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CU Course Reviews

Cameron University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 1013Art Appreciation55431
PHYS 2150Experimental Physics 211441
MCEN 5173Finite Element Analysis52551
ARTF 6959Master's Thesis00000
ARSC 1400SASC Coseminar: Chemistry 1 & 200000
APPM 5480Methods of Applied Mathematics: Approximation Methods00000
ANTH 4735Contemporary Cuban Culture: Race, Gender and Power00000
ARTH 5099Ancient Greek Sculpture00000
APRD 4504Copywriting Seminar00000
ARTS 3004Land and Environmental Art (Sculpture and Post-Studio Practi...00000
APRD 5014Experience Design Studio 300000
AREN 5010Energy System Modeling and Control00000
APPM 4320Introduction to Dynamics on Networks00000
ARSC 4040Arts and Sciences Special Topics00000
ANTH 4210Southwestern Archaeology00000
ARTH 4129Aegean Art and Archaeology00000
APPM 5570Statistical Methods00000
ARTS 1171Photography for Non-Majors00000
ANTH 1115The Caribbean in Post-Colonial Perspective00000
ARTS 3433Alternative Printmaking 100000
ANTH 5070Methods in Biological Anthropology00000
ANTH 1156Class and Consumption: Global Cultures of Inequality, Anxiet...00000
APRD 7002Research Design00000
ANTH 5390Research Methods In Archaeology 100000
ARAB 1011Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilizations00000
ARAB 3231In the Footsteps of Travelers: Travel Writing in Arabic Lit00000
AREN 4560Luminous Radiative Transfer00000
APPM 2450Calculus 3 Computer Lab00000
AREN 5830Architectural Engineering Special Topic00000
ANTH 4000Quantitative Methods in Anthropology00000
ARSC 1492MASP Research Seminar00000
APPM 4505Advanced Statistical Collaboration00000
ARTF 5024Advanced Research Seminar00000
AIRR 1234Leadership Laboratory00000
ARTH 3109Art in Contemporary Society00000
APPM 5530Stochastic Analysis for Finance00000
ARTH 4569United States Architecture00000
ANTH 4500Cross-Cultural Aspects of Socioeconomic Development00000
ARTH 6929Seminar: Theories of Art History00000
APRD 4100Brands and Culture00000
ARTS 2222Beginning Painting00000
ACCT 5820Topics in Business00000
ARTS 3191Photography 300000
APRD 5001Brand Design Studio 100000
ARTS 3937Internship00000
ANTH 1145Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Aztecs00000
APRD 5019Critical Making Studio 400000
ANTH 5129Aegean Art and Archaeology00000
APRD 7021Environmental Journalism and Science Communication00000
ACCT 6420Research and Writing in Income Taxation00000
ARAB 2110Intermediate Arabic 100000
ANTH 5610Medical Anthropology00000
ANTH 2020Human Biological Variation and Adaptation00000
ARCH 2100Studio 1: Foundations of Architecture00000
ANTH 7015Kinship: Being and Belonging00000
ARCH 4010Architectural Appreciation and Design00000
AREN 1316Introduction to Architectural Engineering00000
AREN 4317Architectural Engineering Design00000
APPM 1390A Game for Calculus00000
AREN 4830Special Topics for Seniors/Grads00000
ANTH 3009Modern Issues, Ancient Times00000
AREN 5510Architectural Lighting I00000
APPM 3050Scientific Computing in Matlab00000
AREN 6960Master's Report00000
ACCT 8900Independent Study00000
ARSC 1460SASC Coseminar: Biology00000
APPM 4390Modeling in Mathematical Biology00000
ARSC 2000Ways of Knowing: Constructions of Knowledge in the Academy a...00000
ANTH 4125Evolution and the Human Life Cycle: A Primate Life History P...00000
ARTF 5004Topics in Film Theory00000
APPM 5390Modeling in Mathematical Biology00000
ARTF 5400Digital Post-Production00000
ACCT 5450Income Taxation of Business Entities00000
ARTH 1600U.S. Art Across Cultures00000
APPM 5515High-Dimensional Probability for Data Science00000
ARTH 3929Special Topics in Art History00000
ANTH 4270Plains Archaeology00000
ARTH 4269Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East00000
APPM 5560Markov Processes, Queues, and Monte Carlo Simulations00000
ARTH 4929Special Topics in Art History00000
AIRR 3020Leading People and Effective Communication 200000
ARTH 5169Topics in Ancient and Classical Art and Archaeology00000
APRD 3104Digital Storytelling for Public Relations00000
ARTS 1003Printmaking for Non-Majors00000
ANTH 4690Anthropology of Tibet00000
ARTS 2085Ceramics 2: Handbuilding00000
APRD 4403Strategic Communication Campaigns00000
ARTS 2413Beginning Lithography00000
ACCT 4250Financial Statement Analysis00000
ARTS 3054Sculpture: Modules and Multiples 200000
APRD 4543Strategic Brand Management00000
ARTS 3354Bend, Build, Burn: Sculpture in Wood00000
ANTH 4919Collections Research Practicum: Archaeology00000
ANTH 7600Human Ecology: Cultural Aspects00000
AREN 2830Special Topics00000
AREN 3440Architectural Daylighting Design00000
APRD 5007Critical Making Studio 200000
ACCT 3220Corporate Financial Reporting 100000
ACCT 4827Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies00000
ACCT 6940Master's Candidate for Degree00000