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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

ECON 335Introduction to Econometrics42451
ECON 211Gender in the Economy (GT-SS1)54531
ECON 101Economics of Social Issues (GT-SS1)00000
ECON 204Principles of Macroeconomics (GT-SS1)00000
ECON 235Working With Data00000
ECON 304Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
ECON 306Intermediate Microeconomics00000
ECON 325Health Economics00000
ECON 327Law and Economics00000
ECON 332International Political Economy00000
ECON 340Introduction-Economics of Natural Resources00000
ECON 346Economics of Outdoor Recreation00000
ECON 372History of Economic Institutions and Thought00000
ECON 376Marxist Economic Thought00000
ECON 404Macroeconomic Policy00000
ECON 435Intermediate Econometrics00000
ECON 442Economics of International Finance and Policy00000
ECON 444Economics of Energy Resources00000
ECON 474Recent Economic Thought00000
ECON 480A2Economic Data Modeling00000
ECON 484Supervised College Teaching00000
ECON 492Seminar00000
ECON 501Quantitative Methods for Economists00000
ECON 506Applied Microeconomic Theory00000
ECON 535Applied Econometrics00000
ECON 563Regional Economics-Theory, Methods, and Issues00000
ECON 635Econometric Theory I00000
ECON 663Urban and Regional Modeling00000
ECON 698Research--Technical Paper00000
ECON 720Public Economics II00000
ECON 736BAdvanced Econometric Methods: Panel Data Models00000
ECON 740Advanced Natural Resource Economics00000
ECON 742International Production and Monetary Theory00000
ECON 772Marxian Political Economy00000
ECON 792ESeminar: Development00000
ECON 180A1Introduction to the Economics Major00000
ECON 240Issues in Environmental Economics (GT-SS1)00000
ECON 315Money and Banking00000
ECON 379Economic History of the United States00000
ECON 410Labor Economics00000
ECON 436Economic Forecasting00000
ECON 440Economics of International Trade and Policy00000
ECON 460Economic Development00000
ECON 481A2Science and Economics of Climate Change00000
ECON 487Internship00000
ECON 320Economics of Public Finance00000
ECON 505History of Economic Thought00000
ECON 520Public Economics I00000
ECON 540Environmental and Natural Resource Economics00000
ECON 606Microeconomic Analysis I00000
ECON 640International Trade Theory00000
ECON 699Thesis00000
ECON 705Heterodox Approaches to Economics00000
ECON 735Econometric Theory II00000
ECON 736AAdvanced Econometric Methods: Discrete Choice Models00000
ECON 741Advanced Environmental Economics00000
ECON 760Theories of Economic Development00000
ECON 784Supervised College Teaching00000
ECON 792ASeminar: Theory00000
ECON 795Independent Study00000
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics (GT-SS1)00000
ECON 212Racial Inequality and Discrimination (GT-SS1)00000
ECON 280A1Economic Data Analytics00000
ECON 317Population Economics00000
ECON 495Independent Study00000
ECON 530Methodology of Economic Research00000
ECON 604Macroeconomic Analysis I00000
ECON 695Independent Study00000
ECON 704Macroeconomic Analysis II00000
ECON 706Microeconomic Analysis II00000
ECON 736CAdvanced Econometric Methods: Time Series Models00000
ECON 771Political Economy of Race and Gender00000
ECON 793Seminar--Doctoral Research00000
ECON 799Dissertation00000