COS Course Reviews

College of the Sequoias

ENGL 261Accelerated Introduction to Reading and Writing00000
FASH 264Fashion in Southern California00000
COMP 230Java Script/XML00000
ECON 040Principles of Microeconomics00000
CT 261Cabinetmaking00000
BUS 360Elementary Keyboarding00000
ESL 422Intermediate Listening/Speaking 300000
ART 067Intermediate Sculpture00000
CSCI 020MATLAB Programming00000
ASCI 110Swine Science00000
DRAM 019Rehearsal and Performance Classical00000
DANC 050Ballet 100000
BIOL 021Plant Biology00000
ENGL 010Chicano Literature00000
ART 008Drawing Fundamentals00000
ESL 331Intermediate Reading/Vocabulary 400000
CHLD 146Exceptional Child00000
ETHN 002American Indian Studies00000
AJ 118Criminal Investigation00000
GD 100Introduction to Graphic Design00000
ART 178Beginning Plate Lithography00000
CT 204Construction Theory/Practice 100000
ANTH 010Cultural Anthropology00000
CULN 205Professional Cooking00000
ASCI 207Veterinary Terminology00000
DRAM 012Costuming00000
DANC 063Tap Dancing 200000
AUTO 130Introduction to Automotive Technology00000
DRFT 113Mechanical Drafting 200000
ARCH 163Construction Documents00000
EDUC 050Introduction to Teaching00000
BUS 268Electronic Calculating00000
ENGL 031American Literature 200000
AJ 111Criminal Justice Communication00000
ENGR 004Circuit Analysis00000
CHEM 021Organic/Biological Chemistry00000
ESL 403Beginning Reading/Vocabulary 100000
ART 044Intermediate Studio Painting00000
ESL 452Advanced Listening/Speaking 600000
COMM 007Persuasion00000
FASH 141Introduction to Fashion Culture, Dress, and Theory00000
AGMT 102Ag Sales and Marketing00000
FIRE 160Fire and Emergency Safety00000
COSM 264Cosmetology License Exam Preparation00000
GD 160Graphic Design00000
AJ 123Criminal Justice Ethics00000
CT 101Construction Drawing and Design Analysis 200000
ASCI 002Livestock Selection/Evaluation00000
CT 222Construction practices 300000
AGMT 108Ag Business Computer Applications00000
CT 273Electrical Codes00000
ASCI 117Veterinary Terminology00000
CULN 224Baking and Desserts00000
ANTH 013Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion00000
DANC 058Jazz Dance 100000
ASL 002American Sign Language 200000
DRAM 004Intermediate Acting Classical00000
DANC 081Studies in Choreography00000
ASL 106Deaf Literature00000
DRAM 015Beginning Stage Lighting00000
ARCH 020Visual Communication 100000
DRAM 022One Act Play Production00000
AUTO 234Auto Suspension/Steering System00000
DSCI 103Commercial Dairy Herd Mgmt00000
AJ 013Community Relations00000
ECT 261Intro to Air Cond/Refrig C/D00000
BUS 020Business Statistics00000
EMT 401EMT Open Skills Lab00000
ART 004Art of Ancient America: Mesoamerica00000
ENGL 016Survey of British Literature 200000
BUS 271College Keyboarding Level 200000
ENGL 123Introduction to Writing Consultancy00000
AGMT 001Agriculture Economics00000
ENGL 405Augmented Instruction in Engl00000
CHEM 010Introduction to Chemistry00000
ESCI 001Intro to Earth Science00000
ART 025Digital Painting and Imaging00000
ESL 340Advanced Writing and Grammar 500000
CHLD 126Observation and Assessment DS300000
ESL 412Beginning Listening/Speaking 200000
AJ 114Juvenile Delinquency00000
ESL 441Advanced Reading/Vocabulary 500000
CHLD 152School-Age Child Care-DS500000
ET 202Electrician Training 200000
ART 062Intermediate Handbuilding Ceramics00000
ETHN 010Introduction to Ethnic Studies and Social Justice Studies00000
COMM 112Public Speaking for Business00000
FASH 160Beginning Sewing00000
AG 001AG, Society, & the Environment00000
FIRE 125Fund Fire/Apparatus/Equipment00000
COMP 250Software Fabrication00000
FIRE 232Company Officer 2C00000
ART 141Beginning Studio Arts00000
CSCI 001Programming Concepts/Method 100000
ACCT 001Financial Accounting00000
AG 107Agriculture Education Orientation00000
AGTC 220Irrigation Wells and Pumps00000
ARCH 013Architectural Design 300000
ASL 005Deaf Culture00000
DRAM 001Introduction to the Theatre00000