CSUSM Course Reviews

California State University, San Marcos

BIOL 532Biological Data Analysis II --- Multivariate Analysis00000
BIOL 698EThesis00000
ANTH 391Anthropological Theory00000
BIOL 486-10ST: Cell and Tissue Biomechanics Discussion00000
BA 635Information Technologies and Management00000
ANTH 240Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
BIOL 597-4ST: Laboratory and Field Studies in Avian Biology00000
AMD 306Video in the Community00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
AMD 322Contemporary Women Artists00000
BIOL 400Vertebrate Biology00000
BIOL 160Microbiology for Health Sciences00000
AMD 419Research to Production00000
BIOL 499Senior Laboratory Thesis00000
AMD 121Pre-20th Century Art History: Themes in Art from Antiquity t...00000
BIOL 596-4ST: Advanced Topics in Current Biological Research00000
ANTH 345Culture and Mind00000
BIOL 686-7St: Advanced Human Cardiovascular Physiology00000
AIS 400Contemporary American Indian Health and Wellness00000
BIOT 457Case Studies in Biotechnology Product Development00000
AMD 313Digital Photo and the Environment00000
BA 604Research Methods for Business00000
ALCI 10Writing and Grammar00000
BA 685Business Intelligence Master's Project00000
AMD 368Arts of World Cultures00000
BIOL 381Plant Diversity00000
BIOL 210ACellular and Molecular Biology Tutorial00000
AMD 406Installation Art00000
BIOL 423Fish Physiology00000
AMD 101Drawing I: Pencil to Pixel00000
BIOL 487-3ST: Cell and Tissue Biomechanics Lab00000
AMD 495CInternship00000
BIOL 505Physiological Ecology00000
AIS 290American Indian Education: Equity and Social Justice00000
BIOL 564Seminar in Evolution00000
ANTH 311Archaeology Of The Holy Land: Bridging The Past And The Pres...00000
BIOL 596-7ST: Biological Oceanography00000
AMD 205Painting I00000
BIOL 620Advanced Ecological Monitoring00000
ANTH 379Environmental Health and Justice00000
BIOL 697EDirected Studies00000
ACCT 482-4ST: Financial Statement Analysis00000
BIOT 257Foundations of Biotechnology00000
ANTH 480Local Archaeological Practice00000
BIOT 498Stem-Cell Internship00000
AIS 410United States History Through Indigenous Lenses: Pre-Contact...00000
BA 73Meet the Leaders00000
AMD 317Digital Photo Sketchbook00000
BA 621Managerial Accounting00000
AH 111The Human Experience: Introduction to the Arts and Humanitie...00000
BA 671Essential Knowledge and Critical Skills Workshops00000
AMD 333Visual Culture Studies00000
BA 690-13ST: Advanced Prescriptive Analytics00000
ALCI 30Public Speaking00000
BIOL 177Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology for Kinesiology...00000
AMD 380-4ST: Digital Drawing00000
BIOL 375Endocrinology00000
BIOL 212Evolution00000
AMD 403Advanced Web Art00000
BIOL 387Ecological Processes in Aquatic Systems00000
ALCI 60Conversation00000
BIOL 404LDevelopmental Physiology Lab00000
AMD 411Data Visualization00000
BIOL 463Principles of Conservation Biology00000
AIS 240American Indians and Environmental Issues00000
BIOL 486-13ST: Principles of Bioengineering00000
AMD 422Art and Science: Historical and Contemporary Practice00000
BIOL 487-2ST: Fish Physiology Laboratory00000
AMD 104Introduction to Web Art00000
BIOL 503Modern Molecular Biology and Genomics00000
ANTH 200Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 520Advanced Molecular Cell Biology00000
ACCT 421Financial Accounting in Government and Non-Profit Organizati...00000
BIOL 536Biogeochemical Cycles and Global Change00000
ANTH 301Culture and Medicine: Healers and Healing Practices00000
BIOL 567Current Trends in Biological Research00000
AMD 203Introduction to Audio and Video00000
BIOL 596-8ST: Neurobiology Discussion00000
ANTH 328Body and Identity00000
BIOL 596-13ST: Topics in Insect Physiology and Biochemistry00000
AIS 350Imagining Indians: American Indians, Mass Media, Film and So...00000
BIOL 604Advanced Developmental Physiology00000
ANTH 360Indigenous Anthropology00000
BIOL 686-11ST: Cell and Tissue Biomechanics Discussion00000
AMD 302Sculpture II00000
BIOL 687-1ST: Cell and Tissue Biomechanics Lab00000
ANTH 389Topics in Archaeology00000
BIOL 697FDirected Studies00000
ACCT 306Cost Accounting00000
BIOL 699BThesis Extension00000
ANTH 470Community Ethnobotany00000
BIOT 397Biotechnology Industry Immersion00000
AMD 309Generating Narrative in Video and New Media00000
ARAB 101Beginning Arabic I00000
ACCT 202Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 406Cost Management, Measurement, and Control00000
AIS 120Decolonizing Your Diet: Intro to Native Foods, Systems and P...00000
ALCI 50AReading00000
AMD 380-2ST: Design and Invention00000
BIOL 316The Biology of Cancer00000