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CSUF Course Reviews

California State University, Fullerton

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CPLT 315Classical Mythology in World Literature00000
CRJU 303Controlling Crime00000
CNSM 201STEMinar00000
COUN 252Career and Life Planning00000
COMD 589APublic School Practicum in Communicative Disorders00000
CHEM 597Project00000
CPSC 462Software Design00000
CAS 496Student-to-Student Tutorial00000
COMD 489APublic School Practicum in Communicative Disorders00000
CHEM 313AEnvironmental Pollution and Its Solutions: Air Pollution00000
COMM 480Persuasive Communications00000
COMM 351Writing for the Advertising Industry00000
CHEM 492Sustainability Projects00000
COUN 528Groups: Process and Practice00000
CAS 346Advanced Study in Preschool Development00000
CPSC 301Programming Lab Practicum00000
CHIC 338Barrios and Health00000
CPSC 541Systems and Software Standards and Requirements00000
BIOL 505TSeminar in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Physiology00000
CRJU 435Civil Disobedience and Social Justice00000
CHEM 123Chemistry for Engineers00000
COMD 558AClinical Practicum: Speech and Language Disorders in Adults00000
BUAD 301Advanced Business Communication00000
COMM 315Mass Media and Diversity00000
CHEM 395Undergraduate Research00000
COMM 457Broadcast Advertising00000
COMM 407Communications Law00000
CHEM 472AAdvances in Biotechnology Lab00000
COMM 518Public Relations Theory00000
CAS 325BAge 9 Through Adolescence00000
COUN 522ADiagnosis and Treatment Planning00000
CHEM 537Organic Spectroscopy00000
COUN 584AAdvanced Practicum00000
BIOL 483Evolutionary Genomics and Aging00000
CPLT 451Literature of the Renaissance00000
CHIC 302Ancient Mexican Culture00000
CPSC 375Introduction to Data Science and Big Data00000
CAS 454Practicum in Transitional Early Childhood Education00000
CPSC 484Principles of Computer Graphics00000
CHIN 101Fundamental Chinese-A00000
CPSC 583Expert Systems Design Theory00000
BIOL 448Plant Molecular Biology00000
CRJU 360Comparative and International Criminal Justice Systems00000
COMD 404Communication Development/Disorders in Children from Cultura...00000
CRJU 478Animals, Law and Society00000
BIOL 599Independent Graduate Research00000
COMD 543Seminar in Dysphagia00000
CHEM 301BOrganic Chemistry00000
COMD 571Seminar in Fluency Disorders00000
BIOL 465Integrative Biology of Spider Silk00000
COMM 233Mass Communication in Modern Society00000
CHEM 355Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
COMM 334Feature Article Writing00000
CAS 100Foundations for Success in Child and Adolescent Studies00000
COMM 370Principles and History of American Mass Communication00000
CHEM 411GInstrumental Analysis - Mass spectrometry00000
COMM 451Capstone - Advertising Campaigns00000
COMM 436Reporting on the Entertainment Industry00000
CHEM 436Atmospheric Chemistry00000
COMM 468Corporate and Nonprofit Public Relations00000
CAS 306Health and Safety in Early Childhood00000
COMM 499Independent Study00000
CHEM 480MMARC Proseminar00000
COMM 541Film Criticism00000
BIOL 480MMARC Proseminar00000
COUN 511Pre-Practicum00000
CHEM 505ASeminar (Participation)00000
COUN 525Psychopharmacology for Counselors00000
CAS 330Adolescence and Early Adulthood00000
COUN 535Addictions Counseling00000
CHEM 543Physical Biochemistry00000
COUN 591Advanced Practicum II00000
BIOL 441Plant Taxonomy00000
CPLT 355TImages of Women in Literature00000
CHIC 105Introduction to Central American Studies in the U.S.00000
CPSC 223CC Programming00000
CAS 370Development of African American Children and Youth00000
CPSC 323Compilers and Languages00000
CHIC 313La Chicana00000
CPSC 452Cryptography00000
BIOL 499LIndependent Laboratory Study00000
CPSC 474Parallel and Distributed Computing00000
CHIC 480Chicanas/os and Immigrants00000
CPSC 497Senior Project00000
CAS 490TSenior Seminar in Child and Adolescent Development00000
CPSC 547Software Measurement00000
CHIN 310Mandarin Chinese in the Business World00000
CPSC 599Independent Graduate Research00000
BIOL 413Advances in Molecular Genetics00000
CRJU 325Juvenile Justice Administration00000
COMD 303Biology of Human Communication00000
CRJU 404Capital Punishment00000
CHEM 105Survey of the Molecules of Life00000
COMD 472Voice and Craniofacial Disorders00000
ASAM 201The History of Asian Pacific Americans00000
BIOL 427Stem Cell Biology00000
BIOL 473Introduction to Bioinformatics00000
CAS 221Responsive Care and Practices for Infants and Toddlers00000
CHEM 425Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
COMM 446Entertainment and Society00000