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Creighton Course Reviews

Creighton University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANT 421Public Health and Social Justice in Haiti00000
ARH 475Michelangelo And The High Renaissance00000
ACC 493Directed Independent Readings00000
ANT 312Research Design for the Social Sciences00000
AFS 390Introduction To African Literature00000
SIS 524Religion and Medicine00000
ARA 111Beginning Arabic for Daily Life I00000
SOC 430Violent Environments and Sustainability00000
AES 001Leadership Laboratory00000
BUS 113Scott Scholars Foundational Sequence00000
ANT 108The Native American World00000
AMS 365Issues Of The Native American Experience00000
NUR 483Capstone Practicum00000
ANT 346Peoples and Cultures of Latin America00000
PHY 123Science for a Changing Planet: An Introduction to Earth Syst...00000
ANX 603Python Programming for Analytics00000
ACC 202Introduction To Managerial Accounting00000
ARH 366Etruscan and Roman Art00000
EVS 453Microbiology Lab00000
ART 211Introductory Ceramics00000
AMS 325American States And Regions00000
AES 311Leading People and Effective Communication I00000
ILD 819The American Professoriate: A Faculty Perspective00000
AMS 318Gender in American Society00000
COU 620Differentiated Learning: Instruction, Classroom Management a...00000
ANE 465Anesthesiology Capstone00000
AMS 491Senior Seminar00000
LAW 460Workers Compensation00000
ANT 179Encountering Africa: Experiencing our Shared Humanity00000
NUR 477Evidence-Based Practice II00000
ANT 317Global Health: A Biosocial and Justice-Oriented Approach00000
PHY 124Earth System Science Laboratory00000
ANT 383Cultural Epidemiology: Global Perspectives00000
EVS 123Science for a Changing Planet: An Introduction to Earth Syst...00000
ANT 491Assessment and Evaluation00000
SUR 334Ophthalmology M3 Elective PRC00000
ANX 772Data Visual Analysis & Visualization00000
PTD 671Professional Practice II Part A00000
ARH 301Topics in the History of Art: Archaeology and Politics00000
ACC 366Accounting Internship00000
ARH 390Nineteenth-Century Art and Architecture00000
CRJ 225From the Grave: Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology00000
ART 105Drawing Fundamentals00000
ACC 538International Accounting00000
ART 254Figure Sculpture II00000
HIS 477Science and Medicine in Social Context00000
AES 132U.S. Air Force Heritage and Values II00000
ANT 430Violent Environments and Sustainability00000
AES 412National Security and Commissioning Preparation II00000
ENG 177Reel Issues Studies in Film00000
AMS 301Social and Cultural Theory00000
CIB 220Introduction to Clinical Care00000
AMS 341Race and Justice00000
ILD 829Leadership in the Health Professions00000
AMS 415Thoreau and Environmentalism00000
CRJ 317Criminal Justice Administration and Ethics00000
ANE 451Introduction to Anesthesiology00000
AMS 585American Studies Internship00000
JPS 430Violent Environments and Sustainability00000
ANE 472Anesthesiology Ilac Trip To The Dominican Republic00000
MMS 635Directed Independent Research00000
ANT 113Introduction to Anthropology: Social and Cultural Determinan...00000
NUR 475Professional Concepts III00000
ANT 307Demography: World Population Issues00000
ENG 427Health, Justice and Literature00000
ANT 315Healthcare, Society And Culture00000
PHR 537Fundamentals of Neuroscience00000
ANT 341Race and Justice00000
OTD 342Clinical Human Anatomy00000
ANT 355Environment and Society: Sociological Perspectives00000
PRS 341Advanced Occlusion Lecture00000
ANT 399Trauma Care for the Whole Person00000
COU 619Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment00000
ANT 425"What's for Dinner, Honey": Food, Culture, Gender, and Healt...00000
SOC 211Medical Anthropology00000
ANT 497Directed Independent Research00000
POTD 557Program Development and Entrepreneurship00000
ANX 746Application of Optimization Modeling00000
THL 312The Spirituality and History of Ignatius of Loyola and the S...00000
ANX 782Database Management Systems00000
EVS 430Violent Environments and Sustainability00000
ARH 171Who Owns the Past? Cultural Heritage and Modern Politics00000
ACC 319Intermediate Accounting II00000
ARH 350Archaeology of Israel and Jordan00000
SIS 525Philosophy and Medicine00000
ARH 377Seventeenth-Century Art and Architecture00000
ACC 461Contemporary Professional Practice Issues in Accounting, Aud...00000
ARH 445History of Architecture and Urbanism00000
BIO 453Microbiology Lab00000
ARH 497Directed Independent Research00000
ACC 516Advanced Cost Accounting00000
ART 154Figure Sculpture I00000
THL 231Biblical Tradition: Perspectives on Suffering and Evil00000
ACC 577Advanced Accounting Information Systems and Accounting Analy...00000
ANT 225From the Grave: Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology00000
CIB 117Heent00000
ENG 381Literature and the Environment00000
LAW 424Advanced Juvenile Justice Clinic00000
ENG 228The City in Literature00000
ANE 334Anesthesiology00000