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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

PH 142Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (GT-SC1)11341
PH 110Physics of Everyday Phenomena (GT-SC2)00000
PH 314Introduction to Modern Physics00000
PH 341Mechanics00000
PH 361Physical Thermodynamics00000
PH 451Introductory Quantum Mechanics I00000
PH 492Seminar00000
PH 522Introductory Laser Laboratory00000
PH 561Elementary Particle Physics00000
PH 641Electromagnetism I00000
PH 652Quantum Mechanics II00000
PH 698Research00000
PH 780A1Advanced Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics00000
PH 793ASeminar-Condensed Matter Physics00000
PH 793ESeminar-High Energy Physics00000
PH 111Physics of Everyday Phenomena Laboratory (GT-SC1)00000
PH 122General Physics II (GT-SC1)00000
PH 245Introduction to Electronics00000
PH 293Selected Topics in Physics00000
PH 315Modern Physics Laboratory00000
PH 351Electricity and Magnetism00000
PH 384Supervised College Teaching00000
PH 452Introductory Quantum Mechanics II00000
PH 498Research00000
PH 521Introduction to Lasers00000
PH 571Mathematical Methods for Physics I00000
PH 621Classical Mechanics00000
PH 651Quantum Mechanics I00000
PH 692Seminar00000
PH 699Thesis00000
PH 762Elementary Particle Theory00000
PH 793CSeminar: Statistical Mechanics00000
PH 793BSeminar-Laser Spectroscopy/Quantum Electronics00000
PH 121General Physics I (GT-SC1)00000
PH 141Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (GT-SC1)00000
PH 280A1Laboratory Electronics00000
PH 298Introductory Research00000
PH 327Analytical Techniques for Physics00000
PH 353Optics and Waves00000
PH 425Advanced Physics Laboratory00000
PH 462Statistical Physics00000
PH 495Independent Study00000
PH 517Chaos, Fractals, and Nonlinear Dynamics00000
PH 531Introductory Condensed Matter Physics00000
PH 572Mathematical Methods for Physics II00000
PH 642Electromagnetism II00000
PH 671Statistical Mechanics00000
PH 693Current Topics in Physics Research00000
PH 731Condensed Matter Theory00000
PH 784Supervised College Teaching00000
PH 793DSeminar: Mathematical Physics00000
PH 795Independent Study00000
PH 799Dissertation00000