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CUA Course Reviews

Catholic University of America

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
TRS 202AThe Church and the Human Person35321
POL 111Introduction to American Government44431
POL 211Introduction to Political Theory53551
POL 495BWashington Internship45211
POL 312The Civil Rights Movement32541
POL 112Introduction to Comparative Politics43331
ARPL 589Topics in Planning00000
ARPL 103AutoCad 100000
ARPL 634Construction II: Materials and Methods00000
ARPL 696EMARCH/MSFM Thesis Research00000
ANTH 696Master's Thesis Research00000
ARPL 402Integrated Building Design Studio00000
ARPL 780Planning Studio00000
ARPL 542Structures II00000
ARAB 102Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II00000
ARPL 611History of Architecture III00000
ANTH 355Latinos and Latinas in the U.S.00000
ARPL 675Asset Management & Strategic Planning00000
ARPL 232Environmental Design I00000
ARPL 731Environmental Design II00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Anthropology: Cultural Competency in a Globa...00000
ART 103Painting I00000
APN 540Materials Science: Structure and Properties of Solids00000
ARPL 434Construction II: Materials and Methods00000
ARPL 489Topics in Planning00000
ANTH 202Sex & Culture in Modern World00000
APN 586Polymer Science00000
ARPL 501Architectural Design I00000
ARPL 538LEED Lab: Sustainable Campus Building Assessment00000
APN 993Independent Research00000
ARPL 560Classical Architecture Illustrated00000
ANTH 321Historical Archaeology00000
ARPL 599Special Topics in Architecture00000
ARAB 213Development and Humanitarian Interventions in the Middle Eas...00000
ARPL 618Foundations of Sacred Space/Cultural Studies00000
ACCT 548Accounting Theory00000
ARPL 671Creative Problem Solving00000
ARPL 202Architectural Design I00000
ARPL 694Independent Studies00000
ANTH 495Practicum/Internship in Anthropology00000
ARPL 701Concentration Studio III00000
ARPL 289Transportation and Land Use Planning00000
ARPL 742Advanced Structures00000
ACCT 491Special Topics in Accounting00000
ARPL 788Urban Economics00000
ARPL 409Special Topics in Design and Graphics00000
ART 201Drawing and Composition I00000
ANTH 110Speech and Experience:Anthropology of Language00000
ARPL 441Structures I00000
APN 568Soft Matter Physics00000
ARPL 496BSES Capstone00000
ACCT 512Auditing00000
ARPL 503Field Study00000
APN 667Nanoscale Devices00000
ARPL 506Portfolio Design00000
ARPL 508On Drawing00000
ANTH 214The Anthropology of Food00000
APN 685Processing of Materials.00000
ARPL 511History of Architecture I00000
ARPL 532Environmental Design I00000
APN 762Seminar00000
ARPL 540Sustainable Strategies + Synergies Studio00000
ANTH 260Anthropology of Religion00000
ARPL 551Digital Tools I00000
ARAB 101Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic00000
ARPL 586BHealthy Cities, Livable Places00000
ACCT 525Accounting & Budgeting Systems00000
ARPL 594AIndependent Study00000
ARAB 203Advanced Composition and Conversation I00000
ARPL 602Integrated Building Design Studio00000
ANTH 334The Inca Empire Before and After the Conquest00000
ARPL 616Sacred Space Design in the Abrahamic Traditions00000
ARPL 101Architectural Foundations I:Introduction to Architecture00000
ARPL 632Integrated Studio Supplement00000
ACCT 430Forensic Accounting00000
ARPL 641Theory of the Orders00000
ARPL 105Digital Post Production00000
ARPL 673Project & Practice Management for FM00000
ANTH 452Senior Capstone Workshop00000
ARPL 677Construction Design and Implementation00000
ARPL 212History of Architecture II00000
ARPL 696Thesis Continuation00000
ACCT 591Special Topics in Accounting00000
ARPL 696FMARCH/MSFM Thesis Design00000
ARPL 241Theory of the Orders00000
ARPL 721Thesis Preparation00000
ANTH 498Undergraduate Comprehensive Examination00000
ARPL 735Materials and Assemblies00000
ARPL 302Architectural Design III00000
ARPL 762MCRP Written Thesis00000
ACCT 310Intermediate Accounting I00000
ARPL 783Ethics and Stewardship00000
ARPL 407Design Build00000
ART 101Fundamentals of Design I00000
ANTH 698AMaster's Comprehensive Examination (w/Classes)00000
ARPL 514Introduction to Theory00000
APN 691Physics of Non-Crystalline Materials00000
ARPL 519Special Topics in History/Theory00000
ARPL 521Pre Design00000
ARPL 420Translating the New Urban Agenda into Architectural Principl...00000