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CSC Course Reviews

Chadron State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDUC 431CSpecial Methods/Hper00000
FCS 434Issues In Health And Human Services00000
CHEM 231Survey Of Organic Chemistry00000
EDUC 232Science, Math, And Social Science For Early Childhood00000
CJ 337Introduction To Law00000
CA 231Intro To Digital Publishing00000
ENG 438Adolescent Literature00000
ART 437Creative Crafts II00000
CJ 232Introduction To Law Enforcement00000
BIOL 136LBiological Science Lab00000
EDAD 633School Administration And Leadership00000
COUN 531Counseling And Communication Skills00000
BIOL 431Entomology00000
EDUC 414EClassroom Management00000
ART 237Creative Crafts I00000
ENG 232AHistory Of American Lit To 186500000
CA 615Research Process And Practice00000
FCS 247Nutrition00000
AGRI 428Habitat Inventory & Analysis00000
FCS 567Epidemiology And Global Health00000
BA 460Topics In Business00000
CJ 323Forensic Studies I00000
AGRI 440Range Livestock Reproduction00000
CJ 441Ethical Issues In Cj00000
BIOL 241Microbiology00000
ECON 130Survey Of Economics00000
COUN 545Essentials Of Addiction Counseling And Case Management00000
BIOL 390Internship In Biology00000
EDCI 633Educational Philosophy00000
ART 201Sculpture For The Non Art Major00000
EDUC 329Assessment Foundations00000
BIOL 456Pathogenic Microbiology00000
EDUC 423Teaching Primary Read & Writin00000
AGRI 339LRange Plant Identification Lab00000
EDUC 533The Middle School00000
CA 336Constructing Digital Citizens00000
ENG 321Rhetoric And The Art Of Writing00000
ART 337Sculpture II00000
FCS 136Food Science00000
CAP 469KThe Creative Mind00000
FCS 341LTextiles Laboratory00000
AGRI 132Introduction To Animal Science00000
FCS 457Nutrition For Community Wellness00000
CHEM 335LBiochemistry Lab00000
FIN 330Principles Of Finance00000
AGRI 436Rangeland & Fire Ecology00000
CJ 239Criminology00000
BIOL 121Human Biology00000
CJ 333Judiciary & Constitutional Law00000
AGRI 235Introduction To Wildlife Management00000
CJ 435Drugs, Alcohol & Crime00000
BIOL 139General Biology: Zoology00000
CJ 447Applied Issues In C J00000
AGRI 536Rangeland And Fire Ecology00000
COUN 534Fundamentals Of Assessment00000
BIOL 332Genetics00000
CTE 452Program Development, Implementation And Assessment00000
COUN 634Group Counseling00000
BIOL 347Cryptogamic Botany00000
ECON 637Managerial Economics00000
ART 131Drawing I00000
EDCI 536Seminar/Topics In Education00000
BIOL 406Human Physiology Mentor00000
EDCI 638School Law00000
AGRI 334Vegetation Manipulation Practices00000
EDUC 320Ece/Elem Observation And Participation00000
BIOL 432Developmental Biology00000
EDUC 400Independent Study Or Research00000
ART 228Ceramics I00000
EDUC 416EElementary/Ms Assessment00000
BIS 632Information Systems For Managers00000
EDUC 431ISpecial Methods/Business00000
ACTG 537Advanced Cost Management Accounting00000
EDUC 460Comparative Education00000
CA 250Introduction To Public Relations:Principles, Processes & Pra...00000
ENG 111Introduction To College Writing00000
ART 322Graphic Design I00000
ENG 236BHistory Of British Literature From 179500000
CA 390Internship In Communication00000
ENG 400Independent Study Or Research00000
AGRI 390Internship In Agriculture/Range Management00000
ENG 536World Literature00000
CAP 469EOutside:Your Self In The World00000
FCS 225Adolescent Development00000
ART 400Independent Study Or Research00000
FCS 320Aging And Death00000
CHEM 132College Chemistry II00000
FCS 417Lifespan Wellness00000
ACTG 341Intermediate Accounting I00000
FCS 447Nutrition For Sport & Wellness00000
CHEM 333LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
FCS 540Special Topics In Family And Consumer Sciences00000
BA 390Internship In Business00000
CHEM 410Capstone III: Sen Res/Thesis00000
ACTG 241Accounting Principles I00000
ACTG 433Governmental And Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
AGRI 245LPrin Of Soil Sci Lab00000
AGRI 690Internship In Agriculture/Range Management/Wildlife00000
BIOL 337Environmental Management00000
COUN 639APracticum In Counseling00000