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Cu Denver Course Reviews

University of Colorado Denver

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOE 2010Introduction to Programming for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 3060Biostatistics, Measurement and Analysis00000
BIOE 4054Regulatory Affairs00000
BIOE 4083Polymers in Biomedical Applications00000
BIOE 5010Cell and Molecular Biology for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 50633D Modeling for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 5083Polymers in Biomedical Applications00000
BIOE 3010Bioinstrumentation00000
BIOE 3071Bioengineering Lab II00000
BIOE 40633D Modeling for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 4420Special Topics in Bioengineering00000
BIOE 5020Analytics and Machine Learning in Bioengineering00000
BIOE 5065Introduction to iOS Apps00000
BIOE 5939Graduate Internship00000
BIOE 1010Bioengineering Design and Prototyping I00000
BIOE 3040Physiology for Bioengineering00000
BIOE 4039Mechatronics and Embedded Systems00000
BIOE 4066Advanced Topics In Ios Apps00000
BIOE 5011Systems Physiology for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 5054Regulatory Affairs00000
BIOE 5073Neural Interfaces and Bionic Limbs00000
BIOE 3020Introduction to Biomechanical Analysis00000
BIOE 3939Undergraduate Internship00000
BIOE 4065Introduction to iOS Apps00000
BIOE 4073Neural Interfaces and Bionic Limbs00000
BIOE 5039Mechatronics and Embedded Systems00000
BIOE 5064Advanced MatLab For Bioengineers And Life Scientists00000
BIOE 5840Independent Study in Bioengineering00000
BIOE 2020Introduction to Computational Methods for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 3070Bioengineering Lab I00000
BIOE 4057Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology00000
BIOE 5021Numerical Methods for Engineering Analysis00000
BIOE 5066Advanced Topics In Ios Apps00000
BIOE 6950Masters Thesis00000
BIOE 5053Optics & Microscopy in Biomedical Research00000
BIOE 5074Introduction to Laboratory Animal Research00000
BIOE 1020Bioengineering Design and Prototyping II00000
BIOE 3051Cell & Molecular Bioengineering Lab00000
BIOE 4045BioDesign III00000
BIOE 4068Introduction to Medical Imaging00000
BIOE 4929Undergraduate Research Project00000
BIOE 5057Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology00000
BIOE 5420Special Topics in Bioengineering00000
BIOE 3050Cell & Molecular Bioengineering00000
BIOE 4035Undergraduate BioDesign II00000
BIOE 4064Advanced MatLab For Bioengineers And Life Scientists00000
BIOE 4840Independent Study in Bioengineering00000
BIOE 5041Clinical Experiences for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 5069Advanced Biomechanics for Graduates00000
BIOE 2840Independent Study in Bioengineering00000
BIOE 3090Introduction to BioDesign00000
BIOE 4067Human Factors and Usability Testing for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 5035Mechatronics and Embedded Systems00000
BIOE 5068Introduction to Medical Imaging00000
BIOE 8990Doctoral Dissertation00000
BIOE 3030Introduction to Biomaterials00000
BIOE 4053Optics and Microscopy in Biomedical Research00000
BIOE 4069Advanced Biomechanics for Undergraduates00000
BIOE 5040Research Methods for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 5067Human Factors and Usability Testing for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 6960Master's Project00000