Cuyamaca Course Reviews

Cuyamaca College

ETHN 107History of Race & Ethnicity00000
HIST 130Native American Perspectives I00000
CIS 121Network Cabling Systems00000
ENGR 220Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics00000
CS 119Program Design & Development00000
BUS 128Business Communication00000
GEOL 110Planet Earth00000
BOT 101BKeyboard/Document Process II00000
CIS 271Palo Alto Networks-Sec Admin00000
BOT 115Essential Excel00000
ENGL 231American Literature I00000
ED 200Teaching As a Profession00000
BUS 110Introduction to Business00000
ES 028ABeginning Yoga00000
AUTO 196DASSET Climate Control00000
GD 120User Experience Design00000
CD 129Language & Literature for Cd00000
HIST 105Early Western Civilization00000
AUTO 162TElectronic Sys Assessment00000
MATH 160Elementary Statistics00000
BOT 103CBldg Keyboarding Skill III00000
COMM 122Public Speaking00000
AUTO 191BASSET Brakes, Advanced Brakes00000
CS 282Intermediate Java Programming00000
BOT 119Windows-The Information Worker00000
ENGL 124Advanced Composition00000
EHSM 135Industry Safety Standards00000
BOT 130Comprehensive Powerpoint II00000
ENGL 270World Literature I00000
AUTO 194TDiesel Eng Perf Assessment00000
ES 009CAdvanced Aerobic Dance Ex00000
BUS 120Financial Accounting00000
ES 272Issues in Childhood Obesity00000
AUTO 132TDifferential & 4WD Assessment00000
ETHN 181U.S. Hist Black Perspective II00000
BUS 195Principles of Money Mgmt.00000
GD 212Digital Photograph III00000
AUTO 285TLvl I Smog Insp Assessment00000
HED 203Substance Abuse&Public Health00000
CD 138Admin of CD Programs II00000
HIST 109Modern American History00000
ASL 126ASL with School Age Children00000
HUM 155World Mythology - Humanities00000
CIS 219PHP/MySQL Dynamic Web Apps00000
MATH 245Discrete Mathematics00000
AUTO 181TEngine Perf I Assessment00000
CIS 295VMware Certified Professional00000
BOT 114Essential Word00000
COUN 140Self Awareness & Interpersonal00000
ASL 140Inside Deaf Culture00000
CS 182Intro to Java Programming00000
BOT 117Essential Powerpoint00000
ECON 120Principles of Macroeconomics00000
AUTO 191DSuspension00000
EHSM 110Pollution Prevention00000
BOT 121Comprehensive Word II00000
ENGL 120College Composition & Reading00000
EHSM 200Hazardous Materials Mgmt Apps00000
BOT 128Comprehensive Access III00000
ENGL 202Intro to Film as Literature00000
AUTO 193AASSET Engine Diag and Repair00000
ENGL 236Chicana/O Literature00000
BOT 174Computer Concepts and App.00000
ENGR 120Engineering Computer Apps00000
AUTO 099Intro to Automotive Technology00000
ES 001Adapted Physical Exercise00000
BUS 113GIG Econ-Entrepreneurial Path00000
ES 019BIntermediate Physical Fitness00000
AUTO 195DGas Turbo Direct Injection00000
ES 250Introduction to Kinesiology00000
BUS 122Intermediate Accounting00000
ESL 2BGGramm - ESL Adv Accel Comp00000
ASL 120American Sign Language I00000
ETHN 130Native American Perspectives I00000
BUS 156Principles of Management00000
GD 110Graphic Design Principles00000
AUTO 196CASSET Electronics00000
GD 130Professional Business Practice00000
CD 123Programs-Curric Young Children00000
GD 222Web Animation00000
AUTO 151TBrake System Assessment00000
HED 120Personal Health and Lifestyles00000
CD 134Health, Safety & Nutrition00000
HED 251Healthy Lifestyle Theory & App00000
BOT 096Computer Basics for the Office00000
HIST 107History of Race & Ethnicity00000
CD 210Children Challenging Behaviors00000
HIST 115Compar Hist of Modern Americas00000
ARBC 221Arabic IV00000
HIST 181U.S. Hist Black Perspective II00000
CIS 191Linux Operating System00000
MATH 076Foundations For Precalculus00000
BOT 102BInter Keyboard/Doc Process II00000
CIS 263Fundamentals Network Security00000
ARBC 120Arabic I00000
ART 140Survey West Art I Pre-Mid Ages00000
ASL 221American Sign Language IV00000
AUTO 192BASSET Trans Diag & Serv Test00000
BOT 123Comprehensive Excel I00000
EHSM 210Wastewater & Stormwater Mgmt00000