CU Course Reviews

Cameron University

CS 3713Algorithm Analysis00000
EDUC 4955Dir Obs & Intern In Elem Sch00000
BUS 5983Applied Business Strategy00000
COMM 3991WS:Interpersonal Communication00000
CHEM 4492Special Problems In Chem00000
BIOL 3901Biology Capstone I00000
ECON 2023Principles of Microeconomics00000
ART 3743Adv Computer Graphics00000
CHEM 3334LChem of Water & Wastewater Lab00000
ART 4483Adv Prntmkg VII: Lithography00000
COMM 2313Small Group Communication00000
CJ 2233American Courts00000
BIOL 3014Genetics00000
CS 1314Computer Science I00000
ANIM 4423Livestock Diseases & Sanitatn00000
ECEC 1123Intro To Early Childhood Educ00000
BUS 1113Intro To Business00000
EDUC 4313Practicum in Assessment & Inst00000
AGRC 3001WS: Crops of Oklahoma00000
EDUC 5253Legal/Ethical Aspects Sch Admn00000
ART 4363Adv Paint 5:BFA Paint Thesis00000
CHEM 4361Physical Chemistry II Lab00000
AGRC 4321S/S: Adv Studies in Pasture Mg00000
CJ 1013Intro To Criminal Justice00000
ART 4733Internship/Art Portfolio00000
CJ 4503Comparative Criminal Justice00000
CJ 3053Evidence00000
BIOL 2134LHuman Physiology Lab00000
COMM 3313Adv Bus & Prof Speaking00000
ANIM 3653LApplied Nutrition Lab00000
CORR 2003Correctional Treatmnt Mthds00000
BIOL 3084LOrnithology Lab00000
CS 2413Data Structures00000
AGRC 2124LFund of Soil Science Lab00000
ECE 2163Hlth, Safty Nutr Young Chi00000
BIOL 4122S/S:Advanced Human Anatomy00000
ECEC 4223Admin Early Childhood Programs00000
ART 2253Computer Graphic Design00000
EDUC 3003Intro to Teaching00000
BUS 4633Business Policy00000
EDUC 4653Classroom Assessment00000
ACCT 5243Accounting For Management00000
EDUC 5100Intro Sem for Grad Jan 2500000
CHEM 1471General Chemistry II Lab00000
EDUC 5293Resource Mgmt For School Admin00000
AGRC 3513Princ of Agricultural Mgmt00000
CHEM 4334Adv Inorganic Chemistry00000
ART 4393Adv Pntng: Cntmp Watercolor00000
CHEM 4403Biochemistry I00000
AGRC 1124LIntro to Animal Sci Lab00000
CIS 2033Fund of Sys Analysis & Design00000
ART 4633Hist of Art Sem:Contemp Art I00000
CJ 2023Criminal Justice Reporting00000
AGRC 4423Agricultural Internship00000
CJ 3023Victimology00000
BIOL 1364Principles of Biology I00000
CJ 4153Death Penalty00000
CJ 3133Ethics in Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 2124LMicrobiology Lab00000
COMM 1113Principles of Communication00000
ANIM 3103Livestock Evaluation00000
COMM 2901Strategic Comm Capstone00000
BIOL 2154Zoology00000
COMM 3413Gender Communication00000
AGRC 2013Intro To Agricultural Econ00000
COMM 4723Organizational Comm Intrns00000
BIOL 3064Ecology00000
CORR 2103Law Of Corrections00000
ANIM 4123LSwine Science Lab00000
CS 1523Discrete Math00000
BIOL 3124Histology00000
CS 3013Network Programming00000
ACCT 4471Sem: Budgeting00000
CS 4204LSoftware Engineering Lab00000
BIOL 4114Advanced Microbiology00000
ECE 4144Mthds & Pract In Cognitive Dev00000
ART 1123Drawing II00000
ECEC 1223Child Guidance00000
BIOL 4174Cell Biology00000
ECON 2003Economic Foundations Finance00000
AGRC 2423Computers In Agriculture00000
ECON 5933Issues In Global Economics00000
BUS 3881WS:Leading through Change00000
EDUC 3533Tch Inter/Mid Sch Reading00000
ART 2623History of Art II00000
EDUC 4463Mathematics Methods00000
BUS 5483Graduate Internship in Busines00000
EDUC 4883ST: Methods & Mgmt of Teaching00000
ACCT 3113Fraud Examination00000
EDUC 4985Dir Obs & Intern In Second Sch00000
CHEM 1004Descriptive Chemistry00000
EDUC 5213School Culture00000
ART 4333Adv Pntng II: Cntpr Paint Tech00000
CHEM 3314Organic Chemistry I00000
ACCT 2023Prin Cost/Managerial Acctg00000
ACCT 4013Individual Income Tax00000
AGRC 1214LIntro To Plant Sci Lab00000
AGRN 3513Fiber & Oilseed Crops00000
BIOL 2034LHuman Anatomy Lab00000
CJ 4033Research Methods & Statistics00000