CSUDH Course Reviews

California State University, Dominguez Hills

CLS 450Micro: Fem Genit Tract00000
COM 377Global Media00000
BIO 598Directed Research00000
CIX 912Beginning HTML (Building a Better Website)00000
CDV 360Adolescence00000
BIO 330Botany00000
COM 301News and Information Literacy00000
APS 300Ethos Libl Arts & Role of Work00000
BSN 411Home Health Role Performance00000
ART 331Modern Art And Culture00000
CIS 372Systems Analysis and Design00000
CFO 500Enrolled in online class at a participating CSU Campus throu...00000
ART 490Seminar in Theories of Art Criticism00000
CJA 496Internship in Criminal Justice00000
APP 101Introduction To Asian Studies00000
CMX 905Financing Real Estate Acquisitions00000
BIO 425Medical Bacteriology00000
COM 338Cross-Cultural Journalism00000
ANT 102Ancient Civilizations00000
CSC 101Intro.to Computer Education00000
ART 1702-D Composition00000
CDV 150Intro Child Development00000
ANT 334Mesoamerica Past and Present00000
CDV 444Language, Cognition, and Schooling00000
ART 345Motion Graphics I00000
CHS 495Spec Topic Chicano/Chicana St00000
CHE 316Survey of Organic Chemistry00000
ART 443Web Design II00000
CIS 478Firewall and Computer Network Security00000
ANT 390Applied Anthropology00000
CJA 342Legal and Ethical Foundations of Justice in Criminal Justice...00000
BIO 250Elem Hum Anat & Physiol00000
CLS 430Clin Micro Lab00000
AFS 495Special Topics in Africana St00000
CLS 462Cyto Gu Body C Fluids00000
BIO 361Marine Biology Laboratory00000
COM 130Introduction to Film00000
APP 327Values and Communication of Asian Pacific Cultures00000
COM 315Broadcast Journalism Lab00000
BIO 459Human Parasitology Laboratory00000
COM 363Social Media Strategies00000
ADX 300Intro To Alcoholism00000
COM 400Media Analysis and Research Methods00000
BSN 307Health Care Informatics and Technology00000
CSC 121Introduction to Computer Science and Programming I00000
ANT 313Meth & Tech In Arch00000
BSN 451LDSP/MGMT NSG Role Performance00000
ART 190Sculpture I00000
CDV 325Infancy and Early Childhood00000
ADX 304Group Counseling Techniques00000
CDV 380Stress, Risk, & Resilience00000
ART 337Asian Art00000
CDV 495Special Topics00000
ANT 341Folklore00000
CHE 110General Chemistry I00000
ART 349Photography II - Intermediate Photography00000
CHS 460Las Chicanas00000
CHS 323US Immigration and Citizenship: A Latina/o Perspective00000
ART 380Painting II00000
CIS 272Business Programming I00000
ANT 355Human Variation00000
CIS 380Introduction to Programming for Data Analysis00000
ART 449Photography III - Advanced Photography00000
CIS 502Adv Topics in Info Systems00000
AFS 424Africana Political Thought00000
CIX 936Using Fireworks00000
BIO 121Principles of Biology Lab I00000
CJA 444Juvenile Justice Process00000
ANT 494Independent Study00000
CLS 301Intro Clin Lab Proced Lec00000
BIO 314Developmental Biology00000
CLS 440Correl Clin Micro00000
ACC 431Govt & Nonprofit Acctg00000
CLS 454Micro: Systems Overview00000
BIO 336Environmental Biology00000
CLS 595Special Top:00000
APP 314Asian Americans and the Media00000
CMX 926Construction Safety00000
BIO 420Histotechnique00000
COM 220Screenwriting I00000
AFS 596Pract in Teach Africana Stdy00000
COM 308Television History00000
BIO 436Immunology Laboratory00000
COM 330Emerging Media Writing00000
APP 350Asian-Pacific Gender and Family00000
COM 346Repor. And Info Gathering00000
BIO 516Landscape Ecology00000
COM 367Public Relations Writing Lab00000
ACC 331Intermediate Accounting II00000
COM 387Documentary Film00000
BPX 953Developing The Partnership00000
COM 490Senior Project00000
ART 110Introduction To World Art I00000
BSN 381Hlth Assess Skills Seminar00000
ACC 230Financial Accounting00000
ACC 339Acctg & Ctrl Multnl Comp00000
AFS 332Key Movements: Harlem Renaissance00000
ANT 351Prehistory of the Americas00000
ART 365African Art And Culture00000
CHS 345Latina/o Identities in the Americas00000