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CUA Course Reviews

Catholic University of America

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
TRS 202AThe Church and the Human Person35321
POL 111Introduction to American Government44431
POL 495BWashington Internship45211
POL 312The Civil Rights Movement32541
POL 211Introduction to Political Theory53551
POL 112Introduction to Comparative Politics43331
LSC 830Legal Research00000
ITAL 250The Italian American Experience; A Survey00000
MADM 634Public Policy and Social Services00000
MATH 417Advanced Graph Theory00000
IEDP 531Development and Practice Seminar II00000
LAT 501AElementary Latin for Graduate Students00000
ART 533Art and Architecture of the Medieval World00000
LSC 615Metadata00000
ITAL 210Italian Women Artists00000
MADM 612Information Technology for Health Care Administration00000
IEDP 501Accounting Concepts and Applications00000
MATH 222Calculus IV Differential Eqns00000
LAT 104BAugustine and Aquinas00000
MATH 507Graph Theory00000
IEDM 501Accounting Concepts and Applications00000
MKT 435Sales Leadership00000
IEDP 552International Organizations and Development00000
LAW 943CCLS: Families & the Law Clinic00000
LAW 972CCLS : Veterans Advocacy & Estate Planning Clinic00000
IEDM 523Global Education and Community Development Policies00000
IEDP 594Independent Study00000
LAW 986Moot Court: National Civil Rights Competition00000
LSC 557The Information Professions in Society00000
ITAL 102Elementary Italian II00000
LSC 698AMaster's Comprehensive Examination (w/Classes)00000
IEDM 594Independent Study00000
LSC 872Administration of School Library Media Programs00000
ITAL 220The Splendor of Rome in Literature & Film00000
MADM 623Information Technology for Emergency Services00000
HSTR 102Liturgy and the Christian Life00000
MATH 114Probability and Statistics00000
ITAL 498Undergraduate Comprehensive Examination00000
MATH 322Abstract Algebra II00000
IEDP 522Development Aspects of Energy and Environment00000
MATH 434Introduction to Mathematical Finance00000
LAT 427Down on the Farm: Cicero, Horace, and the Good Life in Ancie...00000
MATH 521Introductory Analysis I00000
HSLS 494Honors Undergraduate Research00000
MKT 345Marketing Management00000
LAT 505BReadings in Canonical Latin (Online)00000
MKT 498Undergraduate Comprehensive Examination00000
IEDM 510Foundations of an Ethical Integral Social and Economic Devel...00000
LAW 970ACCLS: Veterans Advocacy and Estate Planning Clinic00000
IEDP 571Advanced Macroeconomics00000
LAW 981AMoot Court: Health Law Regulatory and Compliance00000
HSPH 101The Desire to Know00000
LAW 989FMoot Court: Energy00000
IEDP 698BMaster's Comprehensive Examination (w/o Classes)00000
LAW 989LMoot Court: ERISA00000
LAW 989JMoot Court: National Baseball Arbitration00000
IEDM 530Development and Practice Seminar I00000
IENG 93ESL Reading/Writing00000
LAW 990National Trial Team00000
LSC 551Organization of Information00000
IRSH 230Being Irish-Ser Irlandés: Irish Identity in Caribbean and L...00000
LSC 606Cataloging and Classification00000
IEDM 562Survey Design00000
LSC 694AIndependent Study00000
ITAL 111Intensive Elementary Italian00000
LSC 731Media Integration in the Curriculum00000
HSSS 204Families,Markets,Cities: Social and Scientific Perspectives00000
LSC 843Public Programs, Outreach and Digital Exhibits in Libraries,...00000
ITAL 213The Three Crowns of Italian Literature and Culture: Dante, P...00000
MADM 525Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis00000
IEDM 697BProject Guidance II00000
MADM 615Public Health Administration00000
ITAL 240Italy and the Renaissance00000
MADM 631Diversity in a Multicultural Society00000
HSLS 350Berlin in Literature and Film00000
MATH 110Applied Mathematics for Business00000
ITAL 488Senior Special Topics Seminar00000
MATH 168Mathematics in the Modern World00000
IEDP 510Foundations of an Ethical Integral Social and Economic Devel...00000
MATH 309Probability and Statistics for Engineers00000
LAT 101XElementary Latin I for Seminarians00000
MATH 407Graph Theory00000
HUM 101Classics in Conversation I: The Dawning of the Western Tradi...00000
MATH 424Complex Variables00000
LAT 415Roman Historiography00000
MATH 498Undergraduate Comprehensive Examination00000
IEDP 525Public Policy00000
MATH 515Combinatorics00000
LAT 476Roman Philosophical Works00000
MATH 524Complex Variables00000
HSHU 203The Age of Discovery00000
MIS 323Data Communication and Network Security00000
LAT 502Elementary Latin for Graduate Students II00000
MKT 350Digital Marketing00000
IEDP 544Applied Econometrics II00000
LSC 255Introduction to Information Systems00000
IENG 98ESL Vocab Development00000
LSC 327Introduction to Data Science00000
LSC 433Information Retrieval and Analysis00000
LAT 508BAugustine and Aquinas00000