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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

CS 440Introduction to Artificial Intelligence53551
CS 110Personal Computing00000
CS 150BCulture and Coding: Python (GT-AH3)00000
CS 156Introduction to C Programming I00000
CS 164CS1--Prior Programming Experience00000
CS 192First-Year Seminar-Computer Science00000
CS 220Discrete Structures and their Applications00000
CS 295Independent Study00000
CS 314Software Engineering00000
CS 445Introduction to Machine Learning00000
CS 456Modern CyberSecurity00000
CS 462Engaging in Virtual Worlds00000
CS 480A5Cyber Security Accelerators00000
CS 481A4Introduction to Digital Forensics00000
CS 498Research00000
CS 515Software Maintenance & Evolution00000
CS 528Embedded Systems and Machine Learning00000
CS 535Big Data00000
CS 545Machine Learning00000
CS 555Distributed Systems00000
CS 559Quantitative Security00000
CS 5673D User Interfaces00000
CS 580A8Quantum Computing Algorithms00000
CS 581A3Software Maintenance & Evolution00000
CS 692Seminar00000
CS 699Thesis00000
CS 793Research Seminar in Computer Science00000
CS 150Culture and Coding (GT-AH3)00000
CS 155Introduction to Unix00000
CS 157Introduction to C Programming II00000
CS 165CS2--Data Structures00000
CS 253Software Development with C++00000
CS 310HDesign Thinking Toolbox: Mixed Reality Design00000
CS 320Algorithms--Theory and Practice00000
CS 356Systems Security00000
CS 410Introduction to Computer Graphics00000
CS 415Software Testing00000
CS 422Automata, Logic, and Computation00000
CS 425Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms00000
CS 435Introduction to Big Data00000
CS 453Introduction to Compiler Construction00000
CS 457Computer Networks and the Internet00000
CS 464Principles of Human-Computer Interaction00000
CS 480A4Automata, Logic, and Computation00000
CS 486Practicum00000
CS 510Image Computation00000
CS 520Analysis of Algorithms00000
CS 530Fault-Tolerant Computing00000
CS 540Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 548Bioinformatics Algorithms00000
CS 556Computer Security00000
CS 560Foundations of Fine-Grain Parallelism00000
CS 575Parallel Processing00000
CS 581C1Embedded Systems and Machine Learning00000
CS 658Internet Engineering00000
CS 695Independent Study00000
CS 696Group Study00000
CS 799Dissertation00000
CS 152Introduction to Programming (CS0)-Python00000
CS 163CS1---No Prior Programming Experience00000
CS 201Ethical Computing Systems (GT-AH3)00000
CS 270Computer Organization00000
CS 312Modern Web Applications00000
CS 345Machine Learning Foundations and Practice00000
CS 370Operating Systems00000
CS 414Object-Oriented Design00000
CS 420Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms00000
CS 430Database Systems00000
CS 455Introduction to Distributed Systems00000
CS 458Blockchain Principles and Applications00000
CS 475Parallel Programming00000
CS 481A3Blockchain Principles and Applications00000
CS 495Independent Study00000
CS 514Software Product and Process Evaluation00000
CS 522Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems00000
CS 533Database Management Systems00000
CS 542Natural Language Processing00000
CS 553Algorithmic Language Compilers00000
CS 557Advanced Networking00000
CS 561Hardware/Software Design of Embedded Systems00000
CS 580A7Foundations of Computation00000
CS 581A4Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems00000
CS 670DTopics in Architecture/Systems: Architecture of Advanced Sys...00000
CS 787Internship00000