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CSP Course Reviews

Concordia University Saint Paul

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENG 325Creative Writing I00000
FAS 220Adolescent Development00000
ED 537Inclusion in Diverse Classrooms00000
EDU 506Trauma-Informed Practices and Resilience00000
ED 7006Legal Issues for Principals00000
ED 446Teaching Elementary Music00000
ENG 505Studies in the Craft of Creative Writing00000
DPT 7100Service Learning I00000
ED 554Curriculum & Instruction00000
ECE 527Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education00000
ED 7068Solutions Based Leadership00000
ED 7044Leading Change in Today's Organizations00000
ED 348Second Language Acquisition00000
EGR 101Engineering Seminar00000
DMS 135Introduction to Vascular00000
ENG 386American Literature II: 1860-Present00000
ED 487Reading Across the Content Areas00000
ESL 520Language and Society00000
CYS 536Incident, Threat, and Vulnerability Management00000
FAS 482Parent Coaching 3: Professional Applications00000
DPT 7262Capstone I00000
ED 591Completing Thesis-Option Capstone00000
DAT 540Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems00000
ED 7035Data Use and Analysis for Superintendents00000
ECH 200Medical Law and Ethics00000
ED 7062Dissertation00000
ED 7052Quantitative Research Methods00000
ED 336Educational Psychology00000
EDL 507Human Resources and Diversity00000
DMCX 450Viral and Organic Growth00000
EDU 7003School Leadership for All Learners00000
ED 357Teaching Elementary Social Studies00000
ENG 222Journalism Practicum00000
CYB 500Federal Cybersecurity Policy Review And Risk Management00000
ENG 369Shakespeare00000
ED 472Student Teaching00000
ENG 487Topics In Lit:Irish Literature00000
DMS 180Special Procedures and Patient Care00000
ENG 540Advanced Workshop 500000
ED 512Ethical Issues for Professional Educators00000
ET 500Principles of Digital Teaching and Learning00000
CSC 245Advanced Web Development00000
FAS 447Growth & Dev in Children00000
ED 548Content and Methods of K-6 Literacy I00000
FAS 491Capstone: Non-CFLE00000
DAT 515Data Visualization & Dashboard Reporting00000
ED 560Clinical Experience and Professional Foundations K-600000
DPT 7281Neuromuscular I00000
ED 7003Principal's Role in Instructional Supervision00000
CSC 315Mobile App Development00000
ED 7031Superintendent Leadership in 21st Century School Districts00000
ECH 100Clinical Practicum I00000
ED 7041Leadership and Scholarship II00000
DI 532Collaboration in Inclusive Settings00000
ED 7048Organizational Theory00000
ECO 101America in the Global Economy: Macroeconomics00000
ED 7058Strategies for Adult Learning00000
ED 7054Written Comps00000
ED 330Human Diversity and Relations00000
ED 7065Quantitative Research Methods00000
DMCX 350Email Marketing00000
ED 7083Qualitative Research Methods00000
ED 345The Effective Elementary Teacher00000
EDL 556Supervision and Improvement of Instruction00000
CSC 430Distributed System Architecture00000
EDU 509Trauma-Informed Intervention for the Education Professional00000
ED 353Teaching 9-12 Science00000
EDU 7006Strategic Advancement for School Leaders00000
DMS 110Abdominal I00000
ENG 155Introduction to Literature00000
ED 389Instr Stragies Eng Learners00000
ENG 317Topics: War in Iraq00000
CSC 225Object-Oriented Programming00000
ENG 338History and Principles of the English Language00000
ED 454Teaching the Faith00000
ENG 376World Literature II: Geographic or Thematic00000
DMS 155Vascular I00000
ENG 425Creative Writing II00000
ED 477Teaching Grades 5-8 Communication Arts and Literature00000
ENG 499Framing the Literary Tradition00000
CYB 504Best Practices in Vulnerability Assessment, Exploitation and...00000
ENG 515Studies in the Contemporary Novel00000
ED 508Legal and Ethical Issues in Education00000
ENG 555Thesis00000
DMS 280Clinical Training00000
ESL 541Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners00000
ED 517Research and Academic Writing00000
ET 515Professional Development and Leadership in Educational Techn...00000
CSC 101Introduction to Computer Science00000
FAS 440Overview of Contemporary Families00000
ED 544Field Experience I00000
FAS 453Intimate Relationships00000
DPT 7111Clinical Seminar I00000
ED 551Content and Methods for Teaching K-6 Science00000
COM 525Digital Communication00000
CSC 135Client-Side Web Development00000
CSC 410Development/Operations00000
DI 538Differentiating Instruction Across Content00000
ED 201Foundations of and Introduction to Education00000
ED 7056Elective Research Methods00000