CSUB Course Reviews

California State University, Bakersfield

CAFS 2200Curriculum, Procedures, and Laboratory Experience for the Ch...00000
CHEM 2840Service Learning Participation00000
ATHL 1523Intercollegiate Golf00000
BIOL 4530Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology00000
BA 8021Occupl Safety Standrds & Regul00000
ART 3660The Art of Asia00000
CAFS 4900Senior Seminar00000
ANTH 3350Anthropology of Religion00000
BA 3710Professional Development Skills I00000
ANTH 4800Directed Research in Anthropology00000
BIOL 3440Virology00000
BEHS 8050Chemical Dependency Counseling00000
ART 3400Time Based Art00000
BIOL 5911Graduate Practicum in the Teaching of Biology00000
ANTH 3100Method & Theory in Archaeology00000
CAFS 3500Child Guidance, Supervision and Support00000
ART 4400Advanced Studio Topics: 4D00000
CHEM 1100Foundations of Analytical Chemistry00000
AGBS 2500Food Safety00000
CHEM 3602Physical Chemistry Recitation00000
ANTH 4130Introduction to Lithic Technology00000
BA 4908Senior Seminar00000
AGBS 3530Agricultural Trade Policy00000
BASQ 1001Basque I Laboratory00000
ART 1009Practice and Appreciation of the Visual Arts00000
BIOL 3120Research Design and Analysis00000
BIOL 1039Principles of Ecology00000
ART 3200Drawing00000
BIOL 4320Population and Community Ecology00000
ANTH 2128Introduction to the Prehistory of the New World00000
BIOL 4918Senior Seminar00000
ART 3620Modern Art 1900-198000000
BIOL 6921Thesis Defense00000
ADM 5200Quantitative Decision Making00000
CAFS 2620Philosophy for Children00000
ART 4020Visiting Artist00000
CAFS 3650Risk and Resilience in Children00000
ANTH 3200Primate Ecology00000
CHEM 1001Foundations of Chemistry Laboratory00000
ATHL 1433Intercollegiate Track, Women00000
CHEM 2100Quantitative Chemical Analysis for Laboratory Sciences00000
ACCT 4500Accounting Ethics00000
CHEM 3310Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
BA 1008Perspectives in Business and Financial Literacy00000
CHEM 3900Seminar in Chemical Literature00000
AGBS 3500Agricultural Management00000
BA 4850Individual Study00000
ANTH 4400Linguistic Anthropology00000
BA 8010Occupational Safety and Risk Management-General00000
ACCT 6000Financial Accounting for Leaders00000
BA 8090Introduction to Workers Comp00000
ANTH 4880Individual Study00000
BEHS 8020Physiology and Pharmacology00000
AGBS 4770Selected Topics in AGBS00000
BEHS 8080Basic Counseling Theories00000
ART 22102D Foundation in Design and Printmaking00000
BIOL 2600Current Health Problems00000
BIOL 2120Introductory Biology - Plants00000
ART 2708Art of the Americas00000
BIOL 3220Human Pathophysiology00000
ANTH 1208Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
BIOL 4100Evolution00000
ART 3300Sculpture00000
BIOL 4420Plant Diversity00000
ADM 5150Project Management00000
BIOL 4560Plant Pathology00000
ART 3600Baroque and Rococo Art00000
BIOL 5010Current Topics in Biology00000
ANTH 3000Research Methods in Anthropology00000
BIOL 6901Non-Thesis Examination00000
ART 3648History of Photography00000
CAFS 2000Fundamentals in Developmental Theory00000
ACCT 3600Accounting Information Systems00000
CAFS 2400Introduction to Administration of Child and Family Programs00000
ART 3670Contemporary Art in Latin America00000
CAFS 3110Infant and Toddler Development00000
ANTH 3120Intermediate Field Archaeology00000
CAFS 3560Aging and the Family00000
ART 4100Crafts in Art Education00000
CAFS 4100Research, Assessment and Evaluation of Children and Families00000
ADM 5280Strategic Competition00000
CAFS 4970Cooperative Education00000
ATHL 1403Intercollegiate Basketball00000
CHEM 1009CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Chemistry00000
ANTH 3318Peoples of Mexico00000
CHEM 1600Foundations of Physical Chemistry00000
ATHL 1483Intercollegiate Men's Swimming00000
CHEM 2402Foundations of Biochemistry00000
ACCT 3000Intermediate Accounting I00000
CHEM 3100Quantitative Analytical Chemistry00000
ATHL 1553Intercollegiate Baseball00000
CHEM 3500Concepts of Food Analysis00000
ANTH 4010Forensic Anthropology00000
BA 3008Diversity in Business Organizations00000
ACCT 2200Introduction to Financial Reporting and Accounting00000
ACCT 3030Managerial Accounting00000
ADM 5100Advanced Technical Communications00000
ANTH 1109World Archaeology: An Introduction to Ancient Civilizations00000
ART 24004D Foundation Time Based Art00000
BIOL 2230Microbiology00000