Cuny Sph Course Reviews

Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy (CUNY)

PUBH 804Qualitative Research Methods with Application to Urban Healt...00000
EOHS 641Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology00000
CHSS 697Independent Study in Community Health00000
HPAM 629Global Health Law: Human Rights, Regulation, Migration, and...00000
EOHS 695Topics in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences00000
PUBH 897Independent Study in Public Health00000
CHSS 629Strategic Multimedia Production & Innovative Health Communic...00000
FNPH 621Principles of Public Health Nutrition00000
EOHS 625Hazard Evaluation and Instrumentation00000
HPAM 621Health Economics00000
FNPH 821Nutrient Metabolism and Applications in Public Health00000
EPID 634Population Health Dashboards00000
PUBH 647Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Corporations, Health and D...00000
PUBH 614Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis Methods in Public...00000
EPID 633Design and Development of Population Health Information Syst...00000
BIOS 821Applied Biostatistics II00000
CHSS 620Community Health Assessment00000
EOHS 621Environmental Chemistry00000
EOHS 626Industrial Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality00000
EPID 626Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases00000
FNPH 692Supervised Practice in Food Service00000
EOHS 633Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health00000
EOHS 634Exposure and Risk Assessment00000
EPID 621Epidemiological Methods II00000
HPAM 626International and Migrant Health Organizations00000
FNPH 623Nutrient Metabolism and Applications in Public Health00000
EPID 821Epidemiological Methods II00000
PUBH 610Public Health Leadership and Management00000
HPAM 624Public Health Advocacy00000
EPID 622Applied Research: Data Management and Analysis00000
HPAM 897Independent Study in Health Policy and Management00000
PUBH 802Applied Biostatistics I00000
PUBH 696Supervised Fieldwork00000
EOHS 610Fundamentals of Environmental Health00000
PUBH 900Dissertation Supervision00000
BIOS 623Analysis of Longitudinal Data00000
CHSS 623Applied Mixed Methods in Community Health Research00000
EPID 700PopHI Project00000
CHSS 810Cities and Health00000
CHSS 627Social Marketing and Health Communication Theory and Practic...00000
EOHS 627Noise and Radiation Hazards and Controls00000
CHSS 628Multisectoral Engnmnt for Sustainable Hlth: Local to Glbl Dv...00000
EOHS 822Biology and Pathophysiological Applications in Public Health00000
CHSS 897Independent Study in Community, Society and Health00000
EPID 632Applications of Population Health Informatics00000
EOHS 630Principles of GISc for Public Health00000
EOHS 628Environmental Measurements Laboratory00000
FNPH 820Food Policy00000
EOHS 645Demography and Population Geography with GISc00000
CHSS 695Topics in Community Health Education00000
EOHS 895Topics in Environmental and Occupational Health00000
HPAM 623Comparative Analyses of Urban Health Care Systems00000
EPID 631Principles of Consumer Health Informatics00000
EOHS 643Industrial Safety and Management00000
EPID 643Public Health Surveillance00000
HPAM 642Environmental and Social Justice00000
FNPH 620Community Nutrition Education00000
EPID 824Epidemiological Methods V00000
HPAM 895Topics in Health Policy and Management00000
FNPH 690Seminar in Food and Nutrition Practice00000
EPID 610Fundamentals of Epidemiology00000
HPAM 620Public Health Management00000
PUBH 613Designs, Concepts, and Methods in Public Health Research00000
HPAM 627Migration and Health00000
CHSS 821Advanced Community Health Interventions00000
HPAM 820Seminar in Health Policy00000
PUBH 697Independent Study in Public Health00000
PUBH 611Health Equity, Communication, and Advocacy00000
EPID 630Fundamentals of Population Health Informatics00000
PUBH 650Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health00000
PUBH 840Maternal, Child, Reproductive and Sexual Health in Context00000
PUBH 801Epidemiological Methods I00000
CHSS 625Advanced Seminar on Intersectoral Partnerships00000
PUBH 842Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Corporations, Health, and...00000
BIOS 610Fundamentals of Biostatistics00000
BIOS 620Applied Biostatistics I00000
EPID 695Topics in Epidemiology00000
CHSS 610Fundamentals of Social and Behavioral Health00000
BIOS 823Applied Biostatistics IV00000
CHSS 626Health & Media Literacy for Public Health Advancement00000
EOHS 623Principles of Industrial Hygiene00000
CHSS 696Community Health Practice Collaborative I00000
CHSS 624Community Health Program Planning Evaluation and Sustainabil...00000
CHSS 895Topics in Community, Society and Health00000
EPID 823Epidemiologic Methods IV00000
EOHS 624Environmental Audits and Remediation00000
CHSS 630Case Studies in Social Marketing, Health Communication, and...00000
EOHS 631Spatial Analysis and Environmental Modeling for Public Healt...00000
BIOS 822Applied Biostatistics III00000
EOHS 646Occupational Site Assessment00000
CHSS 820Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Health: Theory and Metho...00000
EPID 620Epidemiological Methods I00000
FNPH 624Nutritional Epidemiology00000
EOHS 622Environmental Occupational Toxicology00000
BIOS 621Applied Biostatistics II00000
CHSS 622Community Organizing to Advance Health and Social Justice00000
CHSS 698Community Health Practice Collaborative II00000
EOHS 697Independent Study in Environmental and Occupational Health S...00000
HPAM 697Independent Study in Health Policy and Management00000
EPID 897Independent Study in Epidemiology00000