CSP Course Reviews

Concordia University Saint Paul

CI 561Foundations of Literacy00000
CJU 543Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Leadership00000
BUS 415Social Intelligence and Leadership00000
CHM 427Family Ministry00000
CHD 440Children's Play and Learning00000
BIO 430Immunology00000
CJU 453Troubled Youth in the Criminal Justice Corrections System00000
ART 411Advanced Drawing00000
BUS 495Business Capstone00000
ART 473History of Photography00000
CHM 330Cultural Contexts and Faith Development00000
CHE 115General Chemistry I00000
BIO 230Animal Biology and Physiology00000
CHM 455Urban Outreach00000
ART 361Ceramics II00000
CJU 402Returning Student Seminar for Criminal Justice00000
BUS 345Business Analytics00000
CJU 487Delinquent and Criminal Behaviors Across the Life Course00000
ART 241Photography I00000
COM 212Public Speaking00000
ART 441Advanced Photography00000
CHD 410Growth and Development of Children00000
ART 272Survey of Western Art II00000
CHD 461Ethics in Early Childhood00000
ART 484Typography 200000
CHM 270Using Social Media in Ministry00000
CHE 222Organic Chemistry II00000
BIO 102Biology In A Box00000
CHM 421Teaching To Lead And Equip00000
ART 333Intaglio Printmaking00000
CHM 435Teachng and Leading Adults00000
BIO 335Molecular Biology00000
CHM 498Commissioned Ministry Internship I00000
ART 105Color Theory00000
CI 570Writing Across the Content Areas00000
BUS 281Leadership Process00000
CJU 437Systems Thinking in Criminal Justice00000
ART 382Graphic Design II00000
CJU 472Study AB: Cultural in CJ Syste00000
BUS 384Applied Accounting and Finance00000
CJU 500Administration of Criminal Justice00000
ACC 414Federal Income Tax00000
CJU 590Criminal Justice Leadership: Essential Skills00000
BUS 440Business Analytics II00000
COM 309Intercultural Communication00000
ART 261Ceramics I00000
CHD 400Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
ART 461Advanced Ceramics00000
CHD 430Infants and Toddlers00000
ACC 480Management Accounting00000
CHD 450Children's Literature00000
ART 482Graphic Design III00000
CHD 490Portfolio and Synthesis00000
ART 284Graphic Imagery00000
CHE 141Household Chemistry00000
ART 486Graphic Design Senior Projects 200000
CHM 269Engaging God's Mission for the 21st Century00000
CHE 328Biochemistry I00000
ART 499Art Senior Seminar00000
CHM 321Foundations for Teaching and Learning00000
ART 331Relief Printmaking00000
CHM 381Practicum in Christian Ministries 100000
BIO 120General Biology I00000
CHM 425Youth And Family Ministry00000
ART 1033D Design00000
CHM 431Children's Ministry00000
BIO 316Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CHM 440Speaking the Gospel00000
ART 342Study AB: Digital Photography00000
CHM 482Practicum in Christian Ministries 400000
BIO 350Medical Terminology00000
CI 525Innovation in Learning and Teaching00000
ACC 412Auditing00000
CI 563Literacy Strategies for Grades 7-1200000
BIO 499Senior Outcomes00000
CI 585Educational Assessment00000
ART 374Art of Mexico00000
CJU 422Information Literacy in Criminal Justice00000
BUS 282Leadership Ethics00000
CJU 446Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice00000
ART 211Illustration00000
CJU 456Building an Integrated Criminal Justice System00000
BUS 380Organizational Behavior00000
CJU 478Contemporary Issues in the Criminal Justice System00000
ART 384Typography 100000
CJU 491Forensic Exploration in the Criminal Justice System00000
BUS 388Business Analytics, Tools & Techniques00000
CJU 505Reflective Adult Learner & Leadership00000
ACC 311Intermediate Accounting I00000
CJU 570Applied Ethics in Criminal Justice Leadership00000
BUS 425Business Intelligence00000
COM 103Interpersonal Communication00000
ART 431Mixed Media Printmaking00000
BUS 490Business Strategies00000
ACC 201Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACC 384Applied Accounting and Finance00000
ART 101Approaching Art00000
ART 311Figure Drawing00000
ART 489Mentored Study: Graphic Design00000
CHE 341Thermodynamics00000