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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

ENGR 101Grand Challenges in Engineering54321
ENGR 102Problem Solving for Engineers00000
ENGR 298Undergraduate Research00000
ENGR 380A4Engineering Data Analytics00000
ENGR 389Engineering Cooperative Experience00000
ENGR 423Intellectual Property and Invention Systems00000
ENGR 498Undergraduate Research00000
ENGR 502Engineering Project and Program Management00000
ENGR 509Signal Processing for Power Systems00000
ENGR 520Engineering Decision Support/Expert Systems00000
ENGR 530Overview of Systems Engineering Processes00000
ENGR 532Dynamics of Complex Engineering Systems00000
ENGR 550Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering00000
ENGR 565Electrical Power Engineering00000
ENGR 569Cybersecurity Awareness for Systems Engineers00000
ENGR 580A5Systems Data Lifecycle and Visualization00000
ENGR 580A6Secure Vehicle and Industrial Networking00000
ENGR 581A5Design/Analysis of Engineering Experiments00000
ENGR 581A3Cost Optimization for Systems Engineers00000
ENGR 581A1Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability00000
ENGR 602Systems Requirements Engineering00000
ENGR 622Energy Networks and Power Distribution Grids00000
ENGR 667Advanced Model-Based Systems Engineering00000
ENGR 681A2Systems Sensing and Imaging Analysis00000
ENGR 697Group Study00000
ENGR 710Leadership/Innovation in Systems Engineering00000
ENGR 799ADissertation: PhD00000
ENGR 181A2Scott Scholars Freshman Seminar00000
ENGR 3003D Printing Lab for Engineers00000
ENGR 381A13D Printing Lab for Engineers00000
ENGR 422Technology Entrepreneurship00000
ENGR 496Group Study - Cooperative Education00000
ENGR 501Foundations of Systems Engineering00000
ENGR 508Introduction to Power System Markets00000
ENGR 510Engineering Optimization: Method/Application00000
ENGR 525Intellectual Property and Invention Systems00000
ENGR 531Engineering Risk Analysis00000
ENGR 540Design Analysis of Engineering Experiments00000
ENGR 555Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability00000
ENGR 567Systems Engineering Architecture00000
ENGR 570Coupled Electromechanical Systems00000
ENGR 571Analytics in Systems Engineering00000
ENGR 581A2Coupled Electromechanical Systems00000
ENGR 581A6Quant. Behavioral Modeling for Engineers00000
ENGR 581A4Human Systems Integration00000
ENGR 597Group Study in Systems Engineering00000
ENGR 603Introduction to Systems Test and Evaluation00000
ENGR 665Stochastic Simulation in Engr Applications00000
ENGR 680A2Systems Requirements Engineering00000
ENGR 695Independent Study00000
ENGR 699Thesis00000
ENGR 795Independent Study00000
ENGR 799Dissertation00000