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Creighton Course Reviews

Creighton University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 322Organic Chemistry I Laboratory00000
CNE 366Etruscan and Roman Art00000
BMS 411Human Anatomy for Pre-Professionals/Lab00000
CAS 590Applied Research Practicum00000
BMS 740Advanced Topics in Physiology00000
BIO 481Terrestrial Ecology00000
CHN 111Beginning Chinese for Daily Life I00000
BIA 766Graduate Internship00000
BMS 621Teaching Practicum In Gross Anatomy00000
BIO 159Human Biology00000
BUS 497Directed Independent Research00000
BMS 899Doctoral Dissertation00000
BIO 432Immunology00000
CHM 105Introductory Chemistry00000
BIA 705Mastering Project Management00000
CHM 456Instrumental Analysis Lecture00000
BIO 532Current Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology00000
CIB 214Guided Review/Comprehensive Basic Science Exam00000
ATS 799Master's Thesis00000
CNE 498Senior Capstone Seminar00000
BIA 789Seminar:Advanced Topics in ITM:Blockchain, A Business Perspe...00000
BMS 705Advanced Neuroscience00000
BIA 375Business Application Development00000
BMS 791Seminar00000
BIO 310Biostatistics00000
BUS 436iJay Practicum II00000
BUS 201Legal Environment of Business00000
BIO 383Vertebrate Natural History00000
CAN 640Clinical Rotations And Discussion Group00000
BIA 493Directed Independent Readings00000
CBI 602Executive Leap00000
BIO 460Environmental Remote Sensing00000
CHM 205General Chemistry II00000
ATS 553Tropical Meteorology00000
CHM 381Fundamentals of Biochemistry00000
BIO 495Directed Independent Study00000
CHM 502Inorganic Chemistry II00000
BIA 741Introduction to Business and Data Analytics00000
CIB 115Pulmonary System00000
BIO 580Current Topics in Ecology00000
CNE 234Epic Literature00000
ART 498Senior Thesis I00000
CNE 404The Roman Empire00000
BMS 601Human Physiology00000
COM 170Communication across Cultures00000
BIA 350Systems Analysis and Design00000
BMS 630Fundamentals of Hearing00000
BIA 794Business Intelligence & Analytics Readings00000
BMS 720Advanced Topics in Molecular Structure/Function00000
ATS 105The Science of Climate Change00000
BMS 760Advance Topics in Neuroscience00000
BIO 205General Biology: Organismal and Population Laboratory00000
BMS 795Directed Independent Study00000
BIA 459Information Systems Analysis and Design00000
BUS 103Business Research Fellows Foundational Sequence00000
BIO 317Genetics00000
BUS 356Business Ethics00000
BUS 266Business Externship00000
BIO 363Cell Structure and Function Laboratory00000
BUS 491The Business World: A Campus and Travel Course: Las Vegas00000
BIA 485Applications of Artificial Intelligence00000
CAN 621Teaching Practicum In Medical Anatomy00000
BIO 397Directed Independent Research (Extramural)00000
CAN 797Clinical Anatomy Independent Research00000
ATS 495Directed Independent Study00000
CBI 506Advanced Executive Leadership00000
BIO 445Environmental Physiology00000
CBI 612Impact00000
BIA 501Managing Projects: The Fundamentals00000
CHM 113Fundamentals Of Chemistry Laboratory00000
BIO 463Neurobiology Laboratory00000
CHM 297Directed Research00000
ART 454Sculpture V00000
CHM 341Physical Chemistry I00000
BIO 490Seminar In Undergraduate Biology Instruction00000
CHM 392Forensic Chemistry00000
BIA 708Project Management Capstone00000
CHM 496Directed Independent Research I00000
BIO 517Current Topics in Genetics00000
CHM 527Polymer Chemistry00000
ATS 793Directed Independent Readings00000
CIB 107Integumentary System, Musculoskeletal System, Head and Neck00000
BIO 545Plant Diversity and Evolution00000
CIB 206Endocrine System00000
BIA 762Survey of Business Intelligence and Analytics00000
CNE 230Make 'Em Laugh: Serious Topics in Humorous Greek and Roman L...00000
BMS 111Basic Human Anatomy00000
CNE 300Introduction to the Ancient Mediterranean World00000
ART 422Life Drawing IV00000
CNE 372History of Medieval Philosophy00000
BMS 497Directed Independent Research00000
CNE 465The City of Rome since Antiquity00000
BIA 780Applications of Artificial Intelligence00000
BMS 604Fundamentals Of Cell And Molecular Biology00000
ART 322Life Drawing II00000
ART 447Printmaking III00000
ATS 211Weather Analysis And Forecasting00000
BIA 479Seminar in Decision and Information Technology:Introduction...00000
BIO 341Botany00000
BUS 303Achieving Financial Independence After College00000