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CSI Course Reviews

College of Staten Island (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDE 302Social Studies, Art, and Reading and Language Arts in Elemen...00000
EDS 609Teaching Practicum I in Secondary Education00000
BIO 442Immunology00000
CHM 591Chemistry Ind Study00000
BIO 743Cellular Toxicology00000
BIO 228Botany00000
EDP 622Classroom Management in Special Education and Inclusive Clas...00000
ART 100Introduction to the Visual Arts00000
BIO 596Biology Internship00000
ART 245Printmaking00000
CHM 141General Chemistry I00000
BUS 200Introduction to International Business00000
AST 103Galactic Laboratory00000
EDC 591Erly Chld Ind Stdy00000
ANT 313Modern Korean Culture00000
EDE 696Part II: Big Ideas of Science00000
BIO 325Diagnostic Molecular Biology00000
EDP 893Spec Educ Ind Stdy00000
ACC 597Accounting Internship00000
ELE 79TMaster's Topical Study Project00000
ART 207Nineteenth-Century Art00000
BIO 710Advanced Topics in Gene Regulatory Systems00000
AMS 211American Culture In Black And White00000
BIO 837Plant Evolutionary Ecology00000
ART 345Intermediate Printmaking00000
CHM 107Chemistry for Today I Laboratory00000
BUS 420Global Business Seminar: Doing Business Abroad00000
ASL 220Deaf People, Community, and Culture in America00000
CHM 337Experimental Methods in Physical Chemistry00000
ANT 100Understanding Our Worlds00000
CHN 308Gender and Sexuality in China and Japanese Literature00000
AST 594Astronomy Ind Study00000
EDD 628Philosophy and Children00000
ACC 315Analysis of Financial Statements00000
EDE 642Advanced Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, Grades...00000
BIO 310Vertebrate Zoology00000
EDM 603Teaching and Learning Mathematics at the Middle School Level00000
ANT 591Anthro Ind Study00000
EDP 658Teaching Mathematics and Science and Integrating Technology...00000
BIO 360Ecology00000
EDS 318The Secondary School Curriculum in Science00000
AAD 332Social Movements and Social Justice00000
EDS 692Advanced Studies in Teaching Secondary School English00000
BIO 521Healthcare Law and Ethics00000
ELE 636Electrical Machines and Energy Systems00000
ACC 893Accounting Independent Study00000
BIO 705Biology of Cancer00000
ART 212Visiting Artist Workshop00000
BIO 727Conservation Biology00000
AAD 593African American Studies Independent Study00000
BIO 771Principles of Epidemiology00000
ART 308American Art Since 194500000
BIO 894Biology Ind Study00000
AMS 231American Myths and Realities00000
BUS 238Ethical Issues in Business and Society00000
ART 480Senior Project II in Art and Photography00000
CERT 800Certified Full Time00000
BUS 593Independent Study00000
ASL 112Basic American Sign Language I00000
CHM 117Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory00000
AMS 335Society and Culture in the United States00000
CHM 250Organic Chemistry I00000
ASL 593Am Sign Lnd Ind Study00000
CHM 370Biochemistry I00000
ACC 250Accounting Information Systems00000
CHN 112Beginning Mandarin Chinese I00000
AST 160Space Science II00000
EDC 108Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
ANT 305Power and Society in Latin America00000
EDD 610Adolescent Development and Learning00000
BIO 215Invertebrate Zoology and Paleontology00000
EDD 636The Good Teacher00000
AAD 307African Literature00000
EDE 604Teaching and Learning Science in Elementary Education00000
BIO 237Cell Biology00000
EDE 682Children's Naive Theories and Misconceptions in Science00000
ANT 332Social Movements and Social Justice00000
EDL 605Content Literacy for English Language Learners PreK-1200000
BIO 314General Microbiology00000
EDP 610Psychological Foundations of Special Children (Effective 200...00000
ACC 415CPA Problems and Current Issues00000
EDP 633Student Teaching in Special Education00000
BIO 332Advanced Physiology00000
EDP 701Autism Spectrum Disorders: Contemporary Issues00000
ARB 313Advanced Communication Skills00000
EDS 302The Pedagogy of Secondary School in English00000
BIO 378Radiation Biology00000
EDS 594Sec Educ Ind Study00000
AAD 225Literature of Social Protest00000
EDS 617The Secondary School Curriculum in Mathematics00000
BIO 456Experimental Methods in Ecology00000
EDS 802Challenging Ideas in School Mathematics Part II00000
ART 130Introductory Painting00000
BIO 592Biology Ind Study00000
AAD 160African American History: 1619 to the Present00000
AAD 262African American History: 1619-186500000
ACC 215Intermediate Accounting I00000
AMS 303U.S. Fiction, Early National Period to Late Nineteenth Centu...00000
ART 597Art Internship00000
BUS 605The Business of Healthcare00000