFPhysical Anthropology Lab00000
ART 185CBeginning Life Drawing00000
ART 174CJewelry Design00000
ANTH 104CComparative Cultures00000
ART 195CIntermediate Painting00000
ACR 130CElectrical Sys and Comp Repair00000
ART 218FVis Storytelling: Struc & Form00000
ANTH 232CField Course in Archaeology II00000
ART 277FStudio Concepts: Jewelry Fab00000
ACR 021CAdvanced Auto Detailing00000
AT 050CAuto Tech Special Projects00000
ARCH 934FArchitectural CAD III00000
AT 130CAuto Chassis and Brake Systems00000
ACR 265CProject Management00000
AT 283CT-TEN ICE-HV-EV Perf00000
ART 116CArts of Africa, Oceania00000
ATC 182CCultural Tourism00000
ACCT 205FEthics in Accounting00000
ATC 232CInstrument Rating00000
ART 124FMuseum Studies Exhib Prod00000
ATC 270CAirline Operations00000
ACR 101CAuto Collision Repair Tech I00000
ART 139FFashion Sketching00000
AJ 223FCriminal Investigation00000
ART 147CIntermediate Sculpture00000
ACR 002CAuto Collision Repair Tech II00000
ART 152FCeramics Lab00000
AJ 279FContemp Issues in Law Enforce00000
ART 155CArt Open Laboratory00000
ACR 107CRefinishing Technician I00000
ART 162CInter Gallery Stds: Exhibit00000
ANTH 101HCHonors Biological Anthropology00000
ART 183FRepresentational Drawing00000
ART 175CMetalsmithing00000
ANTH 103CIntroduction to Archaeology00000
ART 187CAdvanced Life Drawing00000
ACR 115CGas Heat Transfer Systems00000
ART 193CPortrait Painting00000
ANTH 107FAnthro/Magic,Witchcraft, Relig00000
ART 197CBeg Watercolor Painting00000
ACR 012CCollision Damage Appraisal00000
ART 215FBeg Storyboard-Narr Compos00000
ANTH 212CApplied and Practicing Anthrop00000
ART 244FIllustration00000
ACR 145CLoad Calcs for Heat/Cool00000
ART 263FCast Metal: Advanced00000
ARCH 111FIntroduction to Architecture00000
ART 287FAdvanced Life Sculpture00000
ACCT 203FAuditing00000
ART 299CIndependent Study00000
ARCH 225FDesign Studio III00000
AT 106CAutomotive Electrical II00000
ACR 230CHeat Pumps00000
AT 115CAutomotive Air Conditioning00000
ART 110CIntroduction to Art00000
AT 170CClean Air Car Level 1 and 200000
ACR 040CStructural Alignment Repair00000
AT 260CT-TEN Toyota Electrical Sys00000
ART 113FArt History Renais to Modern00000
AT 296CT-TEN Automotive Internship I00000
AJ 079FLaw Enforcement Career Prep00000
ATC 174CDestin Americas and Europe00000
ART 118FColor Theory00000
ATC 192CAirline Reservations SABRE00000
ACCT 102CManagerial Accounting00000
ATC 198CFlight Simulator Commercial00000
ART 122CIntroduction to Digital Art00000
ATC 256CCrew Resource Management00000
AJ 135FWeaponless Defense00000
ART 129FPortrait Drawing00000
ACCT 001FAccounting for Small Business00000
ACCT 201AFIntermediate Accounting00000
ACR 007CRefinishing Technician I00000
ACR 110CAir Conditioning I00000
ANTH 102HFHonors Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 182CBeginning Drawing00000