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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

ANEQ 104Values, Culture, and Food Animal Agriculture00000
ANEQ 201APreparation of Horses for Competition: Western00000
ANEQ 300NTopics in Animal Sciences: Seedstock Merchandising00000
ANEQ 300VTopics in Animal Sciences: Seedstock Sale Management--Sale M...00000
ANEQ 305Functional Large Animal Physiology00000
ANEQ 313Prevention and Control of Livestock Diseases00000
ANEQ 325Equine Exercise Physiology00000
ANEQ 330Principles of Animal Breeding00000
ANEQ 340Horse Training and Sale Preparation I00000
ANEQ 345Principles of Nutrition: Equine Applications00000
ANEQ 353Advanced Horse Evaluation00000
ANEQ 356Introduction to Dairy Evaluation00000
ANEQ 359Equine Sales Production00000
ANEQ 362Advanced Meat Product Evaluation00000
ANEQ 365Principles of Teaching Therapeutic Riding00000
ANEQ 380A4Equine Digital Photography00000
ANEQ 410Applied Food Animal Behavior00000
ANEQ 442Riding Instructor Training00000
ANEQ 447Food Chemistry00000
ANEQ 460Meat Safety00000
ANEQ 473Dairy Systems00000
ANEQ 476Feedlot Systems00000
ANEQ 480A2Exploring Meat Export Opportunities00000
ANEQ 500Recent Developments00000
ANEQ 587Internship00000
ANEQ 699Thesis00000
ANEQ 731Advanced Genetic Prediction00000
ANEQ 792HSeminar: Livestock Behavior and Welfare00000
ANEQ 792CSeminar-Physiology00000
ANEQ 101Food Animal Science00000
ANEQ 105Introduction to Large Animal Anatomy00000
ANEQ 180A2Student Seminar--Exploring Student Success00000
ANEQ 201BPreparation of Horses for Competition: English00000
ANEQ 203Equine Management00000
ANEQ 205Equine Assessment, Evaluation and Retraining00000
ANEQ 250Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation00000
ANEQ 286Livestock Practicum00000
ANEQ 293Animal Science Career Exploration Seminar00000
ANEQ 300UTopics in Animal Sciences: Seedstock Sale Management00000
ANEQ 300BTopics in Animal Sciences-Livestock Entomology00000
ANEQ 300LTopics in Animal Sciences: Quality Assurance00000
ANEQ 303Equine Digital Photography00000
ANEQ 310Animal Reproduction00000
ANEQ 320Principles of Animal Nutrition00000
ANEQ 328Foundations in Animal Genetics00000
ANEQ 334Principles of Equine Genetics00000
ANEQ 344Principles of Equine Reproduction00000
ANEQ 349Packing and Outfitting00000
ANEQ 352Introduction to Horse Evaluation00000
ANEQ 355Advanced Livestock Evaluation00000
ANEQ 357Advanced Dairy Evaluation00000
ANEQ 360Principles of Meat Science00000
ANEQ 363Introduction to Wool and Fiber Evaluation00000
ANEQ 366Animal Welfare Evaluation00000
ANEQ 386BEquine Practicum-Equine Reproductive Management00000
ANEQ 420Applied Nutrition--Computer Diet Formulation00000
ANEQ 441Integrated Equine Science00000
ANEQ 445Foaling Management00000
ANEQ 450Processed Meats00000
ANEQ 472Sheep Systems00000
ANEQ 475Travel Abroad-Animal Agriculture00000
ANEQ 480A3Issues Management in the Beef Industry00000
ANEQ 487BInternship: Equine00000
ANEQ 496Group Study00000
ANEQ 510Bovine Reproduction Management00000
ANEQ 525Advanced Meat Science00000
ANEQ 532Genetics of Bovine Respiratory Disease00000
ANEQ 534Markers to Gene Function Functional Change00000
ANEQ 536Livestock Variance Component Estimation00000
ANEQ 551Field Necropsy00000
ANEQ 567HACCP Meat Safety00000
ANEQ 580A5Introduction to Microbiome of Animal Systems00000
ANEQ 581A3Molecular Methods in Animal Genetics00000
ANEQ 621Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism00000
ANEQ 631Selection Index Theory00000
ANEQ 720Nutritional Energetics00000
ANEQ 780A1Nutritional Physiology00000
ANEQ 784Supervised College Teaching00000
ANEQ 792ESeminar-Nutrition00000
ANEQ 792FSeminar: Livestock Management Systems00000
ANEQ 795Independent Study00000
ANEQ 102Introduction to Equine Science00000
ANEQ 115Applied Equine Behavior00000
ANEQ 200Applied Horsemanship and Equitation00000
ANEQ 202Safety in Horse Handling00000
ANEQ 204Equine Facilities Management00000
ANEQ 249Introduction to the Trail Riding Industry00000
ANEQ 280A2Equine Assessment, Evaluation and Retraining00000
ANEQ 292Equine Industry Seminar00000
ANEQ 300ETopics in Animal Sciences: Family Ranching00000
ANEQ 300RTopics in Animal Sciences: Calving and Calf Care00000
ANEQ 300ATopics in Animal Sciences-Livestock Handling00000
ANEQ 341Horse Training and Sale Preparation II00000
ANEQ 346Equine Disease Management00000
ANEQ 351Techniques in Therapeutic Riding00000
ANEQ 354Introduction to Livestock Evaluation00000
ANEQ 358Equine Event and Sales Management00000
ANEQ 361Introduction to Meat Product Evaluation00000
ANEQ 364Advanced Wool and Fiber Evaluation00000
ANEQ 384Supervised College Teaching00000
ANEQ 386CEquine Practicum-Equine Farrier Management00000
ANEQ 440Equine Industry and Issues00000
ANEQ 444Equine Business Management00000
ANEQ 448Livestock Manure Management and Environment00000
ANEQ 470Meat Processing Systems00000
ANEQ 474Swine Systems00000
ANEQ 478Beef Systems00000
ANEQ 486Therapeutic Riding Instructor Practicum00000
ANEQ 487AInternship: Animal00000
ANEQ 495Independent Study00000
ANEQ 505Microbiome of Animal Systems00000
ANEQ 522Animal Metabolism00000
ANEQ 531Applied Bovine Respiratory Disease Management00000
ANEQ 533Marker and Gene Assisted Selection00000
ANEQ 535Genetic Prediction in Livestock00000
ANEQ 545Molecular Methods in Animal Genetics00000
ANEQ 565Interpreting Animal Science Research00000
ANEQ 575Computational Biology in Animal Breeding00000
ANEQ 581A5Advanced Meat Science00000
ANEQ 581A4Microbiome Analysis Methods00000
ANEQ 626Animal Nutrition, Emissions, and Management00000
ANEQ 676Molecular Approaches to Food Safety00000
ANEQ 725Rumen Metabolism00000
ANEQ 781A1Seminar-Microbiome Analysis00000
ANEQ 792DSeminar-Meat Sciences00000
ANEQ 792ASeminar-General00000
ANEQ 792BSeminar-Breeding/Genetics00000
ANEQ 799Dissertation00000