CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

CHEM 107Fundamentals of Chemistry (GT-SC2)42341
CHEM 104Chemistry in Context Laboratory (GT-SC1)00000
CHEM 111General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)00000
CHEM 114General Chemistry Lab II00000
CHEM 121Foundations of Modern Chemistry Laboratory (GT-SC1)00000
CHEM 231Foundations of Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 242Foundations of Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 261Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 320Chemistry of Addictions00000
CHEM 322Foundations of Chemical Biology Laboratory00000
CHEM 338Environmental Chemistry00000
CHEM 344Modern Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 371Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 381A1Nanochemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 431Instrumental Analysis00000
CHEM 445Synthetic Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 462Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 475Physical Chemistry Laboratory I00000
CHEM 480A2Medicinal Chemistry00000
CHEM 493Seminar00000
CHEM 499Senior Thesis00000
CHEM 521Principles of Chemical Biology00000
CHEM 530BAdvanced Topics in Chemical Analysis: Absorption and Emissio...00000
CHEM 530DAdvanced Topics in Chemical Analysis: Statistical Analysis i...00000
CHEM 541Organic Molecular Structure Determination00000
CHEM 548Organometallics in Synthesis00000
CHEM 550AMaterials Chemistry: Hard Materials00000
CHEM 563BPhysical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry: Vibrational Spectro...00000
CHEM 563DPhysical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry: Magnetic Spectrosco...00000
CHEM 565Inorganic Mechanisms00000
CHEM 651ASpecial Topics in Chemistry: Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 775Pillars of Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 795CIndependent Study-Biological Chemistry00000
CHEM 795BIndependent Study-Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 105Problem Solving in General Chemistry00000
CHEM 108Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory (GT-SC1)00000
CHEM 113General Chemistry II00000
CHEM 120Foundations of Modern Chemistry (GT-SC2)00000
CHEM 192Introductory Seminar in Chemistry00000
CHEM 241Foundations of Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 246Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 264Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 321Foundations of Chemical Biology00000
CHEM 335Introduction to Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 343Modern Organic Chemistry II00000
CHEM 346Organic Chemistry II00000
CHEM 372Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry Lab00000
CHEM 433Clinical Chemistry00000
CHEM 442Chemistry of Hemp and Cannabis00000
CHEM 461Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 474Physical Chemistry I00000
CHEM 477Physical Chemistry Laboratory II00000
CHEM 487Internship00000
CHEM 498Research00000
CHEM 515Polymer Chemistry00000
CHEM 530EAdvanced Topics in Chemical Analysis: Mass Spectrometry00000
CHEM 530AAdvanced Topics in Chemical Analysis: Environmental Chemical...00000
CHEM 537Electrochemical Methods00000
CHEM 545Synthetic Organic Chemistry I00000
CHEM 549Synthetic Organic Chemistry II00000
CHEM 555Chemistry of Sustainability00000
CHEM 563APhysical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry: Group Theory00000
CHEM 563FPhysical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry: Other Structural Me...00000
CHEM 569Chemical Crystallography00000
CHEM 571BQuantum Chemistry: Electronic Structure00000
CHEM 573BChemical Spectroscopy: Electromagnetic Fields in Practice00000
CHEM 573CChemical Spectroscopy: Condensed Phase Spectroscopy00000
CHEM 576Statistical Mechanics00000
CHEM 578AComputational Chemistry: Electronic Structure00000
CHEM 601Responsible Conduct in Chemistry Research00000
CHEM 695Independent Study00000
CHEM 699Thesis00000
CHEM 751Methods of Chemistry Laboratory Instruction00000
CHEM 793Seminar00000
CHEM 795AIndependent Study-Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 103Chemistry in Context (GT-SC2)00000
CHEM 112General Chemistry Lab I (GT-SC1)00000
CHEM 115General Chemistry II Recitation00000
CHEM 180A2Introductory Seminar in Chemistry Recitation00000
CHEM 232Foundations of Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
CHEM 245Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 263Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 301Advanced Scientific Writing--Chemistry (GT-CO3)00000
CHEM 334Quantitative Analysis Laboratory00000
CHEM 341Modern Organic Chemistry I00000
CHEM 345Organic Chemistry I00000
CHEM 384Supervised College Teaching00000
CHEM 440Advanced Organic Chemstry Laboratory00000
CHEM 448Medicinal Chemistry00000
CHEM 473Foundations of Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 476Physical Chemistry II00000
CHEM 480A3Chemistry of Hemp and Cannabis00000
CHEM 495Independent Study00000
CHEM 511Solid State Chemistry00000
CHEM 522Methods of Chemical Biology00000
CHEM 530CAdvanced Topics in Chemical Analysis: Bioanalytical Chemistr...00000
CHEM 532Advanced Chemical Analysis II00000
CHEM 533Chemical Separations00000
CHEM 543Structure/Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 550CMaterials Chemistry: Nanomaterials00000
CHEM 560Foundations of Inorganic Synthesis00000
CHEM 563CPhysical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry: Electronic Structur...00000
CHEM 567Crystallographic Computation00000
CHEM 571AQuantum Chemistry: Foundations00000
CHEM 573AChemical Spectroscopy: Interactions of Light and Matter00000
CHEM 573FChemical Spectroscopy: Computational Spectroscopy00000
CHEM 575Fundamentals of Chemical Thermodynamics00000
CHEM 578BComputational Chemistry: Molecular Dynamics00000
CHEM 581A1Science, Policy and Management of Environmental Issues00000
CHEM 651CSpecial Topics in Chemistry: Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 698Research00000
CHEM 702Independent Research Proposal00000
CHEM 784Supervised College Teaching00000
CHEM 795DIndependent Study-Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 799Dissertation00000
CHEM 480A4Foundations of Catalytic Chemistry00000