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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

ACT 205Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ACT 220Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
ACT 312Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACT 350Accounting Information Systems00000
ACT 487Internship00000
ACT 496Group Study00000
ACT 540Professional Ethics and Responsibilities00000
ACT 550Accounting Information Technologies00000
ACT 570Government and Nonprofit00000
ACT 601BProfessional Practice: Accounting00000
ACT 605Accounting for Sustainable Enterprises00000
ACT 614Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation00000
ACT 635State and Local Taxation00000
ACT 641Information Systems Audit and Control00000
ACT 210Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ACT 301Spreadsheet Applications in Accounting00000
ACT 321Cost Management00000
ACT 411Advanced Accounting00000
ACT 495Independent Study00000
ACT 537Advanced Taxation of Business Entities00000
ACT 541Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing00000
ACT 575Oil and Gas Accounting00000
ACT 601AProfessional Practice: Taxation00000
ACT 610Accounting Analytics00000
ACT 631Corporate Taxation00000
ACT 636Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders00000
ACT 695Independent Study00000
ACT 211Accounting Professional Skills00000
ACT 311Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACT 330Introduction to Taxation00000
ACT 441Auditing Practices00000
ACT 561Legal and Regulatory Issues in Accounting00000
ACT 602Accounting Research and Communication00000
ACT 612Issues in Financial Reporting and Auditing00000
ACT 633Flow-Through Entities00000
ACT 639Special Topics in Taxation00000
ACT 696Group Study00000