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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MECH 200AIntroduction to Manufacturing Processes: Lecture2.5244.52
MECH 331Introduction to Engineering Materials32241
MECH 325Machine Design34321
MECH 342Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers32341
MECH 201Engineering Design I00000
MECH 237Introduction to Thermal Sciences00000
MECH 301BEngineering Design III: Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
MECH 324Dynamics of Machines00000
MECH 337Thermodynamics00000
MECH 344Heat and Mass Transfer00000
MECH 407Laser Applications in Mechanical Engineering00000
MECH 411Manufacturing Engineering00000
MECH 421Fundamentals of Wind Energy00000
MECH 432Engineering of Nanomaterials00000
MECH 450Aerospace Propulsion00000
MECH 468Space Propulsion and Power Engineering00000
MECH 480A8Aerospace Propulsion00000
MECH 481A6Mechanical Engineering Data Analysis in R00000
MECH 486BEngineering Design Practicum II00000
MECH 502Advanced/Additive Manufacturing Engineering00000
MECH 513Simulation Modeling and Experimentation00000
MECH 520Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Engr00000
MECH 527Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrains00000
MECH 531Materials Engineering00000
MECH 534Energy & Env. Impacts of Transportation00000
MECH 539Advanced Fluid Mechanics00000
MECH 544Advanced Heat Transfer00000
MECH 557Turbomachinery00000
MECH 567Broad-Beam Ion Sources00000
MECH 573Structure and Function of Biomaterials00000
MECH 578Musculoskeletal Biosolid Mechanics00000
MECH 580A8Transportation, Energy, and the Environment00000
MECH 581A4Chemical Rocket Propulsion00000
MECH 581A3Steam Power Plants00000
MECH 657Advanced Computational Gas Dynamics - Lab00000
MECH 681A3Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Modeling00000
MECH 695EIndependent Study-Industrial and Systems Engineering00000
MECH 695BIndependent Study-Energy Conversion00000
MECH 695CIndependent Study-Environmental Engineering00000
MECH 695KIndependent Study-Materials00000
MECH 695HIndependent Study-Robotics00000
MECH 695LIndependent Study-Plasma Engineering00000
MECH 699DThesis-Heat and Mass Transfer00000
MECH 699HThesis-Robotics00000
MECH 699LThesis-Plasma Engineering00000
MECH 699AThesis-Bioengineering00000
MECH 699IThesis-Solar Engineering00000
MECH 699CThesis-Environmental Engineering00000
MECH 778Advanced Computational Modeling of Fluids00000
MECH 799EDissertation: Industrial and Systems Engineering00000
MECH 799BDissertation: Energy Conversion00000
MECH 799CDissertation: Environmental Engineering00000
MECH 799DDissertation: Heat and Mass Transfer00000
MECH 103Introduction to Mechanical Engineering00000
MECH 200BIntroduction to Manufacturing Processes : Laboratory00000
MECH 202Engineering Design II00000
MECH 262Engineering Mechanics00000
MECH 301AEngineering Design III: Finite Element Analysis00000
MECH 303Energy Engineering00000
MECH 331BIntroduction to Engineering Materials : Lab00000
MECH 402Mechanical Engineering Experimental Analysis00000
MECH 408Applied Engineering Economy00000
MECH 420Aerospace Structures00000
MECH 431Metals and Alloys00000
MECH 437Internal Combustion Engines00000
MECH 463Building Energy Systems00000
MECH 480A6Compressible Flow00000
MECH 481A3Materials Selection for Mechanical Design00000
MECH 481A5Fundamentals of Wind Energy00000
MECH 495Independent Study00000
MECH 498BEngineering Research Practicum--Spring00000
MECH 507Laser Diagnostics for Thermosciences00000
MECH 517Chemical Rocket Propulsion00000
MECH 525Cell and Tissue Engineering00000
MECH 530Advanced Composite Materials00000
MECH 533Composites Product Development00000
MECH 538Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics00000
MECH 551Physical Gas Dynamics I00000
MECH 558Combustion00000
MECH 568Computational Methods for Mechanical Eng.00000
MECH 570Bioengineering00000
MECH 575Solar and Alternative Energies00000
MECH 577Aerosol Physics and Technology00000
MECH 580B3Orbital Mechanics00000
MECH 580B1Industrial Gas and Dual-Fuel Engines00000
MECH 581A7Thermal Energy Systems Design and Analysis00000
MECH 581A9Processing of Polymer Composites00000
MECH 631Defects in Crystals00000
MECH 681A4Biologically Inspired Robotics00000
MECH 695AIndependent Study-Bioengineering00000
MECH 695MIndependent Study- Motorsport Engineering00000
MECH 695JIndependent Study-Computational Fluids00000
MECH 695GIndependent Study-Computer-Assisted Engineering00000
MECH 695DIndependent Study-Heat and Mass Transfer00000
MECH 699FThesis-Mechanics and Design00000
MECH 699OThesis: Advanced Manufacturing00000
MECH 699KThesis-Materials00000
MECH 799ADissertation: Bioengineering00000
MECH 799IDissertation: Solar Engineering00000
MECH 799JDissertation: Computational Fluids00000
MECH 799KDissertation: Materials00000
MECH 799LDissertation: Plasma00000
MECH 105Mechanical Engineering Problem Solving00000
MECH 200Introduction to Manufacturing Processes00000
MECH 231Engineering Experimentation00000
MECH 301Engineering Design III00000
MECH 307Mechatronics and Measurement Systems00000
MECH 331AIntroduction to Engineering Materials: Lecture00000
MECH 338Thermal/Fluid Sciences Laboratory00000
MECH 392Graduate Education and Research Seminar00000
MECH 403Energy Engineering00000
MECH 417Control Systems00000
MECH 424Advanced Dynamics00000
MECH 425Mechanical Engineering Vibrations00000
MECH 434Materials Selection for Mechanical Design00000
MECH 460Aeronautics00000
MECH 477Algorithms in Scientific Computing00000
MECH 480A5Vehicle Dynamics00000
MECH 481A4Green Engineering--Materials and Environment00000
MECH 486AEngineering Design Practicum: I00000
MECH 498AEngineering Research Practicum: I00000
MECH 505Steam Power Plants00000
MECH 516Life Cycle and Techno-Economic Assessment00000
MECH 524Principles of Dynamics00000
MECH 529Advanced Mechanical Systems00000
MECH 532Materials Issues in Mechanical Design00000
MECH 535Mechanics of Composite Materials00000
MECH 543Biofluid Mechanics00000
MECH 552Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
MECH 564Fundamentals of Robot Mechanics and Controls00000
MECH 569Micro-Electro-Mechanical Devices00000
MECH 574Bio-Inspired Surfaces00000
MECH 576Quantitative Systems Physiology00000
MECH 579Cardiovascular Biomechanics00000
MECH 580B4Trajectory and Performance00000
MECH 580A9Regenerative Bioengineeering with Stem Cells00000
MECH 581A8Cardiovascular Biomechanics00000
MECH 630Biologically Inspired Robotics00000
MECH 661Theory/Control of Internal Combustion Engines00000
MECH 684Supervised College Teaching00000
MECH 695IIndependent Study-Solar Engineering00000
MECH 695FIndependent Study-Mechanics and Design00000
MECH 699EThesis-Industrial and Systems Engineering00000
MECH 699MThesis-Motorsport Engineering00000
MECH 699BThesis-Energy Conversion00000
MECH 699JThesis-Computational Fluids00000
MECH 699GThesis-Computer-Assisted Engineering00000
MECH 784Supervised College Teaching00000
MECH 799MDissertation: Motorsport Engineering00000
MECH 799FDissertation: Mechanics and Design00000
MECH 799GDissertation: Computer-Assisted Engineering00000
MECH 799HDissertation: Robotics00000
MECH 436Green Engineering--Materials and Environment00000