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Cu Denver Course Reviews

University of Colorado Denver

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 3445Introduction to Evolution55541
BUSN 6540Legal and Ethical Environment of Business43551
PSYC 2220Biological Basis of Behavior45551
PSYC 2090Statistics and Research Methods55341
BUSN 6520Leading Individuals and Teams44551
PSYC 3222Principles of Learning and Behavior33231
BUSN 6550Analyzing and Interpreting Accounting Information43341
BUSN 6530Data Analytics for Managers43341
BUSN 6620Applied Economics for Managers53551
BIOL 4460Environmental Toxicology00000
ARCH 6231Regionalisms & the Vernacular00000
BIOL 5052Advanced Ecology00000
BIOL 4053Disease Ecology00000
ARCH 5310Building Construction I00000
BIOL 4674Endocrinology00000
ANAT 6950MSMHA Capstone Project00000
BIOL 5335Plant Science00000
ARCH 6472Architecture in a Single Source Project Delivery00000
BIOL 5644Advanced Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
BLAW 3050Business Law and Ethics00000
AMBA 6201Leading in Organizations00000
ANTH 5800Special Topics in Medical Anthropology00000
BANA 6650Project Management00000
BSBT 6072Foundations in Biochemistry00000
BSBT 6950Laboratory Thesis Research00000
ANTH 6950Master's Thesis00000
BIOE 3071Bioengineering Lab II00000
BIOL 3621Introduction to Immunology00000
ARCH 4120Design Studio V00000
BIOL 4345Flora of Colorado00000
ANAT 6490Advanced Teaching in Anatomical Sciences00000
BIOL 4550Cell Signaling00000
ARCH 5450Sustainable Design Practices00000
BIOL 4880Directed Research00000
ACCT 6480Partnership Taxation00000
BIOL 5134Human Genetics00000
ARCH 6352Documentation, Analysis, Representation00000
BIOL 5460Environmental Toxicology00000
ANTH 1303Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
BIOS 7645Phd Predictive Analytics00000
ARCH 6931Architecture Internship00000
BSBT 6061Project Management00000
ACCT 6032Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
BSBT 6310Practical Clinical Research Informatics00000
BIOE 1020Bioengineering Design and Prototyping II00000
BIOE 3030Introduction to Biomaterials00000
AMBA 6230Financial Accounting00000
BIOE 4053Optics and Microscopy in Biomedical Research00000
ANTP 5450Global Mental Health - Theory and Method00000
BIOE 4067Human Factors and Usability Testing for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 4083Polymers in Biomedical Applications00000
ACCT 6150Taxation of Business Entities00000
AMBA 6251Data Management Strategy00000
ARAB 2110Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIOE 5011Systems Physiology for Bioengineers00000
BIOE 5040Research Methods for Bioengineers00000
ARCH 1721Architectural Visualization II00000
BIOE 5064Advanced MatLab For Bioengineers And Life Scientists00000
BIOL 3244Human Anatomy00000
ARCH 3707Color Theory + Application00000
BIOL 3840Independent Study00000
ANAT 62103D Animation for Anatomy00000
BIOL 4144Medical Microbiology00000
ARCH 5130Design Studio III00000
BIOL 4425Biogeography00000
ACCT 6380Forensic Accounting00000
BIOL 4475Mechanisms of Human Pathology00000
ARCH 5360Structures II00000
BIOL 4640Mammalogy00000
ANAT 6910Teaching Practicum00000
BIOL 4815Structural Biology of Neurodegenerative Diseases00000
ARCH 6185Digital Design & Fabrication00000
BIOL 5050Advanced Biology Topics00000
ACCT 6020Auditing Theory00000
BIOL 5055Virology00000
ARCH 6259The Art of Traditional Design00000
BIOL 5165Neurobiology00000
ANES 8100ANES Elective Away00000
BIOL 5425Biogeography00000
ARCH 6373Construction in Design Build00000
BIOL 5550Cell Signaling00000
AGRI 5000Advanced Issues In Agriculture00000
BIOL 6002Biology Skills Sets - Pedagogy00000
ARCH 6570Sketching As Seeing00000
BIOS 7731Advanced Mathematical Statistics I00000
ANTH 3101Foundations of Cultural Anthropology00000
BMIN 3004Principles of Strategic Management00000
BANA 4950Special Topics in Business Analytics00000
BSBT 6067Statistics for Biomedical Sciences00000
ACCT 4054Accounting Information Systems00000
BSBT 6078Seminar in Immunology and Microbiology00000
BANA 6740VBA for Business Analytics00000
ANTH 6063Qualitative Research Design and Methods00000
BIOE 5068Introduction to Medical Imaging00000
AMBA 6280Finance Management I00000
ARCH 3120Design Studio III00000
BIOE 5939Graduate Internship00000
BIOL 1200Drugs, Health, And Wellness00000
ARCH 3600Special Topics Cultural00000
BIOL 2030Honors Organisms to Ecosystems (Gen Bio)00000