CSN Course Reviews

College of Southern Nevada

CONS 108BConstruction Materials and Methods (Excavation, Concrete, Ma...00000
CRS 311Cardiorespiratory Concepts V00000
BUS 280BLegal Aspects of International Business00000
CLS 155Phlebotomy for National Healthcareer Association Certificati...00000
CHI 111First Year Chinese I00000
AV 112BHuman Factors and Safety00000
CPE 100Digital Logic Design I00000
ANTH 207Sport and Culture00000
CF 124BDigital Crime Investigation00000
ARA 211Second Year Arabic I00000
CIT 274BEthical Hacking00000
CIT 151Beginning Web Development00000
AUTO 227BEngine Performance II/Emission Control00000
CLS 365Laboratory Operations II00000
AM 403Educational Interpreting00000
COT 102Computer Keyboarding II00000
BIOL 220Introduction to Ecological Principles00000
CRJ 286Sexual Abuse of Children00000
AES 230The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power I00000
CSCO 230BSecurity Operations Center Fundamentals00000
ANTH 225Archaeological Field Methods Survey00000
CHEM 111Chemistry for Health Sciences II00000
AM 148American Sign Language IV00000
CIT 130Beginning Java00000
ART 156Design Fundamentals III00000
CIT 238Introduction to Smartphone Application Development00000
CIT 181Introduction to Oracle00000
AUTO 115BAutomotive Electricity and Electronics I00000
CIT 431Open Source Virtualized Systems00000
AM 307Simultaneous Interpreting Applications00000
CLS 261Clinical Microbiology for Dental Professionals00000
AV 105BAirport Operations00000
COM 116Critical Reasoning in Daily Life00000
ADT 205BArchitectural Environmental Control Systems00000
CONS 198BSpecial Topics00000
AV 251BCommercial Pilot Certification Lab00000
COT 209BTablet Computer, Voice and Handwriting II00000
ANTH 110LPhysical Anthropology Lab00000
CRJ 162Investigative Photography00000
BUS 106BBusiness English00000
CRS 114Cardiorespiratory Pharmacology00000
AC 122BHVAC Installation and Commissioning Techniques00000
CRS 425Clinical Practicum VII00000
CADD 299BCADD Capstone00000
CSEC 101BIncident Handling & Response00000
ALS 101College Success00000
CHEM 106Beginning Chemistry Laboratory00000
ANTH 290Internship in Anthropology00000
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II00000
AC 210BBoiler Operation and Maintenance00000
CIT 112BNetworking +00000
ART 102Drawing II00000
CIT 134Beginning C# Programming00000
AM 205Introduction to Interpreting00000
CIT 173Introduction to Linux00000
ART 245Digital Media I00000
CIT 231Advanced C Programming00000
CIT 211Microsoft Networking I00000
AST 104Introductory Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies00000
CIT 252Web Database Development00000
AM 257ASL/English Translation00000
CIT 319Managing Business Data Networks00000
AUTO 205BManual Drivetrain and Axles00000
CLS 131BApplied Laboratory Procedures for Medical Office Assistants00000
ACC 223BIntroduction to QuickBooks00000
CLS 162Applied Urinalysis and Body Fluids00000
AUTO 245BPower Train Removal and Replacement00000
CLS 272Applied Clinical Microbiology I00000
AM 310Specialized Interpreting00000
CLS 487CLS Hematology Review00000
AV 111BPrivate Pilot Certification Lab00000
COM 217Argumentation and Debate00000
AC 115BTroubleshooting00000
CONS 120BConstruction Plans and Specification00000
AV 215BCrew Resource Management00000
CONS 285BConstruction Estimating and Scheduling00000
ANTH 102Introduction to Physical Anthropology00000
COT 132BOutlook for Offices00000
BIOL 103Biology Laboratory00000
CPD 120Treatment Planning and Case Management00000
AES 110The Foundations of The United States Air force I00000
CRJ 120Community Relations00000
BIOL 251HGeneral Microbiology - Honors00000
CRJ 225Criminal Evidence00000
ANTH 202Introduction to Archaeology00000
CRS 101Introduction to Cardiorespiratory Concepts00000
BUS 271Introduction to Employment Law00000
CRS 214Cardiorespiratory Diagnostics Equipment00000
ABDY 150BStructural I00000
CRS 412Long-Term and Palliative Survey of Caridorespiratory Care00000
CADD 200Advanced CADD00000
CSCO 120CCNA - Introduction to Networks00000
ANTH 215Introduction to Faith,Witchcraft and Magic00000
CEE 250Sustainability in Civil and Environmental Engineering00000
AAD 182Fundamentals of Design II00000
AC 103BIntroduction to HVAC Mechanical Theory and Application00000
ACC 205Cost Accounting00000
AM 211Internship in Interpreting00000
ART 263Survey of African, Oceanic and Native American Art00000
CIT 217Security+00000