CSI Course Reviews

College of Staten Island (CUNY)

BIO 376Biochemistry II00000
CERT 800Certified Full Time00000
ART 350Advanced Sculpture00000
BIO 314General Microbiology00000
ASL 592Am Sign Lnd Ind Stdy00000
ART 203Art of the Ancient World00000
BIO 708Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory00000
AMS 237American Musical Theater00000
ASD 701Autism Spectrum Disorders: Contemporary Issues00000
AMS 594Amer Stdies Ind Stdy00000
BIO 225Conservation Biology00000
AST 593Astronomy Ind Study00000
ARB 215Continuing Arabic II00000
BIO 338Animal Behavior00000
ACC 760Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
BIO 535Public Health Nutrition00000
ART 240Women and the Fine Arts00000
BUS 260Business Law II00000
AAD 593African American Studies Independent Study00000
CHM 142General Chemistry II00000
AMS 309U.S. Literature in Comparative Contexts00000
ASL 213American Sign Language III00000
ACC 225Intermediate Accounting II00000
AST 103Galactic Laboratory00000
ANT 305Power and Society in Latin America00000
BIO 181General Biology II Laboratory00000
BDA 763Forecasting for Managers and Researchers00000
ANT 375Sex and Society00000
BIO 239Ecology00000
ACC 593Accounting Ind Study00000
BIO 325Diagnostic Molecular Biology00000
ART 120Introductory Drawing00000
BIO 352Cell Biology00000
AAD 333Colonialism and the African Experience00000
BIO 443Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis00000
ART 210The Architect and Society00000
BIO 603Scientific Communication00000
AMS 211American Culture In Black And White00000
BIO 896Graduate Biology Independent Study00000
ART 308American Art Since 194500000
BUS 593Independent Study00000
AAD 240The African Diaspora: Interdisciplinary Perspectives00000
CHM 111Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory00000
ART 480Senior Project II in Art and Photography00000
CHM 256Organic Chemistry II00000
ACC 121Introduction to Accounting II00000
ASD 704Contemp. Approaches to Assessment & Intervention of Speech,...00000
AMS 591Amer Stdies Ind Stdy00000
ASL 313Advanced Communication in American Sign Language00000
AAD 262African American History: 1619-186500000
AST 100Contemporary Theories of the Solar System00000
ANT 203Social Analysis00000
AST 160Space Science II00000
ACC 305Intermediate Accounting I00000
BDA 301Business Data00000
ANT 308Anthropology of Human Rights00000
BIO 170General Biology I00000
BDA 893Business Data Analytics Independent Study00000
ANT 332Social Movements and Social Justice00000
BIO 215Invertebrate Zoology and Paleontology00000
ACC 414Advanced Accounting00000
BIO 233Genetics00000
ARB 112Basic Arabic I00000
BIO 310Vertebrate Zoology00000
AAD 323Literature of the African Diaspora00000
BIO 321Conservation Biology00000
ARB 592Arabic Independent Study00000
BIO 329Marine Biology and Oceanography00000
ACC 725Forensic Accounting00000
BIO 350Microbiology and Cellular Pathology00000
ART 150Introductory Sculpture00000
BIO 365Principles of Neurobiology00000
AAD 235Policing and Mass Incarceration00000
BIO 382Pharmacotherapeutics00000
ART 209Art and Society in America00000
BIO 458Experimental Methods in Cell Biochemistry00000
AMS 150Dance History: Twentieth-Century Survey00000
BIO 593Biology Ind Study00000
ART 220Intermediate Drawing00000
BIO 682Advanced Pharmacology00000
AAD 591Afro-Amer Ind Study00000
BIO 893Biology Ind Study00000
ART 300Medieval and Renaissance Art00000
BUS 211Communications in a Corporate Setting00000
AMS 230American Film and American Myth00000
BUS 591Independent Study00000
ART 325Portrait Drawing II00000
BUS 605The Business of Healthcare00000
AAD 202African American Drama00000
CHM 107Chemistry for Today I Laboratory00000
ART 445Advanced Printmaking00000
CHM 121General Chemistry I Laboratory00000
AMS 303U.S. Fiction, Early National Period to Late Nineteenth Centu...00000
ART 593Art Ind Study00000
AAD 105Contemporary African Issues00000
AAD 221African American Literature00000
AAD 275Place, Race, and Racism00000
ACC 315Analysis of Financial Statements00000
ANT 313Modern Korean Culture00000
BIO 146Nutrition00000