Cu Denver Course Reviews

University of Colorado Denver

BUSN 6530Data Analytics for Managers43341
BUSN 6550Analyzing and Interpreting Accounting Information43341
BUSN 6540Legal and Ethical Environment of Business43551
BUSN 6520Leading Individuals and Teams44551
ANTH 3560Human Variation and Adaptation00000
ARCH 3801Introduction to Digital Media00000
ARCH 5350Structures I00000
ARCH 6270City Design Fundamentals00000
AMBA 6260Applied Mircoeconomics00000
ANTH 4880Directed Research00000
ARCH 6550Digital Portfolio Design00000
ARCH 3340Theory of Structures I00000
ANTH 2400Exploring Culture through Social Media00000
ARCH 5110Design Studio I00000
AMBA 5939Internship for MBAs00000
ARCH 6185Digital Design & Fabrication00000
ANTH 4350Anthropology of Globalization00000
ARCH 6373Construction in Design Build00000
ACCT 6330Fraud Auditing00000
AMBA 6280Finance Management I00000
BANA 2010Business Statistics00000
ANTH 5380Archaeology of Hunters-Gatherers00000
ANTH 5570Landscape Archaeology00000
ACCT 6442Accounting: Professional Research and Communications00000
AMBA 6480Creating an Ethical Business Culture00000
ANTH 5939Internship00000
ARCH 2230Architectural History I00000
ANES 8600Research in Anesthesiology00000
ARCH 3701Survival Sketching00000
AGRI 5460Principles of Cooperative Extension00000
ARCH 4120Design Studio V00000
ANTH 3301World Prehistory00000
ARCH 5230History and Theory Architecture II00000
ACCT 6150Taxation of Business Entities00000
ARCH 5450Sustainable Design Practices00000
ANTH 4090Drug Syndemic00000
ARCH 6231Regionalisms & the Vernacular00000
AMBA 6230Financial Accounting00000
ARCH 6352Documentation, Analysis, Representation00000
ANTH 4500Advanced Issues in Human Evolution00000
ARCH 6413Construction Leadership00000
ACCT 4620Auditing Theory00000
ARCH 6910Teaching Assistantship00000
ANTH 5230Anthropology and Community Based Participatory Research00000
BANA 5939Internship00000
ACCT 6370International Accounting00000
ANTH 5440Museums in the 21st Century00000
AMBA 6310International Business Abroad00000
ANTH 5800Special Topics in Medical Anthropology00000
ACCT 4800Accounting for Government and Nonprofit Organizations00000
ANAT 62103D Animation for Anatomy00000
ANTH 6103Current Theory in Ethnography00000
ANTH 6503Biological Anthropology Core: The Fossil Record00000
ANTH 6950Master's Thesis00000
ACCT 6480Partnership Taxation00000
ANAT 6330Human Embryology00000
ANTP 5320Culture of Disaster00000
ARCH 2110Design Studio I00000
ANES 8001Surgery Intensive Care AI00000
ARCH 3130Construction Practices: Material and Structural Systems00000
ACCT 6939Internship/Cooperative Education00000
ARCH 3601History of American Architecture00000
ANTH 1302Introduction to Archaeology00000
ARCH 37063D Design, Computation, and Prototyping00000
ACCT 6080Accounting for Government and Nonprofit Organizations00000
ARCH 3949Internship I00000
ANTH 3101Foundations of Cultural Anthropology00000
ARCH 4440Building Systems II00000
AGRI 5470Delivery of Co-operative Extension Programs00000
ARCH 5130Design Studio III00000
ANTH 3316History of Human Environmental Impacts00000
ARCH 5330Sustainable Systems I00000
ACCT 4410Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax00000
ARCH 5410Professional Practice00000
ANTH 4000Special Topics in Anthropology00000
ARCH 6150Design Studio V00000
AMBA 6210Data Analytics I00000
ARCH 6210History of American Architecture00000
ANTH 4300Migrant Health00000
ARCH 6256Community Development00000
ACCT 6260Seminar: Managerial Accounting00000
ARCH 6313LEED Certification, Greenbuilding Seminar00000
ANTH 4440Museums in the 21st Century00000
ARCH 6356Adaptive Reuse: Business and Practice00000
AMBA 6241Marketing Strategy00000
ARCH 6376Green Tech Eco-Furniture Fabrication II00000
ANTH 4800Special Topics in Medical Anthropology00000
ARCH 6471Managing Quality & Risks00000
ACCT 3230Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ARCH 6580High-Performance Façade Design00000
ANTH 5053Quantitative Methods in Anthropology00000
ARCH 6950Thesis Preparation00000
AMBA 6261Applied Macroeconomics00000
ANTP 5450Global Mental Health - Theory and Method00000
ANAT 6508Human Physiology00000
ARAB 1000Introduction to Cultures of the Arabic-Speaking World00000
ARAB 2120Intermediate Arabic II00000
ANTH 5320Archaeology of Mexico and Central America00000
ACCT 2200Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis00000
ACCT 4054Accounting Information Systems00000