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Cu Denver Course Reviews

University of Colorado Denver

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BUSN 6520Leading Individuals and Teams44551
BUSN 6540Legal and Ethical Environment of Business43551
BUSN 6530Data Analytics for Managers43341
BUSN 6550Analyzing and Interpreting Accounting Information43341
BUSN 6620Applied Economics for Managers53551
BUSN 6621Applied Economics for Managers (Health Section)00000
BUSN 6711Strategic Management (Health Section)00000
BUSN 6521Leading Individuals and Teams00000
BUSN 6630Management of Operations00000
BUSN 6610Information Systems Strategy00000
BUSN 6840Independent Study00000
BUSN 6640Financial Management00000
BUSN 6710Strategic Management00000
BUSN 6560Marketing Dynamics in the 21st Century00000
BUSN 6805Career And Professional Development00000
BUSN 1200Career and Professional Development00000
BUSN 6541Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (Health Section)00000
BUSN 6830Business and the Natural Environment00000
BUSN 6561Marketing Management (Health Section)00000
BUSN 6812Business Intelligence and Analytics00000