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COS Course Reviews

College of the Sequoias

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ETHN 001Black American Studies00000
HIST 005Western Civilization Since 164800000
DRAM 005Intermediate Acting 2: Styles00000
ESL 351Advanced Reading and Vocabulary 600000
DSCI 101Introduction to Dairy Science00000
CT 275Plumbing Inspection00000
FIRE 231Company Officer 2B00000
CHLD 149Creative Curriculum/Children-DS300000
DRAM 019Rehearsal and Performance Classical00000
COMP 008Programming Concepts (JAVA)00000
ESCI 055Introduction to Geographic Information Systems00000
EMT 251Emergency Medical Tech B00000
CT 204Construction Theory/Practice 100000
ESL 442Advanced Listening/Speaking 500000
CHEM 020Introduction to General Chemistry00000
FASH 165Fashion Illustration and Business Creation00000
DANC 062Tap Dancing 100000
GD 164Digital Animation 100000
AUTO 238Automotive Engine Performance00000
HW 007Sports Health00000
COMM 004Interpersonal Communication00000
DRAM 030Stage Movement/Stage Combat00000
BIOL 040General Microbiology00000
ECT 260Basic Refrigeration00000
COMP 250Software Fabrication00000
ENGR 001Engineering Graphics00000
ENGL 018African American Literature00000
CSCI 120MATLAB Programming00000
ESL 322Intermediate Listening/Speaking 300000
BUS 319Support for Quantitative Methods00000
ESL 420Intermediate Writing/Grammar 300000
CT 260Interior Millwork00000
ET 203Electrician Training 300000
AJ 011Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
FASH 139Fashion Sales and Promotion00000
DANC 050Ballet 100000
FIRE 155Fire Behavior & Combustion00000
CHLD 141Practicum In ECE-DS300000
GD 101Graphic Design I00000
DANC 082Contemporary Dance 200000
GEOL 012Environmental Geology00000
AGMT 103Introduction to Agriculture Business00000
HLTH 406CPR for Health Care Providers00000
DRAM 014Intermediate Stagecraft00000
IA 001ADIntercollegiate Varsity Baseball00000
BIOL 025Human Ecology00000
DRAM 021Rehearsal and Performance Contemporary00000
COMM 103Health Communication00000
DRFT 113Mechanical Drafting 200000
AGMT 201Introduction to Food Safety Management00000
ECON 025Introduction to Economics00000
COMP 230Java Script/XML00000
ECT 282Advanced Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Commercial/Domestic00000
BUS 100Career Strategies00000
ENGL 010Chicano Literature00000
COUN 025College and Life Success00000
ENGL 261Accelerated Introduction to Reading and Writing00000
ENGL 044World Literature 100000
CSCI 006Discrete Structures00000
ENGR 020MATLAB Programming00000
BUS 268Electronic Calculating00000
ESL 311Beginning Reading/Vocabulary 200000
CT 105Computer Assisted Construction Theory00000
ESL 340Advanced Writing and Grammar 500000
AGTC 220Irrigation Wells and Pumps00000
ESL 403Beginning Reading/Vocabulary 100000
CT 221Construction Practices 200000
ESL 431Intermediate Reading/Vocabulary 400000
CHEM 002General Chemistry 200000
ESL 490Advanced Academic ESL Reading/Writing/Grammar00000
CT 270Residential Wiring00000
ET 207Electrician Training 700000
AGMT 005Agriculture Managerial Accounting00000
ETHN 005American Ethnic Origins00000
CULN 224Baking and Desserts00000
FASH 143Introduction to Fashion Careers00000
CHLD 042Child, Family & Society-DS200000
FASH 272Fashion Show Production 200000
DANC 056Contemporary Dance00000
FIRE 160Fire and Emergency Safety00000
AJ 045Terrorism and Freedom00000
FIRE 270Basic Firefighter 1 Academy00000
DANC 070Hip Hop00000
GD 161Graphic Design Applications00000
CHLD 146Exceptional Child00000
GEOG 001LPhysical Geography Lab00000
DRAM 002Fundamentals of Acting 100000
GEOL 154Volcanoes of Northern CA00000
AG 002Environmental Conservation00000
HIST 023Mexican American00000
DRAM 012Costuming00000
HSRV 121Interviewing00000
CINA 031Film Appreciation-American00000
DRAM 016Intermediate Stage Lighting00000
ACCT 002Managerial Accounting00000
AG 110Ag Leadership00000
AGTC 210Agriculture Project Construction00000
BUS 181Intro to Entrepreneurship00000
CSCI 001Programming Concepts/Method 100000
ENGL 124Writing Consultancy Theory and Practice00000